Auto Tracking Camera For Teacher Lecturing

Auto Tracking Camera For Church

Education has changed dramatically in the last decade or so. No longer are classrooms just physical locations where students come, sit down, and listen to their lectures while taking notes. Classrooms are now dynamic and online and available to learners all over the world. The technology that is now available to broadcast or stream classrooms around the globe has been a hugely positive change in the world of education.

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Auto Tracking Camera For Teacher Lecturing

Auto Tracking Camera For Church

AI Automated Camera

AI algorithm that recognizes the action and automatically follow the game

MyPlay has developed an AI algorithm that recognizes the action on the court and accurately detects the position of the players.

The algorithm automatically zoom in and out to follow the game, creating a viewing experience similar to the classic TV broadcast.

We install cameras at your arena


MyPlay set-up includes two cameras. Main camera for the court and second camera for the scoreboard.

We will look for the best viewing angle we can have at your sports pavilion. Each facility has its own unique characteristics and whether you play at a small gym with tight margins or a large facility with thousands of seats, we got you covered!


Perfect solution for games being played at lateral courts.

With MyPlay Single you can add multiple views at your facility that your different teams can benefit!


Specific for volleyball, our solution include three cameras. One wide-angle camera to cover the whole field and two cameras to film from the back angles.

With MyPlay Volley all viewing angles are covered, so you have all you need for games and matches analysis!

Best Auto Tracking Cameras for Church

By Duke Taber -April 12, 2021


Today, as the demand for video streaming exponentially grows, auto tracking cameras are definitely changing the game. Here we have compiled the best auto tracking cameras available. We have chosen these cameras on the following merits. They offer great value for money, are inexpensive when compared to other solutions, and incorporate the best technology when it comes to intelligent tracking. All in all, these are the best auto-tracking cameras.

We Found the 4 Best Auto Tracking Cameras

Huddle Cam HD SimplTrack2

This auto tracking camera is one of the best options when it comes to seamless video camera requirements. Simple Track 2 by Huddle Cam HD does not require you to set up your machine, again and again, rather it’s easy, onetime configuration rids you of the hassle.

There are different presets that you can choose from while setting the camera up. This helps you with the tracking of your subject. Once you have selected the preset for frames and what you want your tracking stage to be, you can simply focus on your business and the camera shall do its job. The camera can easily detect and track the subject within a 50 feet range.

This and the user-friendly software make it a great choice for all your lectures, webinars, and conferences, etc. It is compatible with most online software. You can simply plug your camera into your system to use it. You can also get different cameras on the same network using the SimplTrack 2 software.

Moreover, you can pair it up with HuddlePod Air for the best audio video recording solutions. Not only this, it has an onboard memory of 64 GB, which can save your videos for up to 4 hours in 1080p resolution. With simple connectivity solutions provided with the camera, you can easily transfer this on to your system without any problem.

A high-quality result with easy installation and simple management makes it one of the best tracking cameras available.

Read our review of the Simple Track here or buy online.

AVer TR313HN

This design by Aver is highly efficient when it comes to tracking a person or your subject. It incorporates an artificial intelligence system which makes it an autonomous tracking camera. With this camera, you do not need an operator at all times. It would only require you to set certain specifics and from then on, it can take over all your camera control hassle.

You can also establish zones with the presets available. This allows you to comfortably present something or deliver a lecture where the camera is focused on the content. Moreover, to make your experience even better, this product by AVer produces high definition results. It has two different high definition modes, which are 1080p and 720p. Along with this, the camera has a built-in wide dynamic range function that can balance your lighting for you. This ensures great results and your video will stand out.

This product is compatible with different kinds of outputs that include IP, HDMI, and USB output. With these options, you can easily set up an output for your video. This camera is also compatible with a large list of video streaming and recording software available, including but not limited to Zoom, Panopto, and Telestream.

This camera comes with free software that can help you manage multiple cameras at once. AVer produces compatible software for all kinds of different operating systems, making it easy for you and your audio video managers.

With a 3 year warranty and 24-hour replacement option, this camera makes it on the list of best auto-tracking cameras.

Read more about the 

AVer TR530

Called “the future of auto tracking cameras,” the AVer TR530 is indeed one of the best auto tracking cameras you can get. This camera is packed with three different kinds of auto tracking modes that take your experience to another level.

There is a wide area of tracking where you don’t have to worry about a specific stage for your presenter or target. One can move around easily in a wider area and TR530 will cover it for you. This makes it a great choice when it comes to streaming a session that includes audience interactions.

The second tracking option is the stage tracking mode. In this mode, you can set up a stage or a zone in which you would require your target to be tracked, and leave the rest to the TR530. Providing you with a large zone divided into 8 smaller zones, this camera allows you to produce high-quality professional results.

The third tracking option is the segment tracking option which provides an effective solution to capturing content on the display segments behind the presenter. This option allows you to set up 4 zones where your content is going to be. As your target moves around these zones, the camera will focus on the content behind the target.

Along with great tracking features these auto tracking cameras also produce video streams in high definition modes. Moreover, it has a powerful zooming feature that allows you to zoom in 30x. Additionally, this camera is packed with a 120-degree panoramic view camera which allows a great user experience.

With all these features this product definitely earns a spot in the best auto-tracking cameras.

AVer TR320

TR320 auto-tracking camera by AVer is another great product that very well takes care of all your tracking hassles. Packed with the PTZ camera this product offers great resolution options along with the three intelligent auto-tracking solutions that can take care of all the different kinds of tracking needs.

The three auto tracking modes include segment tracking, wide-area tracking, and stage tracking. It also includes a panoramic view secondary camera that provides an alternate view for your space. This makes it a perfect choice when it comes to streaming webinars, lectures, or presentations. Spaces like educational institutes and governmental organizations and other spaces where you require to address a larger audience, this camera best serves you.

It is an affordable solution to incorporate in your organization, with new firmware updates it provides you with top quality video streaming. It also has a 22x optical zoom and a 12x digital zoom, along with 1080p and different frames per second configurations. This quality video streaming can be streamed through multiple output channels incorporated in the product.

The product is compatible with many online streaming software programs and comes with a 3-year warranty by AVer care.

Learn more about the AVer TR320 or buy online here.

With this product, we conclude our list of the best auto-tracking cameras. If you are looking to get an auto tracking camera, these products can be a perfect choice for you.

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