1 carat princess cut diamond price

Searching for the perfect engagement or wedding ring can be as elusive as a unicorn. Sometimes searching for it gives you a frustrating or overwhelming feeling because of the sheer variety of options available in the market these days. Therefore, it is very easy to get confused even if you have extensive knowledge.

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Diamond Prices: What You Need to Know

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Get the maximum bling for your buck. Know what aspects of a diamond you need to focus on and which ones you don’t to get the best value on your engagement ring.


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Thinking about buying a diamond? You have probably got a set budget for the engagement ring. And your goal is to get the best, biggest, and shiniest diamond on that budget.

We’re going to show you exactly how to do that.Rule of thumb: A 1-carat diamond can cost as low as $2,000 and as high as $25,000. That means a middle-of-the-range diamond should be $11,000 – $12,000. Sounds simple, but that is overpaying. A good value, good quality 1 carat diamond should cost you around $4,500 – $6,000. We’ll explain below.

Bottom Line: Save money on color and clarity. You just need an eye-clean (flaws are not visible) diamond. We recommend H color and VS2 clarity diamonds for the sweet spot.

1 carat diamond price south africa


ForDiamond Retailer
Best Place to BuyJames Allen
Selection & PriceBlue Nile
Diamond CutsWhiteflash

Before we get into the deep dive, here are the current 2022 diamond prices you can expect. Below is a diamond price chart showing the current selling price of diamonds and our recommended budget for best value.

Carat WeightDiamond Price Per CaratTotal PriceRecommended Price
0.25 carat$800 – $4,000$200 – $1,000$300 – $450
0.50 carat$1,000 – $8,000$500 – $4,000$1,000 – $1,500
0.75 carat$1,300 – $9,000$1,000 – $6,800$2,000 – $3,000
1.0 carat$2,000 – $16,000$2,000 – $20,000$4,500 – $6,000
1.5 carat$2,670 – $20,000$4,000 – $30,000$8,000 – $10,000
2.0 carat$4,000 – $35,000$8,000 – $70,000$18,000 – $21,000
3.0 carat$7,000 – $66,700$20,000 – $200,000$40,000 – $50,000

As you can see, the price range vary quite a bit, even for diamonds of the same carat size. Our recommended price indicates where you get the best balance of price, quality, and beauty in a diamond.

Also, the above prices are for a round diamond. Other diamond shapes cost as much as 20-40% less than round diamonds.What carat diamond are you looking for?

There is no one-size-fits-all diamond calculator. We’ll go over all the factors that determine the final retail price of a diamond. You’ll also get our expert tips on how to get the best value and avoid getting ripped off. We’ll show you with real examples from top online diamond retailers Blue Nile, James Allen and Whiteflash.

This guide takes just 15 minutes to read. By the end of it, you’ll be armed with the knowledge to save up to 40% on your engagement ring.

And if you’re in a hurry, you can jump straight to the end for our helpful cheat sheet on the top 10 tricks to save on diamond prices that you might not know about.

If you want the best diamond for your budget, check out James Allen today. They are one of the most trusted online diamond retailer.


In this article, we will discuss the industry secrets to diamond prices that jewelers don’t want you to know. But before we explain, here are a few things you absolutely need to know to get the best diamond for your money.

  • Quality (4C’s): The carat weight, cut, color, and clarity determines how much a diamond is worth. The more flawless and colorless the rock, the higher the prices.But here’s a secret: Save yourself money on color and clarity. These characteristics can’t usually be seen by the average person. All you need is a diamond that looks eye-clean and white. We recommend H color and VS2 or SI1 clarity as the sweet spot.
  • Certification: It’s extremely important that you only buy a diamond certified by a reputable lab. The certification is how you know that you paid for the quality advertised.We recommend diamonds certified by GIA and AGS, as these labs have the highest grading standards.
  • Where to Buy: Jeweler markup has the biggest effect on diamond pricing. The same quality stone can be priced many times higher when it comes in a trademark little blue box.To avoid paying high markup prices, we recommend shopping online at places like James Allen. Online retailers can cost as much as 40% less than big name jewelry stores.

Online diamond retailers (such as Blue Nile, James Allen and Whiteflash) allow you to custom design your own engagement ring with a loose diamond and setting. This also helps you save so you’re not limited to a store’s pre-set ring selection.

1 carat diamond price chart


The average diamond size for engagement rings is around 1 carat. So, just how much can you expect to pay for a 1-carat diamond? Here is a general pricing guide:

Here’s a chart to show prices of 1.0 carat diamonds with different grades.

1 Ct Round$9,000EVVSI
1 Ct Round$7,500FVVS2
1 Ct Round$6,500GVS1
1 Ct Round$5,500HVS2
1 Ct Round$4,000ISI1

A good price for a 1 carat engagement ring is around $4,500 – $6,000 for an ideal cut diamond of H color and VS2 clarity. We will explain what cut, color and clarity means in this article.

This chart below shows the diamond price ranges of a 1-carat, round ideal-cut stone. Based on the color and clarity grades, you can easily see the vast pricing difference.


The highlighted boxes show our recommendations for best value. Color H and clarity of VS2 will get you a white-looking diamond that appears eye-clean. If you can find an eye-clean diamond at the SI1 clarity level, even better.Store vs. online diamond prices: One thing to note is that we are using online jeweler prices. CreditDonkey conducted an independent market survey, where we found that online jewelers, such as Blue Nile and James Allen, offer pricing 32% to 50% cheaper than traditional big box jewelers. Online jewelers are able to offer much lower prices because of their low overhead. They also have wider selections.


Here is a diamond price calculator to get a realistic idea of the current selling price of diamonds.Don’t Get Ripped Off. Compare Diamond PricesShapeRoundPrincessEmeraldAsscherCushionMarquiseRadiantOvalPearHeartCarat0.511.522.53ColorDEFGHIJKColorlessNear ColorlessFaint YellowCutSuper IdealIdealVery GoodGoodClarityFLIFVVS1VVS2VS1VS2SI1SI2

Search for Current Diamond Prices

Note: We have the default set to H color and VS2 clarity. These are our recommended settings for the best value diamonds in terms of price and beauty.


Diamond prices are calculated per carat. The per-carat price increases exponentially as you move up in carat weight. This is because it is more rare to find bigger sized diamonds.

For example, a .25 carat round diamond starts at around $300 and a .5 carat round diamond starts at around $650. But a 1 carat round diamond jumps up all the way to $2,000+. For best value, we recommend staying just under half or whole carat weights (for example, go for 0.9 carat instead of 1 carat).


How to calculate diamond prices: Diamonds are priced per carat. A 0.5 carat diamond may cost $2,500 per carat. The price of that diamond would be $1,250 ($2,500 * 0.5). The per-carat cost increases as the weight and quality increases.


Carat Weight x Price per Carat = Total Diamond Cost

Here’s how it works:

  • If a 0.9 carat diamond is $5,500 per carat, the total diamond price would be $5,005 (0.9 x $5,500)
  • If a 2 carat diamond is $9,700 per carat, the total diamond price would be $19,400 (2 x $9,700)

Here’s how you can use the price per carat to determine best value:

Let’s say you’re deciding between two diamonds with the same color, clarity, and cut. Both look the same in size.

  • A 0.88 carat diamond that costs $5,000. The per carat price is $5,682 ($5,000/0.88)
  • A 0.82 carat diamond that costs $4,800. The per carat price is $5,853 ($4,800/0.82)

Even though the 2nd diamond costs less, it’s actually more per carat. So in this case, maybe you would think the first stone is the better value.

Note that to compare the per-carat price, you must be comparing apples to apples. You need to compare diamonds with the same cut, color, clarity, fluorescence, and lab certificate. You also need to look at actual appearance. This means whether flaws, tints, or haziness are visible.Diamonds are priced per carat. Here’s what you get at lower carat weights.

  • How much is a 0.5 carat diamond? A good quality 0.5 carat diamond (H, VS2) is around $3,000 per carat. This means the diamond itself would be priced at $1,500 (0.5 * $3,000).
  • How much is a quarter of a carat diamond worth? A similar quality 0.25 carat diamond is around $2,000 per carat. So the diamond itself would cost $500 ($2,000 * 0.25).


The Rapaport is a price list that’s intended to be a benchmark for global diamond pricing. It’s released every Friday and shows the current value of individual loose diamonds.

However, it’s not meant to be the ultimate diamond market price chart. The Rapaport merely serves as a baseline for sellers to establish their own pricing. It’s also used to keep up with changes in diamond pricing.Tip: This report used to be available for only those in the diamond industry. But anyone now can buy the current report for $50 on the Rapaport website.

Here is an example of what a Rapaport looks like:

Note: this chart is for illustrative purposes only and does not reflect actual diamond prices.

The Rapaport is shown as a grid comparing color and clarity of different carat ranges. The numbers are by the hundreds (43 = $4,300). The price listed is per-carat. You have to multiply your carat weight by the listed number to arrive at the final diamond price.

1 carat diamond price south africa

South Africa Diamond Price Today

Platinum Price | Silver Price

WeightDiamond PriceDate
1 CaratZAR 13,617.2920-02-2022
0.5 CaratZAR 6,808.6420-02-2022
0.75 CaratZAR 10,212.9620-02-2022
0.25 CaratZAR 3,404.3220-02-2022
0.1 CaratZAR 1,361.7320-02-2022
0.2 GramZAR 13,617.2920-02-2022
1 GramZAR 68,086.4320-02-2022

Exchange Rates Today

Dollar to INR | Euro to INR

Rs. 18.84Rs. 184.02Rs. 77.63Rs. 226.99Rs. 19.01Rs. 18.45Rs. 69.19

Diamond Rate in South Africa

Date1 Carat0.5 Carat0.75 Carat0.25 Carat
20-Feb-2022 PMZAR 13,617.29ZAR 6,808.64ZAR 10,212.96ZAR 3,404.32
20-Feb-2022 AMZAR 13,617.29ZAR 6,808.64ZAR 10,212.96ZAR 3,404.32
19-Feb-2022 PMZAR 13,617.29ZAR 6,808.64ZAR 10,212.96ZAR 3,404.32
19-Feb-2022 AMZAR 13,617.29ZAR 6,808.64ZAR 10,212.96ZAR 3,404.32
18-Feb-2022 PMZAR 13,617.29ZAR 6,808.64ZAR 10,212.96ZAR 3,404.32
18-Feb-2022 AMZAR 13,617.29ZAR 6,808.64ZAR 10,212.96ZAR 3,404.32
17-Feb-2022 PMZAR 13,617.29ZAR 6,808.64ZAR 10,212.96ZAR 3,404.32
17-Feb-2022 AMZAR 13,617.29ZAR 6,808.64ZAR 10,212.96ZAR 3,404.32
16-Feb-2022 PMZAR 13,617.29ZAR 6,808.64ZAR 10,212.96ZAR 3,404.32
16-Feb-2022 AMZAR 13,617.29ZAR 6,808.64ZAR 10,212.96ZAR 3,404.32
15-Feb-2022 PMZAR 13,617.29ZAR 6,808.64ZAR 10,212.96ZAR 3,404.32
15-Feb-2022 AMZAR 13,617.29ZAR 6,808.64ZAR 10,212.96ZAR 3,404.32
14-Feb-2022 PMZAR 13,617.29ZAR 6,808.64ZAR 10,212.96ZAR 3,404.32
14-Feb-2022 AMZAR 13,617.29ZAR 6,808.64ZAR 10,212.96ZAR 3,404.32
13-Feb-2022 PMZAR 13,617.29ZAR 6,808.64ZAR 10,212.96ZAR 3,404.32

1 Carat Princess Cut Diamond Ring – The Definitive Guide

Stunning one carat princess cut diamond solitaire ring from WhiteFlash.com

The princess cut diamond is one of the most popular choice of center stone when it comes to buying an engagement ring. Due to its superior brilliance and unique outline, it’s no wonder that many women prefer the princess diamond over other shapes.

In this write up, I will address some frequently asked questions, show you the important things to look out for and how to save money with a few simple tips when buying a 1 carat princess cut diamond engagement ring.

Here’s a list of topics we will be covering:

– How Big is a One Carat Princess Cut Diamond? (Chart Comparison)
– How Much Does a 1ct Princess Cut Engagement Ring Costs?
– Why Cut Quality Matters in Princess Cut Diamonds
– Recommended Guidelines to Shop Smart And Save Money
– Top 6 Most Popular Designs for 1 Ct Princess Cut Rings
– Final Note: Best Places to Shop for a 1 ct Diamond Ring

How Big is a One Carat Princess Cut Diamond? (Size Chart)

One carat princess cut diamond solitaire ring on a size 4½ finger.

Based on the statistics that were compiled, the average size of a princess cut diamond ring that people buy is 1 carat. In fact, one of the most common questions I get asked is, “How big is a 1ct princess diamond and whether it looks too big/small on a particular finger size.”

Well, a 1ct princess cut diamond that is cut to good proportions will be approximately 5.5mm by 5.5mm in physical size. As a reference, you can use the chart below to get an idea of how big a princess cut diamond is with regards to its carat weight.

To download a printable PDF file for carat size comparisons, click here

How Much Does a 1ct Princess Cut Engagement Ring Costs?

It really depends because there are various factors like the 4Cs that would affect the cost of the diamond. As a ballpark figure, I would say that the price of a one carat princess cut diamond with decent color/clarity would be around $6000.

Obviously, this figure could go up or down depending on the specific details of the 4Cs. To illustrate this, check out this price comparison I did based on 3 diamonds with slightly different specifications.

Note that the final cost of buying an engagement ring would also include the price of the setting. Again, the price of the setting would vary depending on the type and intricacy of the ring design you choose.

So, if you select a setting that costs $1,000, this would put the total estimated cost of the completed ring to be around $7,000.

If you want to get an idea of how much a 1 carat princess cut diamond would cost, head over to JamesAllen.com or WhiteFlash.com and use their listed prices as a benchmark for the specs you are considering.

Why Cut Quality Matters in Princess Cut Diamonds

Cut quality is the most important factor that determines the amount of sparkle or brilliance a princess cut diamond has. Cut is what makes a diamond lively like a disco ball or completely lifeless like frozen spit.

Besides optical performance, poorly cut princess diamonds may run into durability issues and face a higher risk of chipping. This is evident in princess cut diamonds with very thin or extremely thin girdles (avoid!).

So, how do you analyze a princess cut diamond’s cut quality? The main conundrum that consumers have is that the GIA grading reports make no mention of cut grading. The only other reliable lab that does assign a cut grade for princess diamonds is AGS,

While there are general guidelines and proportions that you can follow, the most accurate way to analyze light performance is to use the ASET. In essence, the ASET maps out the interaction of the diamond with light and you can use the following reference charts to determine light performance.

Average – Decent

Very Good – Above Average

Ideal – Best

Good vendors who care about transparency and want consumers to make educated purchases will make tangible data like the ASET easily available. What about the ones that sell mediocre goods? Well, you guessed it.

The fact is, most vendors won’t provide analytical data because they don’t want you to know what they are really selling. After all, why would they want to jeopardize making money off an unsuspecting consumer by revealing the shortfalls of their goods?

FYI, here’s an example of how a great listing looks like where analytical data is easily accessible.

Tangible data like magnified videos, ASET and Idealscope images show you exactly what you are buying.

James AllenWhite Flash and Brian Gavin are reliable jewelers who not only provide ASET imagery but also HD videos of their diamonds. This enables you to SEE exactly what you are buying.

Whether you are buying a princess cut diamond or any other types of diamonds, a reliable grading report from GIA or AGS is mandatory. This ensures that the qualities of the diamond is accurately represented and is a safeguard towards your purchase.

With that in mind, here are my recommended specifications for buying a 1 carat princess cut diamond ring:

Cut: Ideal (refer to ASET images above)
Color: G or better (faces up icy white)
Clarity: SI1 or better (as long as eyeclean)

The reasoning behind these specifications can be summed up in one word: practicality. This combination enables you to get the best value for your money without the need to spend on features that your eyes cannot see.

Take a look at the comparison below and you’ll see what I mean.

While both diamonds will look identical in the face up view, there is a whopping 30% price differences between them! On top of that, the G VS2 diamond is arguably better in terms of light performance.

Now, if you are not color sensitive or don’t mind seeing a slight tinge of color in the engagement ring, you may even want to consider going down to an I or J color to enjoy a bigger discount.

At the end of the day, cut is KING. The other aspects of the 4Cs are largely up to personal preferences and individual tastes.

James AllenWhite Flash and Brian Gavin are recommended vendors for ideal cut princess diamonds. If you are looking for a bright and brilliant stone, check out their signature diamonds first.

Princess cut diamonds are quite versatile and generally look better when set in white gold or platinum settings. One of the things to take note when selecting a ring design is to ensure that the 4 sharp corners are adequately protected to prevent chipping.

Here are 6 of the most popular 1 carat princess cut diamond ring designs that will make her say “YES!”. If you are interested to see more details of the ring, simply click on the corresponding images…

If you need more ideas and design inspirations for a 1 carat princess cut ring, check out this gallery of previously purchased jewelry. You can literally browse through 1000s of real-life rings that customers have bought.

Final Note: Best Places to Shop for a 1 ct Princess Diamond Ring

Regardless of where you prefer to shop for your diamond ring, I’m a strong advocate of making purchase decisions based on tangible data and scientific facts. And when it comes to light performance and ideal cut quality, there are only a few places in the world that offer high quality princess cut diamonds.

In my opinion, the best places to shop for a 1 carat princess cut diamond engagement ring are White FlashBrian Gavin and James Allen. All 3 vendors specialize in super ideal cut princess diamonds and offer exemplary customer service.

More importantly, they have transparent business practices and the consumer’s interest at heart. So, if you are looking for top notch quality jewelry and want to take the guesswork out of buying an engagement ring, make sure you check them out!

With that, I hope you found the insights in this article useful and if you have questions, feel free to get in touch.

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