30kva schneider inverter

Schneider Inverters are designed with efficiency and reliability in mind. Besides their technical excellence, the Schneider inverters offer improved transfer performance and a longer operating life, which can be attributed to their component design and quality management.

Schneider presents its latest generation Inverter with fully integrated control. With a power supply of 30kVA it is suitable for all common industrial applications.

Sunbird 30Kva 240V Online Hybrid Inverter With Mppt Solar Charge Controller


Sunbird off grid bi directional solar inverter 30Kva 240V Online Solar  Hybrid system is the new generation inverter, which has been designed specially for the solar application, made by FujiElectric Consul Neowatt (Japan/Indian Collaboration).

Suitable for mini grid inverter, Medical inverter, datacenter inverter,Residential backup Inverter,Library system Inverter.

SUNBIRD 3000 is Three phase output, industrial grade Inverter system. The Inverter module can operate in parallel with AC input source.

In normal mode, Inverter operates from battery or array power source and produces 3 phase conditioned AC output to cater the load requirement.


MPPT Voltage-330-480V

Mppt Maximum Input Current (A)-105A

No. of charge controller-1

Charging Current(Max) from PV in Amp-111A



Nominal Voltage & Voltage Range-3Phase 4 Wire / 415VAC(+10%, -15%), 50Hz

Charging Current(Max) from Grid in Amp-55A


Battery Voltage-240V

Battery Type-SMF/VRLA/Wet Lead Acid/ TGel

Output Waveform-sine wave

Nominal Output Current (A)-415VAC L-L (240VAC L-N) / (Pure Sine Wave)

Overload at nominal output voltage for 10 minutes-125%

Overload at nominal output voltage for 1 minutes-150%

Inverter peak efficiency-Up to 92%

Galvanic Isolation-Inbuilt isolation transformer at inverter output

Special Features

Special Features

Multiple 32 bit DSP controllers Space Vector Modulation Battery less operation

High efficiency

True Bi-directional Solar Inverter

Higher Array voltage capacity optionally available

Inbuilt charge controller

MPPT – Achieved through Incremental Conductance Algorithms

Modular construction gives higher MTTR Battery charging through Grid up to 100% Selectable source feature – Grid / Battery

DC fan for low power consumption

Inbuilt isolation transformer for galvanic isolation 128 x 64 Graphics display

PF correction while on mains / Grid supply (Line interactive) Variable fan speed – for increased reliability, results into

lesser dust suction inside the cabinet

The built in solar charge controller can accommodate up to 11kw of solar panel

MPPT based array charger, supplies the DC power for battery charging as well as for the inverter.

In case batteries are going in to discharge mode due to array unhealthy, Grid input source will get triggered automatically at certain predetermined battery voltage level and operate in parallel with the inverter. Grid Input source starts battery charging as well as takes care of output load and after sufficient battery charge level, it will automatically isolates from the inverter.

Sunbird 3000 Solar inverter has many unparallel features, which gives best ROI for the user and helps in bringing the dream of Green planet more closer. The 30Kva is suitable for medical application and production line  due to 0 switching time.

CHASSIS DIMENSION (WXDXH) 600 x 800 x 1200 IP20

Storage -Operating Temperature–20 °C – 70°C

Operating Temperature-Inverter : 0-40 °C,

SMF battery : 25 to 27 Deg C

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