24v lifepo4 battery charger

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Price : $79.99
Features :
  • 🚙[Wide application] 12V 20Amp, 24V 10Amp ultra-high power, intelligent identification can quickly charge without damaging the battery. Lithium,lifepo4,Lead-Acid (PB/AGM/GEL/EFB, MF, FLOODED, VRLA, SLA ,wet batteries…)which means it can be used in cars, trucks, motorcycles, electric cars, RV, SUV, ATV, golf carts, tricycles, agricultural vehicles, yachts, motorboats… Lithium: (12V:12.4V/24V:24.8V).Lead-Acid(12V:14.7V/24V:29.4V).lifepo4:(12V:14.6V/24V:29.2V). Please select the right type.
  • 🚗[Battery protection repair] AC input voltage :100-240V 50/60Hz Output voltage :12V/24V Output current :12V20A&24V10A Minimum starting voltage :GT;7.0V size :158x90x50mm Net weight :470g Automatically identify the battery status, select the appropriate charging current to charge and protect the battery. One-button repair function extends battery life. It cannot activate a completely failed battery and restore it to a completely new state.
  • 🚚[Automatic charging] Automatically detects 12V or 24V batteries and monitors the entire charging process through the latest intelligent CPU control program. 3 gears adjust charging current and battery type, charging current automatically and intelligently adjust, can run at full speed in winter, no load in summer. It can handle all kinds of harsh voltage environments with ease.
  • 🚌【Safety Charging】Adopt ABS flame-retardant shell, fireproof, anti-shock, corrosion resistance, sturdy and durable, built in circuit protection, spark free system, reverse polarity protection, over-charge, over-voltage and over-temperature protection. The intelligent LCD display shows the charging status and battery status, so that you can charge more at ease. Please read the instructions carefully before proceeding.
  • 👏✔[Strong quality and service] We are a professional charger brand. We have quality products and after-sales service. This product, we provide permanent after – sale service. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us! 📦📦【What You Get】 Smart charger, 3M power cord, cable clip, manual, 2 junction boxes!

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 1.97 Inches
Width 3.54 Inches
Length 6.3 Inches
Weight 1.0361726314 Pounds
Price : $173.40
Features :
  • The Blue Smart IP67 24-Volt 12 amp Battery Charger is equipped with built-in Bluetooth, so the status of the charger and the battery can be checked on a smartphone, tablet or laptop. All settings of the charger can be configured with the VictronConnect app
  • The 7-step charging algorithm gets the best out of your battery. The charger gives the battery the power it needs, maintains its health, ensures better performance and a longer life
  • Charge dead batteries: the Blue Smart IP67 Charger will attempt to recharge a deeply-discharged battery by force-feeding it with a low current. Normal charging will then be resumed as soon as there is sufficient voltage across the battery terminals
  • The charger is completely encapsulated, waterproof, shockproof and ignition protected which withstand the rigors of an adverse environment
  • The Blue Smart IP67 Charger is waterproof and can be used on devices in your workshop and on motor or marine vehicles, such as (classic) cars, boats, yachts and motorbikes

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Weight 5.15 Pounds
Price : $264.00
Features :
  • Large charging capacity design (75 Amp for 12Vdc; 37.5 Amp for 24Vdc) charges a 100 amp hour battery in under an hour up to 90% charge Listed to UL 458 and CSA 22.2 NO. 107.1
  • Charges lead acid, AGM, GEL and LiFPO4 batteries. Power supply up to 75 amps at 12Vdc or 37.5 amps at 24Vdc
  • Three stage smart charger with variable charging voltage algorithm for maximizing battery life (bulk, absorb and float) 4 pre-programmed charging algorithms using the dip switches for the most common charging profiles. Auto detects DC voltage.
  • Adjustable charge current control dial to safely charge smaller battery (s) Wide input voltage range, 70Vac to 145Vac for unstable inputs
  • 2 Year warranty Reverse polarity, over voltage, under voltage, over temperature, short circuit protections High AC to DC converting efficiency design >80%

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 3.25 Inches
Width 6.75 Inches
Length 10.25 Inches
Weight 6.86 Pounds
Price : $499.99
Features :
  • An 40-amp industrial-grade onboard battery charger for 24-volt lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries from 55-425Ah, including flooded, gel, AGM, deep-cycle, and maintenance-free.
  • A high-efficiency battery charger with power factor correction – rated at 92%- with precision die-casted aluminum enclosure for superior airflow and durability – IP67 rated.
  • Advanced battery repair for reversing battery sulfation and acid stratification to restore lost battery performance to provide longer run times and extended battery life.
  • A fully-automatic, worry-free battery charger for everyday use – 24/7 – with zero overcharge, including spark-proof technology, reverse polarity and overcharge protection.
  • Universal design with detachable and replaceable AC and DC cables for multiple applications, like golf carts, pallet jacks, scissor lifts, floor scrubbers, and other industrial equipment.
  • Wide range of interchangeable accessories, including GCP AC Port Plugs, Anderson SB Connectors, Club Car 3-Pin Round Plug Connector, EZ-GO 3-Pin Triangle Plug Connector, EZ-GO Powerwise D-Plug Connector, Yamaha 2-Pin Plug Connector, and AC Cables for United States, United Kingdom, European Union and Australia (not included).

Additional Info :

Color Black
Item Dimensions
Height 11.14 Inches
Width 6.14 Inches
Length 17.72 Inches
Weight 13.2 Pounds
Release Date 2016-05-17T00:00:01Z
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