Best Burberry Scarf Dupe

When it comes to designer brands, Burberry has been a symbol of high quality and style for over a hundred years. This burberry silk scarf dupe brand is one of the most popular designer brands and can be found on celebrities at the Oscars or British royalty. You already know that Burberry scarves are very expensive and are not their only products which you can find replicas in online web stores.

This burberry scarf womenis a great example of what fashion designers do best — copy others’ ideas and implement them better. I wish more would take this approach. Too often we get caught up in designer brand scarves when there are more affordable alternatives that are sometimes even cooler.

The History Behind The Burberry Scarf

Burberry is a British luxury fashion house headquartered in London, England. Apart from its legendary check scarves, the brand is also famous for producing ready-to-wear items, fragrances, cosmetics and other fashion accessories.

Although the Burberry scarf is easily recognisable nowadays, its invention was a complete accident.

Yes, you read that correctly!

It all started in 1967 when the manager of Burberry’s Paris store was arranging a group of trench coats in the front window. As all of the trench coats were in khaki colours, she decided to add some colour by turning up the coat’s hem. Thus, revealing the signature black, red and camel plaid of the lining! This particular pattern is also called the “house check”! It was received by the customers quite well. Eventually, the store began making umbrellas that featured the check pattern. When Burberry saw how quickly they sold out, they decided to put its house check pattern on cashmere scarves. The rest, as we know, is fashion history.

So, what do you think of these Burberry scarf dupes? Will you splurge on the real thing or save your hard-earned money by opting for a lookalike of the famous Burberry scarf?

The Best Burberry Scarf Dupes

Classic Cashmere Burberry Scarf Dupe

Classic Cashmere Feel Burberry Scarf Dupes, here & here

Cashmere Feel Burberry Scarf Lookalike

Cashmere Oversized Burberry Scarf Dupe

Burberry Scarf Dupes, here & here

Wool-blend Burberry Scarf Look-Alikes, here

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