1.25 princess cut diamond

Sizes just over one carat are often overlooked. First-time diamond buyers who aim for a one-carat diamond often opt for higher color or clarity grades when they realize they have room in their budget. Why not go for a higher carat? At this weight, a diamond is noticeably larger than one carat and truly stunning. With a diamond budget of about $6,500, you can find a round 1.25-ct diamond with excellent performance. At $4,000, you could get a great diamond with a lower color grade.

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1.25 princess cut diamond

Dazzling rose gold and an incredibly white princess cut diamond meet for pure perfection in this engagement. The 1.00ct princess cut center diamond is GIA certified at J-VS1. It is white, perfectly clear and has an outstanding cut! The one carat center stone is set on a four-prong setting and accented by two rows of round diamonds in a twist design, which are all pavé set to perfection. Expect the compliments to flow when wearing this lovely weaving princess cut diamond ring

A striking design, its facets are cut for sparkle, combined with a modern square shape. Near Colorless or Colorless grades are advised if you intend to select a white metal. The faint yellow in K or L graded diamonds is balanced by a yellow gold setting

  • Princess cut diamonds continue to be one of the most popular diamond shapes. They are elegant and full of sparkle. You cannot go wrong with them, especially if they are well-cut and set in a beautiful halo setting.
  • Since the GIA does not assign a cut grade to princess cut diamonds, you must have a basic idea of the ideal proportions for a princess cut diamond to make an informed decision. Ideally, a depth of 62-74% and a table of 58-70% is preferred. Follow our chart below carefully for a thorough examination.
  • It is necessary to know what you prefer in terms of the length-to-width ratio when it comes to princess cut diamonds. Do you want a square or a rectangular cut diamond? We have provided ideal ratios for both options below. Make sure you follow them while making a purchase.
  • Princess cut diamonds have sharp corners and hence can be susceptible to chipping if left unprotected. Ensure that you set them in secure prongs; we prefer the v-prongs, provided you do them correctly.
  • In terms of prioritizing the 4Cs, we have provided four scenarios below that shoppers often consider. In short, if you want a high-quality stone, get something like this (option 1). If you want a big stone without compromising the quality, this can be a good option (option 2). If you do not mind going slightly low on the other 3Cs to prioritize carat weight, this would be a range that you should consider (option 3). In the fourth scenario, you can compromise on color to maximize carat, clarity, and cut due to budget constraints. In such a case, something like this might be an option for you (option 4).
  • Finally, here is a list of our top-rated online vendors for loose diamonds and engagement rings to consider while shopping for a diamond.

1.5 carat princess cut diamond ring on hand

This 1.5 carat Princess has a face-up area of approx. 36.96 mm², which falls within the normal range for 1.5ct Princesses. A face-up area is the area of the girdle plane and tells you how big the stone looks when viewed from the top (as set in a ring). Face-up size of this diamond is as you would expect of a 1.5ct Princess

Actual Diamond Size

Here you can see how big 1.5 carat Princess (6.17×5.99×4.49mm) actually is and how it would appear on a ring and finger. Adjust the ring and finger size to get an idea of how it would look on your finger.Ring:

  • Gold
  • Platinum

Skin tone:

  • Pale
  • Light
  • Medium
  • Dark
Ring width: 3.0 mm

64 mm

Your settings
Skin toneLight
Ring diameter16.9 mm
Ring width3.0 mm
Finger length64 mm
Save settings

Actual size is set for 14.8″ screenChangeTo see how this 1.5 carat Princess (6.17×5.99×4.49mm) compares to other diamonds, click here.

Buying Guide: Princess cut

Princess cuts are more difficult to buy than Round Brilliants. Only AGS grades the cut quality of Princesses. Nevertheless, the table and depth percentages can give you a rough idea on the quality of the cut. Watch out for feather type corner inclusions as they increase the risk of chipping.

How much does a 1.5ct Princess cost?

It depends. The value of a diamond is determined by a combination of its unique characteristics – the famous 4Cs (Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat). It can get complicated, but you can quickly check the price range for Princess diamonds of around 1.5 carats by clicking here »

The search results will show you Princess cut diamonds from 1.4 to 1.6 carats with all the recommended parameters already preselected in order to give you the best value.

Best Value For Money Recommendation

For 1.5 carat Princess:

  • Color:
    • I if platinum/white gold solitaire setting
    • J if yellow gold solitaire setting
  • SI1 clarity
  • At least Good polish/symmetry
  • GIA or AGS report
  • If possible, “buy shy

For best deals on 1.5ct Princess check the recommended online stores (all provide actual diamond images):James Allen → huge selection, price match guarantee, highly recommendedWhiteflash → big inventory of Super Ideal cutsBrian Gavin → Signature Hearts & Arrows, Blue lineLook for:

  • Color: I or higher [depends on a setting]
  • Clarity: VS2, SI1 or better
  • Cut parameters:
    • Depth: 64% – 75%
    • Table: 60% – 75%
    • Polish/Symmetry: Good or better
    • Length-to-width ratio: 1.00 – 1.05
  • Diamonds certified by GIA or AGS 
  • Eye-clean

Watch out for:

  • Feather type corner inclusions
  • Inclusions visible to the naked eye
  • Extremely thin or extremely thick girdle
  • Fair or Poor symmetry
  • Strong blue fluorescence
  • Diamonds without GIA or AGS certification 

Where to buy?Online-only stores will always offer better prices compared to bricks & mortar stores, their main drawback, however, is that you rarely get the opportunity to visually inspect the diamond before purchasing. Luckily, this is not always the case. A few reputable online retailers (see above) are now providing actual Hi-Res photos of the diamonds they’re selling, making it easy and safe to shop online. For best value, buy online.

Note: Seeing a high quality photo of the actual diamond before purchasing online is a must. This goes especially for fancy shapes as the market is quite flooded with ugly looking stones.

Additional Diamond Info

Princess cut is a contemporary classic with excellent sparkle and brilliance. It’s a modern cut (created in 1960s) and a great alternative to the traditional Round cut. Because Princesses allow very high yield from the rough, they cost less than equivalently sized Round Brilliants. Perfect for those who want square outline and maximum brilliance.

General size appearance:

Princess cuts typically look smaller when viewed from the top compared to other shapes of the same carat weight.

Also known as:Square Modified Brilliant
Cutting style:Modified brilliant
Facets:usually between 50 – 58
Signature shape characteristics:Square shape with pointed corners, high degree of light return
Carat weight:1.5 ct
Gram weight:0.3 g (0.0106 ounces)
Points:150 pts
Measurements (L/W/D):6.17 x 5.99 x 4.49 mm
Length:6.17 mm
Width:5.99 mm
Depth:4.49 mm
Depth percentage:75%
Recommended depth percentage:64 – 75%
Length-to-width ratio:1.03
Typical length-to-width ratio:between 1.00 and 1.05
Face-up area:36.96 mm² 
Face-up area per carat:24.64 mm²/ct 
Face-up size:Normal for 1.5 carat Princess

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