12v 1000ah Lithium ion Battery

This 12v 1000ah Lithium ion Battery is the perfect solution to your power needs. It’s light weight, easy to install, and affordable price make it a great alternative to traditional lead acid batteries. This 12v 1000ah battery has an operating temperature from 0°C – 40°C and this battery can be recharged over 3000 times. The 1000ah battery li-ion battery charges faster than lead acid batteries, runs for up to 3 times longer than normal lead acid batteries, and only loses 5% of its charge per month when not in use.

This 12v 1000ah lithium ion battery is a high discharge battery, meaning it draws more power than standard lead-acid batteries and can store more energy. This model comes with an on/off switch (so you don’t have to keep plugging and unplugging from your equipment), as well as built-in overcharge protection.

Elite 12V 1000ah Deep Cycle Battery 12V 1000ah Lithium Batteries Solar 12V 1000ah Battery Price

US $1,999-2,999 / Piece |
1 Piece (Min. Order)

Elite 12V 1000ah Deep Cycle Battery 12V 1000ah Lithium Batteries Solar 12V 1000ah Battery Price There are 4 types of deep cycle batteries – Flooded, Gel, AGM and Lithium-Ion. Flooded (flooded lead acid) and Gel batteries are the cheapest of all the deep cycle battery options; however, they do not perform well in hot temperatures and are very heavy for their capacity. AGM batteries are a good compromise between cost and performance as they perform better than flooded or gel batteries in warm climates at a lower cost than Lithium-Ion or calcium batteries. The best option available at this time is lithium ion; they have very high energy density and can discharge 100% depth of discharge safely without damage, which allows them to be used whenever needed.

Type:LiFePO4 Battery
Connection Mode:Series and Parallel
Discharge Rate:High Discharge Rate
Accessories Type:Battery

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