Art Deco Morganite Engagement Ring

This beautiful Art Deco Morganite Engagement Ring is sure to turn heads. The morganite art deco engagement ring features a 6mm vibrant pink Morganite center stone, accompanied by the largest single cut diamond in this collection (1.5ct). With only a small gallery made of tiny milgrained details, it keeps the focus on the beauty and brilliance of this piece.

Art Deco was a time period that stands out in the history of humankind. It’s full of creativity, artistry, and innovation. One of the most famous aspects of this era was the 1940s-1960s Art DecoMorganite engagement ring. This ring is inspired by the style of this period and offers a unique choice for a fine diamond

What is Art Deco Morganite.

Art Deco Morganite is a type of diamond that has been used in engagement rings for centuries. It is thought to have originated in the early 20th century and was popularized by Queen Victoria and her husband, Prince Albert. Art Deco Morganite is considered to be one of the most stylish diamonds around, and it is often used in high-end jewelry.

How to select a Morganite Diamond for an Engagement Ring

When trying to choose a Morganite diamond for your ring, it is important to consider its cut, color, and other features. Cut refers to the shape of the diamond – whether it is cubic or octahedral – and can affect its beauty and fire. Color can be determined by the clarity of the diamond – which can be either white or yellow – as well as its cut style. Many people prefer a more subtle look with art decoMorganite diamonds, but they are also available in more flashy styles if you want something more showy. Finally, many couples choose to get a matching set of rings (or even just one ring) made from two or more different types of Morganite diamonds so that their fiancees can enjoy different aspects of their wedding story together.

The Benefits of Art Deco Morganite Engagement Rings.

2.1 Morganite is a unique and beautiful diamond that has a yellow hued diamond.

2.2 Morganite is known for its green and blue hues, which make it an amazing choice for an engagement ring.

2.3 The colors of Morganite can be very vibrant, making it a great choice for any color lipstick or eye shadow you might want to wear on your wedding day!

Art Deco Morganite Engagement Ring Unique 14K Rose Gold Engagement Ring 2 Carat Morganite Ring


  • Product Information
  • Stone Information


  • Type:Natural Gemstone
  • Sub Type:Morganite
  • # Of Stones:1
  • Carat Weight:2
  • Shape:Round
  • Color:Peach-Pink
  • Clarity:Fine Quality (VS)


  • Type:Diamond
  • # Of Stones:22
  • Total Carat:0.21
  • Shape:Round
  • Color:G-H
  • Clarity:SI1

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