A 2mva transformer is the vital electricity transformers which are used to supply the homes and firms with mains electricity. They utilize the lowest voltage power sockets in order to convert them into high voltage mains electricity that’s suitable for powering equipment and appliances in a home or commercial premises. A 2mva is a 2 million volt-ampere transformer, which means it can deliver the load of half a million watts of electricity.

The transformers are devices that convert one voltage level to another using electromagnetic induction, using coils of wire called inductors. The voltage level can vary from 6-42 mv primary circuit that supplies power to an electrical load such as a motor or appliance. However, the voltage level in a secondary circuit has to be separated from other power lines due to safety issues, and this is why they use transformers with higher powers.

The 2mva transformer is a standard electrical substation electrical transformer used at the head of a substation bus, which often serves as the ‘front end’ of some portion of the transmission system. It is often called a “bus transformer”. The 2mva transformer is rated for 400 Hz, 3-phase and 15 kV. These transformers will be designated as a 480 volt to ground voltage. Therefore, 2mva transformer price can be up to $60000.00. If you want to buy 2mva Transformer price in Nigeria, drop a message and I will get back to you with the best price quotation.

2mva Transformer Price in Nigeria Product Description

This 2MVA transformer was delivered to South Africa in 2019. the rated power of the transformer is 2000 KVA. It is a step-down 11 KV to 415V transformer, the primary voltage of the transformer is 11 KV and secondary is 0.4 KV. Our 2 MVA distribution transformer was designed with advanced technology and adopts high quality material and components which result in reliable quality and long operation time.

2mva Transformer Price in Nigeria Product Specifications

Power Rating2MVA
Number of Phase3-Phase
Cooling TypeOil Cooled
Winding MaterialCopper
Insulation ClassA
Transformer TypeSealed
Winding TurnsVariable
Country of OriginMade in India

2mva Transformer Price in Nigeria Product Features

Product: Oil Immersed distribution Transformer

Rated Power: Up to 5000 KVA

Primary Voltage: Up to 35 KV

2mva Transformer Price in Nigeria Product Image

2MVA 3-Phase Oil Cooled Distribution Transformer

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