Even though Nigeria’s environment makes air conditioners inefficient, we still need to stay cool. One of the solutions to this issue is a 2hp inverter air conditioner. These split-AC units use inverters to take electricity from the mains and are far less expensive than typical split-AC units. Yet, they do not come without a few drawbacks of their own. We examine this well-liked home appliance and weigh its advantages, disadvantages, and everything in between, including 2hp Inverter Ac Price In Nigeria.

Inverter costs vary based on the manufacturer and feature set. Also, it varies depending on the seller and the manufacturer. From N5,000 to N45,000, the price is in the range. The fact that some stores in Nigeria are permitted to import tiny mobile phones may have an impact on the costs. Some people have permission to import inverters straight from China.

quickly switching A 2hp inverter air conditioner offers the ideal balance of superior aesthetics and effective cooling. With this air conditioner, you may manage the room’s temperature and humidity in addition to the unit’s top-mounted AC inverter. It is perfect for usage in workplaces, big homes, and a variety of other commercial settings that require complete cooling solutions.

2hp Inverter Ac Price In Nigeria Product Description

Haier Thermocool is making life comfortable with our innovative range of GenPAL Inverter Air Conditioners, which are designed to Save upto 70% energy consumption with 47% faster and better cooling. Thus, user can Power multiple GENPAL Airconditioners at once, while still saves on Electricity consumption and Generator size requirement.

70% Energy Savings

GenPAL Inverter Technology helps deliver substantial
energy savings up to 70% of your consumption
thereby cutting down the cost of electricity bills.

47% Faster Cooling With Turbo

Enjoy the ultimate and faster cooling experience with the
Turbo function that saves time & allows the motor run at a
higher frequency in reaching the set temperature.

Generator Friendly

With the press of the “GenMode” button, GenPAL Inverter can run conveniently on generators, even on a small generator. It simply enables you to take control of your consumption on your generator.

Low Voltage

With the optimised compressor, this series can conveniently start-up and run at voltage as low as 175V.

15M Long Air Throw

Enjoy the perfect temperature in your largest room with the GenPAL Series, which has a specially designed cross-flow fan and optimized air duct, allowing cool air to reacha s far as 15 metres.

2hp Inverter Ac Price In Nigeria Product Specifications

Basic DataAir Circulation (M³/H)1000Capacity (W) | Cooling5275Capacity (W) | Heating/COP (W/W)/EER (W/W)3.25Moisture Removal (10¯³M³/H)2Power Input (W) | Cooling1625Power Input (W) | Heating/Power Supply (Ph/V/Hz)1/230V/50Rating Current (A) | Cooling7.6Rating Current (A) | Heating/Refrigerant Pipe (Mm) | Gas Side Diameter12.7RefrigerantR410ARefrigerant Pipe (Mm) | Liquid Side Diameter6.35
Indoor UnitNet Dimension (Mm) (Indoor)997/230/322Package Dimension (Mm) (Indoor)1085/329/403Net Weight (Kg) (Indoor)13Gross Weight (Kg) (Indoor)15Noise [DB(A)] (Hi/Mid/Lo/So)43/40/37
Outdoor UnitNet Dimension (Mm) (Outdoor)800/275/553Package Dimension (Mm) (Outdoor)954/409/625Net Weight (Kg) (Outdoor)29.5Gross Weight (Kg) (Outdoor)32.5Noise [DB(A)] (Outdoor)53

2hp Inverter Ac Price In Nigeria Product Features

  • 70% Energy Savings
  • 47% Faster Cooling With Turbo
  • Generator Friendly
  • Low Voltage
  • 15M Long Air Throw

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