Aftermarket Rear Ac Vents

Aftermarket Rear Ac Vents are made from high quality materials to ensure optimum performance. They are placed behind your existing factory vents and require minimal drilling to install.

AC vents are a very important part of your car. Not only does the air conditioner come out through the vents, but it helps keep the temperature inside the car cool. However, after a while, overuse and wear and tear can cause some damage to your AC vents. If you notice any problems with them, it could be time to replace them before they become worse.

List of the best cars with rear ac vents

List of the best cars with rear ac vents in the market. The list contains all cars that have rear ac vents

  1. Rear Defogger
    Rear Defogger | Must-have Comfort features on carsOne of the essential features that most of the car makers are still reluctant in omitting it from the base variant is the rear de-fogger. In winters, it is one of the frequently used and necessary features. A driver driving a vehicle deprived of the rear de-fogger can face visibility issues amidst the fog.
  1. Digital Instrument Cluster
    2020 Hyundai Verna Instrument ClusterCurrent-gen cars are smarter than you think. They come equipped with a ton of sensors to detect and figure out failures. Also, the car rectifies some minor problems on their own. So, to interact with the vehicle a digital instrument cluster with high tech features is something an owner truly desires. But sadly, it is not possible to install the same with all integrated features.
  1. Rear AC
    Rear ACBefore explaining about Rear Ac, don’t get confused between rear AC and rear AC vents, as they both are different things. Moving further, cars with Rear AC have a separate AC unit for the rear passengers that can be turned on via a button in the centre console. Where rear AC vents can be a part of the aftermarket accessory, rear AC surely isn’t. It has to be connected with the engine just like the regular AC unit.
  1. Electronic Hand BrakeElectronic Handbrake | Image Credits: (1)Stepping into the future, cars are getting electrified. In this transaction, some vehicles are in their middle life of becoming all-electric. Many of them get a feature called an electronic hand brake. I’m sure this is something that may be good for boasting but a car guy or a petrolhead will surely prefer to take this matter into his/her hands.
  1. Powered Tail Gate
    MG Hector Plus | powered tailgate openingPossibly, the most convenient feature in a high-end vehicle is the powered tailgate, especially for elderly people. In a vehicle pampered with a powered tailgate, one can open the boot lid with just a press of a button. Also, considering some cases, even a button is not required but a foot gesture. Result? Cannot be installed.

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