One of the most potent electric motors for industrial application is a 200kw motor. A measure of electrical work capacity known as the kVA output may be used to estimate the power and size needed for a certain application. Another name for a 200kW generator is a 200kVA generator.

The term “electric motor price” refers to the electric motor’s pricing. A reputable manufacturer will offer a low price; a 200 kw electric motor costs between $2,000 and $8,000.

Electric motors serve a variety of roles, making them an essential component of contemporary industry. They may give a range of machines and systems power, motion, and flow control.

200kw Electric Motor Price Product Description

electric motor LC high quality
lc electric motors
electric motors vybo electric
electric motors vybo electric

The LC series electric motors are among the highest quality electric motors used on the European industrial market.

LC electric motors are designed for heavy industry and are classified as “Heavy duty process performance” class.

They are developed and manufactured especially for European industry and European market, especially for Western Europe (Germany, Benelux, Austria ..)

They are characterized by visually modern design created by Hi-Tech technologies designed by many years of experience. The specific curves of the LC electric motor reduce the temperature and noise during operation.

The design of LC electric motors is maximally optimized for perfect operation with the lowest possible vibrations and high overload capacity.

Electric motors 3LC series vybo electric

LC electric motors are designed so that they can be switched on directly or via a frequency converter. They are optimized for VYBO Electric frequency converters.

LC series frame

Perfectly designed construction made of gray cast iron. With low noise, minimal vibration and excellent ventilation properties. Stator – stator sheets – cut by machine and pressed with high precision. Winding – copper enamelled wire of the highest quality and purity. VPI (vacuum pressure impregnation system) – vacuum impregnation. Machine winding.

LC electric motors already contain above-standard elements as standard equipment:

– Steel cooling cover, cooling propeller (plastic cover is used as standard)

– Reinforced bearings with closed steel screen

– Special high-temperature-resistant grease in reinforced bearings

– Metal terminal box (plastic is used as standard)

– Reinforced bearing shields

LC electric motors are equipped with PTC thermal protection.

Upon request, it is possible to add any additional accessories directly from us.

– PT100 temperature meters

– Bentley Nevada vibration sensors (made in USA)

– Bimetal sensors

– Anticondensation heaters

200kw Electric Motor Price Product Specifications




200 kW

Rated voltage

400/690 V


315 mm




50 Hz


1485 rpm

Frame type

cast iron

200kw Electric Motor Price Product Features

Certification:GS, RoHS, CE, ISO9001
Excitation Mode:Poclain Motor
Power Rating:Hydraulic
Number of Poles:Hydraulic
Speed:Low Speed
Type:Plunger Type

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