5kw solar system price in Nigeria

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5KW solar system is most suitable for powering all the basic household appliances at once. With a 5KW solar system, one can put on the air condition, deep freezer, washing machine and more.

A 5kWh solar system will cost you between N1,781,190 and N3,860,055 to be installed. After which, you will be free from recurring expenses on power since solar needs little or no maintenance.

This price include Value added tax (VAT) and installation cost.

Table of Contents           

  • How much money can I save per year?
  • How much power does a 5kW solar system produce per day?
  • How many solar panels for a 5KW solar system?
  • Appliances 5KW Can Power
  • How Do I know My Energy Requirement?

How much money can I save per year?

How much you can save depends on your previous power consumption level and charge rate. Using an average of N5,000 monthly payment to your power holding company, a year is N60,000

Cost of Generator and Fuel: a regular 5KW capacity generator is about N350,000

Cost of fuel on daily: Lets just put it at N2,000 which is 730,000 per year

Summary of all projected cost

  • Power holding company: N60,000
  • Cost of buying generator: 350,000
  • Cost of fuel: 730,000
  • Total cost: 1,140,000

Money Saved

This means that you should be able to break-even within 2 years and continue to gain for the next 23 years since solar panels usually have a life-span of minimum of 25 years.

How much power does a 5kW solar system produce per day?

This depends on some key factors such as the time of the year, local weather etc. In a brief, a typical 5KW solar system will produce from 20kWh of energy daily.

How many solar panels for a 5KW solar system?

Using the calculation of a solar panel producing 320 Watts of power at its peak, about 16 solar panels would be needed to make 5,000 Watts per hour.

5000 watts/ 320 watts per panel = 16 Panels

Appliances 5KW Can Power

The perfect target for a 5KW solar system is the medium-sized home, with about 4 to 4 people living together. The 5KW solar system would be able to power all your appliances from refrigerator to hot water, washing machine, TV, etc.

Most of the household appliances are used mostly at night while electricity is generated and saved during the day. In order to manage your energy properly, know the voltage and watts of your appliances. You can find more guide here.


  • Product Name: 5KW Solar System
  • Cost: N1,781,190 to N3,860,055
  • Number of Panels: from 10
  • Home size: 3 to 5 people
  • Payment Options: Full payment and Installments
  • Potential Yearly Saving: N1,140,000

5kW/6kVA Solar power system plan plus installation in Nigeria


Buy with a single click a complete 5kW solar power system for your home and office in Nigeria. Wavetra Energy Team will install your system once your order is confirmed. Installation fee and accessories in included in the final price.

This is what you get in this package:

  1. 9 X 300Wp mono solar panels
  2. Customized solar panel module bracket for roof top installation
  3. 5kW solar hybrid pure sine wave inverter with inbuilt 80A MPPT charge controller
  4. 4 X 12V 200Ah deep cycle battery
  5. Battery rack
  6. Cables, Circuit breakers and other accessories needed for installation
  7. System Installation by Wavetra Energy Team.

So what can this system really power? Answer >4,000W load.

At the end, it depends on the power rating of your appliances. But basically, this system can power:

  1. 6 LED bulbs
  2. 6 Table fans
  3. 1 TV
  4. 1 Laptop
  5. 1 Refrigerator
  6. 1 Deep freezer

Please note that installation outside Lagos State may attract additional delivery charge.

Findings from the Site inspection by our team may alter the final price to pay by customer.WHY CHOSE WAVETRA?

Wavetra Energy LTD. is Nigeria’s leading renewable energy solution provider since 2014. We specialize in

  • installation of solar and wind power systems
  • Sales of solar components
  • Training Renewable energy academy

In 2018, we were awarded the most efficient renewable energy brand of the year.

We hope to be given the opportunity to advice you on energy use and efficiency and also inspect your site in other to give you the appropriate solar power system sizing for your company.

We also express our preparedness in helping your company save a lot of money spent on energy consumption by going solar. We provide the following benefits:

Special Offer for you:

  • FREE solar consultation
  • Trade-in of old batteries for best value
  • Free site inspection

You will also enjoy our warranty on the following products:

  1. Solar panels – 5-year warranty and 25-year service guaranty.
  2. Inverters – 12 Months from the date of purchase
  3. SMF Battery – 200 AH – 12 Months from the date on invoice.
  4. Wet Cell Battery – 18 Months from the date on invoice or order payment/delivery.

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