Best boxer briefs 2020

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A quality pair of boxer briefs are a welcome addition to any man’s underwear drawer.

No matter your physique, the right pair of boxer briefs should not only ride up but also be made from breathable quality materials, have a waistband that won’t dig into your skin and have a pouch that won’t make your manhood uncomfortable – like the Tommy John Second Skin boxer briefs.

In this review and guide, we not only take a look at some of the best boxer briefs currently available but also share a few tips on what you need to look out for when buying boxer briefs in order to get the best (and appropriate) fit.

Let’s get started:



By their very nature, boxer briefs are a blend of materials. When reviewing the fabrics, here’s what you can expect in terms of performance:

  • Cotton: Breathable and inexpensive, cotton usually makes up the majority of any boxer brief. In addition, this fabric prevents heat or moisture buildup making everything feel cool and odor-free.  
  • Modal: A variant of Rayon, modal is a synthetic fiber that is both soft and smooth.  It’s also highly absorbent of body moisture.  Despite the upsides, modal isn’t that durable, requiring regular replacement.
  • Spandex: This flexible fabric gives boxer briefs their close-to-the-body fit.  The inclusion of Spandex is what makes boxer briefs different from traditional boxers.  


Be sure to take a close look at the waistband when selecting a pair of boxer briefs.  Too narrow, and the boxer briefs will cut into your skin – making them quite uncomfortable when worn throughout the day.  On the other hand, too high of a waistband, and it will roll every time you bend over.

Ideally, you should be looking for a happy medium here regarding the size of the waistband.


Select a pair of boxers that complement your body type.  If taller, go with a longer pair of boxers.  For shorter men, a more modest-sized boxer will be more comfortable.  Too much fabric in any selection may cause bunching under your pants.


When buying a pair of boxer briefs, it’s essential to get a pair that has a 3D pouch for your member.  With the extra space, you won’t experience restriction, pulling, or overheating throughout the day.

Fun Fact: According to a preliminary study listed on the National Institutes of Health website, researchers confirmed that tighter briefs would result in lower sperm counts.


Take just a minute to think about the following features before buying:

  • Fly Type:  Some men like the open-access fly, and others like their fly sewn shut to prevent mishaps.  Boxer briefs come in either of these varieties.  If one is more important to you than the other, make sure to read the product description before making your purchase.
  • Flat Seams: This reverse stitching allows for greater comfort on the inside of the boxer brief.  
  • Moisture Wicking: If the boxer brief contains modal or other synthetic fibers, it should be able to draw moisture from the skin to prevent chaffing.

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