Alternative designer perfumes

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Alternative designer perfumes

Who wouldn’t want to smell amazing ALL the time, but after splurging on expensive perfumes, you probably end up using it on special occasions only. That’s such a bummer, right? Well, not anymore! We give you a few cheaper alternatives to designer perfumes that you can use generously every day. These perfume dupes smell so similar to the luxury perfume brands fragrances but cost a fraction of the price! So, are you ready to find your favourite designer perfumes alternative that smells-alike?

Cheaper Alternatives to Designer Perfumes

1.  J’Adore By Dior

This classic has been a favourite amongst women for years and years now. It has a fruity, floral and fresh fragrance that also manages to smell sexy and sweet at the same time. One usually use this perfume for special occasions as it is one of the most expensive perfumes and costs around Rs. 11,645 for a 100 ml.

The Dupe

Colors For Women by United Colors of Benetton is a fruity and floral scent with similar ingredients as J’Adore and a few extra ones for a super fresh take on the perfume.

Price: Rs. 1,299. Buy it here.

2. Daisy By Marc Jacob

From the pretty bottle to the oh-so-feminine fresh and classic fragrance, we haven’t met a single girl who hasn’t fallen for Daisy. It has got depths of fruitiness, floralness and woodiness as well. Price: Rs. 5,850 for 100 ml.

The Dupe

Butterfly by Marks and Spencer does not only come in a cute bottle but it also comes pretty close to smelling like Daisy, maybe minus the subtle woodiness but nonetheless dreamy. The fragrance is fresh and girly and can be a good and cheaper alternatives to designer perfumes like Daisy by Marc Jacob.

Price: Rs. 1,265 (£14). Buy it here.

3. Paco Rabanne Lady Million

Paco Rabanne Lady Million is a glam perfume that is designed to make you feel like a million bucks owner. It contains woody, floral and fresh components that smells luxuriously rich and feminine. Price: Rs. 6,350 for 80 ml.

The Dupe

Zara Woman Gold comes in a pretty close fragrance to the mature scent of Lady Million. The bottle may not look as glamorous but the fragrance is a total smell-alike!

Price: Rs. 1,174 approx. Available at a Zara store near you.

4. Gucci By Gucci

Sensual and strong, the classic women’s scent by the house of Gucci is a global top seller. The top notes are a fresh blend of guava, pear and patchouli. And it is priced at around Rs. 5,694 for 75 ml.

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The Dupe

Believe by Britney Spears will have you believing you’ve spritzed one of the expensive perfumes to this girly scent. With guava, amber, honeysuckle and tangerine, it’s a flirty combination you’ll love.

Price: Rs. 3,515 approx. Buy it here.

5. Issey Miyake L’Eau D’Issey

It’s been many years, but we just cannot get enough of this summer scent that smells fresh and aquatic with a hint of floral. It is truly a mood-lifter, price at Rs. 6,600 for 100 ml.

The Dupe

Isis Eau De Toilette by Marks and Spencer is also a super fresh, feminine perfume that smells like the sparkling aromas of the sea mixed with violet, rose and lily.

Price: Rs. 3,285. Buy it here.

6. Chanel Allure

Chanel Allure has a very sensual fragrance that makes the day seems brighter than ever. It is made of 6 facets that are, may rose, sparkling mandarin, intoxicating passion fruit notes mixed with peony accord, sensual vanilla, and warmer oriental notes.

The Dupe

Marks & Spencer AUTOGRAPH Eau de Toilette New York is a perfect dupe for Chanel allure which is five times the price than marks & Spencer Autograph. As per many reviewers, they tried the dupe of Chanel Allure and were not at all disappointed. And the price range has as huge gap as Chanel allure is of 7,000 Rs (approx), where as the dupe is of 456 Rs only.

Price: Rs. 456. Buy it here.

7. Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir Cologne

This perfume has a fruity fragrance which is inspired by Parisian chic and a red silk dress. It has a combination of raspberry, plum, pomegranate, pink pepper, frankincense and spicy woods fruity notes.

The Dupe

Primark Pomegranate & Black Tea has a very subtle fragrance that lasts all day long. It has a hint of pomegranate and black tea which makes you feel fresh all day long. It is the perfect dupe for a high end perfume Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir Cologne.

Price: 711 Rs (£8). Buy it here.

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8. Chloé

Freedom, femininity, and lightness are the three principles on which Chloé was founded. It has a feminine and fresh fragrance that has a hint of classic rose. It is priced at Rs. 6,625.

The Dupe

Milton Lloyd Hawaii is known to be a dupe of Chloé, which has a pretty similar fragrance to the high end perfume. The price gap between the original one and dupe perfume is huge, which makes it the perfect cheaper alternatives to designer perfume.

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