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Soundproof Diesel Generator 40kva


Engineered to well renouwned UK manufacturing quality standards, Our Perkins Generators Are Known For Their Reliability and High Quality Modern Designs, We also specialise in Off … more on KongaBuy it from Konga

Soundproof Diesel Generator 40kva Details

  • The best price of Soundproof Diesel Generator 40kva by Konga in Nigeria is 4,480,000 NGN
  • Available payment methods areCash on DeliveryE-Payment
  • Similar products to Soundproof Diesel Generator 40kva are sold at Jumia with prices starting at 3,740,500 NGN
  • The first appearance of this product was on May 23, 2020
  • Amongst similar products of Soundproof Diesel Generator 40kva the cheapest price is 3,740,500 NGN from Jumia

Soundproof Diesel Generator 40kva Price insights and history

  • The cheapest price of Soundproof Diesel Generator 40kva in Nigeria was 3,200,000 NGN from Konga within the past 17 months
  • The highest price of Soundproof Diesel Generator 40kva in Nigeria was 4,500,000 NGN from Konga within the past 17 months
  • The price difference between the cheapest and highest price of Soundproof Diesel Generator 40kva in Nigeria is 1,300,000 NGN from Konga within the past 17 months
  • The average price of Soundproof Diesel Generator 40kva in Nigeria is 3,732,857.14 NGN from Konga within the past 17 months

Perkins Soundproof Diesel Generator 40kva


Soundproof Diesel Generator 40kva

Product Code: 4719321

Brand: Perkins


Fuel TypeDiesel
Warranty Period1 Year

Engineered to well renouwned manufacturing quality standards, Our Perkins Generators Are Known For Their Reliability and High Quality Modern Designs, We also specialise in Off Grid Power Solutions and Installations of New Generators and other alternative power solutions custom built to your specification, get in touch for more information. Our innovation generator design is well known for their reliability worldwide, both locally and globally. With an emphasis on Quality and Reliability for our New Generators, our talented team of engineers work hard to deliver high-quality solutions for any power requirements you may have. Covered by the extensive worldwide Perkins manufacturing warranty on all our products.

our generators are made to high quality standards using reliable engines form manufacturers like Perkins. our team of engineers have years of experience in the power industry and will be more then happy to assist, we specialise in Perkins Generators and many other brands as well.

Voltage 230/400V
Ph 3
Pf 0.8
Hz 50
Stand-by Ratings 40KVA 35KW
Prime Ratings 40KVA35KW
RPM 1500

Engine Data
Manufacturer Perkins
Cylinders 4, Vertical in-line
Max. power  rated rpm; kWm BHP36.4 48.8
Brake mean effective pressure; kPa 1095.4
Aspiration & Cooling Turbo charged air to air charge cooling
Total displacement; L in3 2.216 135.2
Bore; in. 3.3 84
Stroke; in.  3.9 100
Compression ratio 23.3:1
Governor type Mechanical
Rotation Anti-clockwise
viewed on flywheel

Engine Electrical System
Charging alternator 12V, Negative Ground
Alternator rating; amp65
Starter motor rated voltage; dc12
Battery quantity  rating 1  54Ah
Battery cold cranking amps; 410

Fuel System
Type of injection Indirect
Fuel injection pump Cassette type
Fuel supply connection size 3 8 NPT
Fuel return connection size 1 4 NPT
Max. fuel lift; m  3 9.84
Fuel prime pump Manual
Max. fuel flow; Lh gal h 63 16.6
Fuel lift pump pressure; kPa 10
Fuel filter & water separator Available

Cooling System
Radiator ambient temp;  50 122
Coolant capacity; L gal 9.3 2.4
Coolant pump drive Gear

Thermostat operation range; 82 95
Max top tank temp;  112
Cooling fan type Pusher
Cooling fan material Plastic
Combustion air flow; m3/min 2.49
Engine coolant flow; L/min gal/min 56.2 14.9
Energy to coolant and oil; kWt 377
Energy to ambient; kWt 4.6
Energy to cooling fan; kWt 0.7
Air filter Dry element

Lubrication System
Oil capacity; L gal 10.6 2.8
Oil cooler Water cooled
Oil filter Spin on, replaceable
Oil temp (continuous operation);  125
Oil flow at rated speed; L/min 15.2

Made in China

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