300ft long range night vision hd security camera

We manufacture a variety of 300ft long range night vision hd security camera designs as one of the largest cameras manufacturers. As a website focused on giving you the best cameras, Koboguide aims to provide the most stylish and extravagant cameras for you. KoboGuide has selected the best cameras around the world based on a worldwide search for the most beautiful and unique products. Our collection of unique cameras includes Ultra Long Range Night Vision – Weatherproof – Zoom Lens, Long Range Security Camera and 500m wireless cctv camera with night vision

Ultra Long Range Night Vision – Weatherproof – Zoom Lens


  • – Color HD 1080p Resolution
  • – Weatherproof housing
  • – 300ft Night vision
  • – Wall mount
  • – Quick connect video & power pigtail
  • – Manual Zoom Lens 5-50mm

Camera Viewing Distance

The green chart below indicates lens viewing distances.

Image Quality

This camera automatically adjusts for the best HD image possible. The WDR feature automatically adjusts for best back lighting and exposure while the DNR function eliminates digital noise, producing extremely high quality video day and night.

Night Vision

This camera is equipped with Infrared LED’s. The LED’s cast out infrared light the human eye cannot see, but the camera can. During the day the camera produces vivid color video, when the light level drops below a minimum point the camera automatically switches the IR system on. The camera then produces very high quality black and white night vision video.

Power Supply

This camera can be powered with either a one camera Plug-in Power Supply or using one of our Multi-Camera Power Units. Power supplies are sold separately.

Our Quality Guaranty

We only offer professional equipment that has been quality tested and has a proven track record for reliability and performance. Each item is shipped in new condition and includes an easy to follow user guide written in clear English. Our goal is simple; quality you can count on and 100% customer satisfaction.

Long Range Security Camera

IP cameras come with one of three lens types:

  • Fixed, where the lens cannot move to modify the field of view, focal length, or level of zoom
  • Varifocal, where the lens is adjustable to adapt it to different focal lengths, although you have to refocus the camera after adjusting it. Varifocal cameras are either manual or motorized. All SCW varifocal cameras are motorized; this means that you can control the zoom and focus from the camera or NVR–no ladders, no tiny knobs, just simple. easy, controls on a screen.
  • PTZ, which is similar to a varifocal lens in that the lens can zoom in or out to different focal lengths but it will maintain focus while moving. In addition, the camera can move to the left and right (pan) and up and down (tilt). PTZ stands for pan, tilt, and zoom.


Position does not change


Focal Length can be changed, which decreases angle of view as it optically zooms in


Can pan, tilt, and zoom (image shows a zoom in PTZ panning left and right)

When you should use a Varifocal Camera

  • When you have a gate, door, or other known entrance point but can’t mount a camera close by
  • When you must get a close shot to identify a person or vehicle at distances greater than 50 feet, but less than 500 feet, and have a good idea where they are going to be (for example, people tend go through gates)
  • Whenever you have an outdoor physical asset (ancillary building, designated fleet vehicle parking spots, oil pumping station, solar panel array, etc) with a fixed location
  • Whenever you have a long, narrow area to watch, such as a hallway or warehouse aisle

When you should use a PTZ Camera

Long Range Bullet Cameras

Most Long range Security Cameras are bullet cameras. Most long range bullet cameras have motorized varifocal zoom lens. They are durable and often waterproof. The waterproof element is extremely important, as long range cameras are almost always used outdoors.

When to use each of our Long Range Bullet Cameras

Range: 75-100 Feet

Recommendation: Use The Viking 8.0 or The Detective 8.0

At 75 to 100 Feet the Viking or Detective (their resolution and lenses are identical) is your best option as it’s varifocal lens allows you to optically zoom in on the target. At max optical zoom, your viewing angle is 35 degrees.

Range: 100-300 Feet

Recommendation: Use The Archer 2.0

The Archer is your best bet from 100 to 300 foot distance. The Archer is part of our long range, low light, extreme cold series. At max optical zoom, the Archer has a 9 degree viewing angle.

It may sound strange, but at distances greater than 100 feet, you’re going to switch back to a 2MP (1080P) sensor. Why is this? Because at longer range, light absorption becomes more important than resolution. Given an image sensor that is the same size, a 4K image sensor has 8x as many pixels trying to absorb the same light source as a 2MP sensor. Because the total amount of light absorbed is the same, but divided among 8 times as many receptors, long range 4k cameras appear darker than than 2MP cameras. Additionally, 2MP sensors have matured to the point of being able to absorb more light than their newer, higher resolution counterparts.

Range: 300-800 Feet

Recommendation: Use The Sharpshooter 2.0 – 26BV2-XL – 2MP Super Long Range, Low Light Bullet Camera with Motorized Zoom and Focus or a Long Range PTZ (covered next)

The Sharpshooter is best used in situations where you need to read a license plate or identify a face at 300 to 800 foot distances. Like the Archer, the Sharpshooter is part of our long range, low light, extreme cold series. At max optical zoom, the Sharpshooter has a 3 degree viewing angle.

PTZ Security Cameras Are The Best At Really Long Distances

Being able to detect people at distance often requires both long range bullet cameras and a PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) Camera. The bullet cameras can alert you to someone’s presence at ranges greater than your ability to identify them, and then you can use a PTZ to zoom in on that area to capture the subject’s identity.

For many situations, including large parking lots, like the kind found in auto dealerships, we recommend mounting multiple wider-angle, high resolution bullet cameras outside of your main building. These will give you an overview of the area. Then, in addition to these two cameras, you can mount a PTZ Camera that “patrols” the large parking lot. You can use the preset function to patrol and zoom in on known vulnerable or high traffic areas on a set schedule. This can effectively double or triple your range without having to upgrade every camera or reduce your viewing angles / coverage zones.

Range: 300-800 Feet

Recommendation: Use The Lookout 2.0

The Lookout is our 2MP PTZ. It can spin left and right (pan), up and down (tilt), or optically zoom in. You can control it with any of our mobile apps or software applications. At max zoom it has a 2.6 degree viewing angle.

Range: up to 1500 Feet

Recommendation: Use The Beacon 8.0

The Beacon is our 4K PTZ. It can spin left and right (pan), up and down (tilt), or optically zoom in. You can control it with any of our mobile apps or software applications. At max zoom it has a 2.4 degree viewing angle.

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