It’s likely that you have heard of PVC pipe. It is a white plastic tube that is frequently used for plumbing and drainage. With its diverse applications, it is not surprising that polyvinyl chloride has gained popularity as a metal substitute.

The strength and durability of this plastic make it one among the most widely used materials in the world. It is also quite popular in plumbing because of how simple it is to install and how affordable it is.

To create pipes and fittings, these thermoplastic materials may be molded into a variety of forms. It works well for valves and other equipment that handles liquids.

The component is measured using the nominal system. This implies that all measurements depend on the sorts of structures rather than any particular observations.

From one end to the other, a one-inch line measures 0.84 inches. There are a variety of applications for each type of pipe schedule.

20mm Pvc Pipe Price in Nigeria Product Description

Dignity PVC Electrical Pipe Nigeria
Easy Installation: light weight, easy to cut, bent and handle; suitable to be buried in concrete,a longer performance life.

20mm Pvc Pipe Price in Nigeria Product Specifications

  • Outside diameter 20mm
  • Thickness 1.3mm
  • Length: 2.9m  
  • Colors: white, blue, grey etc.  
  • With or without socket end
  • Pack: 25pcs/ bundle
  • Material: PVC

20mm Pvc Pipe Price in Nigeria Product Feature

  • Combustion-proof
  • Standard:ISO9001:2008
  • Fittings: elbow, coupling, tee, female adapter
  • Use for protecting cable and wire
  • PVC conduit pipe excellent chemical resistance:
  • PVC pipe has excellent acid, alkali, corrosion resistance.
  • PVC conduit pipe fluid resistance:
  • Smooth wall PVC pipe, the resistance of the fluid.
  • PVC conduit pipe mechanical strength:
  • PVC pipe pressure resistance strength, resistance to external pressure strength, impact resistance, strength very good conditions for all kinds of piping works.
  • PVC conduit pipe for electrical insulation:
  • PVC pipe full of excellent electrical insulation for wire and cable conduits, wires and pipes of buildings.

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