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Picture the scene: you’re close to the top of the summit, gazing out at the incredible views all around you…with an unwavering achiness in your shoulders. Nothing puts a downer on those breathtaking 360-degree scenes quite like an ill-fitting backpack.

Tactical backpacks might have originated in the military but a rise of stylish, functional options have made outdoor adventures like hiking, cycling and camping cooler than ever. Designed to safely carry everything from your laptop to camera equipment or a sleeping bag and change of clothes, tactical backpacks act as a one-stop-shop for keeping everything in one place no matter how long you’re exploring for.

The biggest attraction of a tactical backpack is its versatility: side pockets allow easy hydration access, main compartments provide shock-proof relief for even the most fragile of electronics and a multitude of extra pouches means you’ll never have to pause and unpack to hunt down a torch, map or pen.

On the lookout for your next tactical rucksack? Here’s our round-up of the best tactical backpacks on the market today.

The 15 best tactical backpacks of 2020

RankBrandBest for
1AmabilisBest overall
2OakleyBest high-end
3SOG NinjaBest value
4MardingtopBest EDC
5Red RockMost lightweight
65.11 Tactical RUSH24Best to travel
7Mystery RanchBest for hiking
8MarchwayBest hydration pack
9Lowepro ProTacticBest camera bag
10HDEBest all black
11PANSBest for laptop
12Victorinox VX TouringBest modern design
13Diamond CandyBest waterproof
14CVLIFEBest budget
15Direct Action DustMost expensive

Check our special tactical backpack buyers’ guide after the list to see exactly what you should pay attention to before purchasing an everyday carry bag.

Amabilis Urban Responder Rucksack: Best overall tactical backpack

Amabilis’ Urban Responder Rucksack is the ultimate rucksack to combat city living, with plenty of compartments to look after all of your daily needs, and then some. With modular components and effortless access, it’s a rucksack that’s prepared for all of your creative needs, allowing you to keep camera gear at hand, your laptop stashed safely away and anything else close by in its own specific compartment.

Not only that: it’s also a rucksack built to look good. Sleek, minimalist and jet black, the Urban Responder Rucksack seamlessly transitions to suit the commuter, the photographer and the adventurer no matter where you’re heading next.

This is a rucksack designed for multiple purposes: it’s waterproof with a ceramic armour-plated bottom, making even the most intrepid journeys a relaxing process. Keep it nearby on every adventure, safe in the knowledge that all of your prized possessions are out of harm’s way.SHOP NOW

Size: 22L
Material: Military Grade Waterproof Tarpaulin
Available colours: Black

Oakley: Best high-end tactical backpack

Combining style with practicality can be tough when searching for a tactical backpack but OakKley’s Men’s Kitchen Sink Backpack effortlessly merges fashion and function in one durable bag. With a 34 litre storage capacity, this is a backpack for, quite literally, carrying around everything but the kitchen sink. It promises the complete package with heavy–duty appeal, offering abrasion–resistant fabric and enough specialised pockets for each and every one of your belongings. 

It’s a backpack perfect for daily excursions or longer trips: with thick, adjustable mesh–lined shoulder straps that dismiss any ideas of aching shoulders. Padded internal sides keep your laptop in one place while a hard media-player compartment at the top ensures a smooth day out. Maximise the front zip pocket by storing your smaller items, easily reach for your water bottle from its own side pocket and, if that wasn’t enough, store shoes in their own spacious storage compartment at the bottom.

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