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Price : $9.55
Features :
  • Discover Instant Clarity – Get this magical little solution bottle that will keep your bathroom mirrors, eyeglasses, swim goggles, sport goggles, snorkeling masks, Windshields, Binoculars, Scopes, Hockey Shields, and endless other surface types fog free and ready to go!
  • Natural, Hypoallergenic & Safe – Feel good knowing that you’re not being exposed to any chemicals or harmful ingredients. Our all-natural water mist formula is easy on the surface, and perfectly safe for your eyes and skin.
  • Quick & Easy Application: Apply a small amount of the spray onto both sides of your clean lens or surface. Using your fingers, apply evenly in a circular motion on the entire surface; and let sit for about 1 minute. Gently wipe with a dry soft cloth to clear streaks. Let dry completely before using.
  • Safe for Non AR-Coated Lenses – This unique formula will deliver you the clarity you seek. Prescription, Transition or Polarized lenses? We’ve got you covered for all Non AR-Coated lenses.
  • Works Great on All Glass / Plastic Materials – We found that many defogging sprays will work on one surface type optimally, while performing poorly on the rest. That’s why we worked hard to design a formula that would effectively prevent fogging on Polarized, UV, Iridium, Photo-chromatic, Polycarbonate, Lexan, and many other materials.

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Weight 2 ounces
Price : $7.99 ($4.00 / Ounce)
Features :
  • Quantities currently limited. Max quantity per order is 5 —- SAFE ON GLASSES ANTI-REFLECTIVE (AR) COATINGS – Safe and effective on all lens types even those with an anti-reflective or super hydrophobic coating. Silicone-free anti-fog formulation goes on clear with no haze.
  • NO NEED FOR CONSTANT APPLICATION – Other anti-fog wipes for glasses and sprays need to be frequently applied for them to be effective. Fog Away is a proprietary long lasting solution that delivers fog-free performance in just a few sprays.
  • PREVENT FOG ON LENSES, WINSHIELDS & DEVICES – Glasses: All Eye Glasses & Sunglasses | Car & Motorcycle: Windshield, Visors, Glass, & Mirrors | Medical: Face Shields, Goggles, Respirators, Masks | Workplace: Safety Glasses, SCBA Masks, Face Shields | Swimming: Goggles, Dive Masks | Paintball & Airsoft: Masks, Optics | Hunting: Scopes, Binoculars | Ski & Snowboard: Goggles | Electronics: Cell Phones, Tablets, Virtual Reality (VR) Headsets, Smart Watches | Cameras: Lenses | and more!
  • RIGOROUSLY TESTED ANTI FOG FOR GLASSES – Prevents fog build up due to heat, cold, or high humidity. Offered in a large 2oz bottle with up to 600 pumps. Perfect anti fog solution for car windshields, glasses, goggles, and other devices.
  • MADE IN THE USA – Our proprietary defogger eyeglass solution is formulated and manufactured in Ohio and has been a trusted brand for eye doctors, first responders, safety professionals, and the military for many years.

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 1 Inches
Width 6 Inches
Length 9 Inches
Weight 0.125 Pounds
Price : $11.50
Features :
  • CLEANING AND DEFOGGING IN ONE: A must have for anyone wearing a mask with glasses! OPTIPAK’s anti fog spray for glasses is effective on glass and plastic lenses, as well as larger surfaces, such as mirrors and windows. Keep your glasses clean and clear all day long at work or school!
  • COMPACT AND TRAVEL FRIENDLY: Our conveniently sized packages, make it easy to keep anti fog spray on hand for instant removal and prevention of optic fog available 24/7 – in your car, office, swimming or scuba bag, motorcycle, bathroom shower or anywhere on the go.
  • AMMONIA FREE AND STREAK FREE for multi-surface cleaning and fog prevention. Not only for lenses – OPTIPAK glasses anti fog spray is non-damaging and effective to use on your devices. Quickly clean computer, smartphone, camera lens, binoculars, tablets, keyboards and more!
  • MICROFIBER CLOTH INCLUDED: Made of high-quality tightly woven microfiber materials to absorb and remove dust, oil smudges, fingerprints, and dirt. Leaves no scratches, streaks, marks, or lint. Sawtooth pattern-fused edges prevent fraying. Safe for all delicate surfaces.
  • 2X POWERFUL CLEANING ABILITY: The anti fog for glasses solution works best on a clean surface. First, clean your glasses with a dry microfiber cleaning cloth as you normally would. Second, apply spray to the microfiber cloth and rub the lenses with the damp cloth for maximum long-lasting effect.

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Weight 0.2 Pounds
Price : $7.49
Features :
  • ENJOY THE CLEAREST VISION AT ALL TIMES – NO MORE ANNOYING FOGGING: Expertly formulated with an innovative synthesis that completely prevents fogging and blurring, our superior quality anti-fog spray will grant you the clearest vision with all your different eyewear. A must-have product for anyone wearing glasses with face masks or staying in humid cities.
  • UNIVERSAL DEFOGGER FOR AN ARRAY OF DIFFERENT GLASSES & LENSES: This no fog spray works wonders on all different types of eyewear including: eyeglasses, sunglasses, face shields, swim and ski goggles, safety glasses, helmets visors, binoculars, VR headsets and so much more. Plus, you may even use it on your camera lens, smartphone, smart watch, tablet or any other screen.
  • LONG-LASTING ANTIFOG SOLUTION FOR YOUR COMFORT: Extremely easy to use and unbeatably effective, with just a few spritzes your eyeglasses will fight away fogginess to provide you a crystal clear vision for hours on end, even in hot or humid environments. Delivering instant, streak-free, anti-fog care that lasts, the performance of our no-fog spray won’t disappoint!
  • PARABEN-FREE SYNTHESIS – 100% SAFE FOR YOU & YOUR EYEWEAR: Boasting an excellent quality, Paraben-Free formulation, our antifog spray is perfectly safe for your eyes and your skin and it will never cause the slightest discomfort or irritation. Its gentle synthesis is also 100% suitable for polarized, non-polarized, anti-reflective, hydrophobic or any other type of lens!
  • ORDER WITH PEACE OF MIND: Medpride is your trusted supplier of effective, top quality medical products that you can count on to equip your personal or professional medical kit. Backed by a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, you have every good reason to choose Medpride for all your personal care supplies!

Additional Info :

Price : $9.99
Features :
  • Safe for all lenses: Our premium formula is safe to use on all lenses, including eyeglasses, sunglasses, safety goggles, ski goggles, VR headsets, swimming goggles, paintball masks, snorkel masks and many other types of lenses.
  • Works on both Anti-Reflective and non-Anti-Reflective lenses.
  • No wiping needed: The spray bottle makes it easy to apply the FogBlock to your lens with a couple sprays. No wiping or microfiber cloth needed!
  • Long-lasting formula: This safe and effective formula lasts up to 24 hours. 30ml bottle lasts for 120 sprays.
  • Travel-friendly size: Whether you plan to ski or lounge in the sun, FogBlock is a useful companion for your destination and for your airport experience. FogBlock is a must have for anyone who wears glasses or sunglasses with a face mask.

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 1.06 Inches
Width 1.06 Inches
Length 4.09 Inches
Weight 0.03 Pounds
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