32v lifepo4 battery-charger

This charger is a high power, smart, fast and reliable battery charging tool. It can charge multiple batteries simultaneously so you do not have to wait long when charging your batteries. It uses 32v lifepo4 battery-charger technology which enables it to charge quicker than other chargers at an affordable price.

Go ahead and enjoy life! The 32v lifepo4 battery-charger will make all your dreams come true, featuring three USB charging ports for charging all your favorite devices at the same time. Better yet, it’s environmentally friendly, too!

3.2V 20A
Lithium Battery Charger LiFePO4
CE Certified USA Stock!

Price for 1 Each: $207.00

Item ID:320intel-ECPC

3.2V 20A LiFePO4 Lithium Battery Intelligent Charger


·         Normal DC Voltage: 3.2V

·         Charging Amperage: 20A ± 0.5A

·         Max Series Count: 1 battery (This charger is for single batteries, not series)

·         Dimensions (inches rounded to Tenth) L*W*H: 7.7 * 4.7 * 2.3 (195 * 118 * 58 mm)

·         Weight: 2.7 Lbs. (1.2 Kgs)

·         Operating Temperature Range: -4°F to 122°F (-20°C to 50°C)

·         Cutoff Voltage: 3.65V± 0.2V

·         Input power options: 85V-250V 120V 240V 208V 50Hz – 60Hz

·         Charging Algorithm: Modified CC/CV (See details below)

·         Color: Red

·         Automatic Recharging: Charging is restarted if the battery voltage drops

·         CE Certified

** Current Protection

1. AC Power Overload – Contains a fuse, should the AC power be over-loaded.

2. Reverse Polarity – If the battery clamps are connected incorrectly, the batteries and charger will not be damaged.

3. Battery Voltage – Microprocessor will automatically detect battery voltage/current to avoid battery overheating/charging.

4. Charger Overheat – Drops output power to protect the charger against overheating.

5. Short Circuit – Stops output power when positive and negative short together.

* Automatic Multi-Stage Charging Method

Pre-Charge 1This stage is active only if the battery is severely discharged and helps protect and recondition the cells against damage.
Pre-Charge 2Moderate current to avoid peak current damage.
Bulk ChargeMaximum current according to the maximum capability of the charger
Absorption ChargeDeclining current to maximize battery capacity.
AnalysisDetermines the battery charge status and battery saturation.
Power DownShuts down voltage and current to avoid overcharging and battery voltage variations caused by trickle current at after charging.
Auto RechargingIf the battery voltage drops, the charger automatically re-starts charging.

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