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Best Underwear for Men (2022): Comfy Boxers to Stylish Briefs

16 Best Underwear for Men (2022): Comfy Boxers to Stylish Briefs

There’s no reason to suffer anymore. Underwear has come a long way since the 80-grit cotton loincloth you wore as a kid. Today’s pairs are comfy, sturdy, and stylish.

“You should own at least 10 pairs,” Matthew Marden, a New York City-based men’s stylist, tells Men’s Journal. “And definitely have a few special pairs, either for slim-fitting pants or for specific activities and sports.”

For instance, cotton underwear works well most of the time, but opt for stretchy, moisture-wicking, or anti-microbial fabrics for the gym or warmer months.

Finding the right style and fit isn’t always easy, but prioritize fit, advises Marden. “Men often buy a bigger size because they think looser is more comfortable,” he says, “but that can lead to extra fabric that can bunch under your pants.” The ideal fit is snug but comfortable, often with a little stretch.

As for style, patterns can be fun, Marden says, but they’re not for everyone. “A simple palette is the most flattering to every body type,” he says. Darker colors like navy, black, or burgundy are more forgiving because they don’t discolor easily.

Finally, know when to fold ’em: Replace damaged undies “the minute they rip,” says Marden. “They will quickly get worse with washing and wear.

Best Classic Brief

1. Calvin Klein Cotton Hip Briefs

Are you a sucker for an iconic waistband? Us, too. Calvin Klein’s wide range of fabrics and fits makes this the go-to brand of men everywhere, many of whom opt for this cotton hip brief.

Unlike some other brands, this all-cotton brief doesn’t have that polyester sheen, and that familiar elastic at the waist is forgiving when you need a little extra room. The handy pack of four is just right to refresh your collection.

est Affordable Basic

2. Uniqlo Supima Cotton Boxer Briefs

Sometimes, simple is all you need. Uniqlo, the go-to brand for basics, doesn’t disappoint with this folded front-fly boxer brief that’s equal parts soft, comfortable, and extremely affordable.

In fact, the price makes these an easy choice for buying in bulk when you don’t have time to shop around. Stock up in solids or prints and you’ll be set for the season.

Best Everyday Underwear

3. Mack Weldon Airknitx Boxer Brief

Whether you’re the type who starts his day with lunges or lounging, the Mack Weldon Airknitx line has an unbelievably flexible fabric that stretches to suit every activity.

The knit microfiber lets air flow while also delivering moisture and odor-fighting properties so you’ll feel fresher longer. The no-roll waistband and form-hugging legs stay put when you’re sitting still or on the run.

Best Underwear for Athletic Builds

4. Rhone Everyday Essentials Boxer Brief

These ultra-lightweight briefs feel almost like wearing nothing at all. Made from a soft blend of modal and pima cotton, the stretchy fabric won’t box in muscular legs or developed glutes. Instead, these briefs offer a range of movement with a no-roll waistband and a specially designed front pocket that keeps friction at bay.

Best Underwear for Slim Builds

5. Tommy John Second Skin Relaxed Fit Boxer

High-stretch, clingy fabric is no friend to guys with skinny legs. These modern-fit boxers offer all of the comfort of old-school versions with contemporary comfort.

Micro-modal fabric is smooth and lays flat while the thick waistband feels substantial. The horizontal fly means you’ll never fuss when you’re in a rush.

Best Travel Brief

6. Jockey Staycool+ Brief

Endless miles spent on the road or running around an airport before sitting for hours on a plane can take a toll on your fresh factor. That’s why a breathable brief is an essential travel companion. The higher leg lets you move without constant adjusting and the special stay cool cotton keeps the sweat away for a pleasant arrival.

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