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Whilst some beauty treatments come along and never really stick around, dry brushing is something that should definitely be on your radar – especially if you’re looking to banish cellulite and reap the other health benefits on offer.

Dry brushing your skin is the most simple technique as they come, recommended for use before or after your bath and shower – ensuring the skin is completely dry when doing so.

Using quick scrubbing motions across problem areas of the body is not only proven to reduce cellulite, it supports lymphatic drainage, prevents ingrown hairs and many other benefits too, making it a beauty-no-brainer.

If you’ve got sensitive skin, dry brushing every now and again is recommended as part of a good skin routine, as it allows products to seep deeper into skin – after exfoliating away all of the dead skin.

Benefits of dry brushing

Dry brushing has been practiced for centuries by different cultures across the world, and there are a number of reputed benefits from this ancient technique.

Dry brushing exfoliates the skin by removing dead skin cells, dirt and oil. It increases cell turnover, resulting in smoother, more radiant skin.

In addition, the brushing motion itself and exfoliating effect stimulates your circulation, leaving some people feeling as if they have more energy.

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Best dry brushes to buy

1. Plava Silicone Exfoliating Brush

Plava Silicone Exfoliating Body Brush

This silicone body and scalp brush is perfect for use in and out of the shower, it’ eco-friendly too meaning you won’t have to keep replacing it.

Exfoliate skin on your body and improve circulation in the scalp, the double sided brush also has a textured side, ideal for face cleansing and a soothing massage.

Save the planet and indulge in some affordable TLC.

Buy now from Amazon (£6.99).

2. Loofah Exfoliating Set

Loofah Exfoliating Back Scrubber Set

Another super affordable option from Amazon, the back is a breeding ground for dead skin and acne to develop; simply because it’s hard to reach.

This exfoliating set comes complete with a scrubbing mitt, a good option for all over body scrubbing. There’s also a face exfoliating cloth and a back scrubber easily operated by holding at either end.

All items are double sided, featuring natural loofah on one side and sumptuous cotton on the other, suitable for cleansing away excess dirt and skin cells.

Buy now from Amazon (£12.99).Best facial essences if you love Korean beauty trends

3. Hydréa Detox Brush

Hydréa Detox Body Brush

An ergonomic and functional design from Hydréa.

The high-quality massage brush, features flexible rubber nodules and natural bristles across a circular wooden base.

Blood flow is stimulated with just a few strokes, while the skin is exfoliated, leaving behind a fresh and supple appearance. Massage in circular movements towards the heart for best results.

Buy now from Oliver Bonas £9.50 )

4. Legology Lymph-Lite Boom Brush

Legology Lymph-Lite Boom Brush for Body

The Lymph-Lite from Legology is specially made to be easy to hold, it fits perfectly in the palm of your hand so you can grip it firmly and stroke swiftly upwards on your legs.

Buff away dry skin and restore its original softness, as well as promote healthy circulation, giving legs a youthful tone and encouraging lymphatic drainage.

Buy now from (£11.20), Very (£16.00) and Lookfantastic (£16.00).

5. Joanna Vargas Ritual Brush

Joanna Vargas Ritual Brush

Joanna Varas’ Ritual Brush is suitable for all over body use and it formed using all natural and sustainable materials.

Using gentle upward strokes, you’re on your way to giving your skin a new burst of life, exfoliating dead skin and leaving behind a healthy and effortless glow.

Buy now from Revolve £27.00 )


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6. H&S Body Brush

H&S Body Brush

The H&S body brush has a long handle with ergonomic design, suitable for all over body use, especially on the harder to reach areas like the middle of your back.

It’s made from all natural bamboo, but is sturdy enough to give you full support and an effective scrubbing sessions.

Unclog pores and use before your moisturising routine to allow your favourite lotions to skin deep into your skin.

Buy now from Amazon (£6.99), eBay (£9.37).

7. mio Feel-Good Four Kit

mio Feel-Good Four Kit

This kit is the perfect support squad for smoother, fresher-looking skin. The new Feel-Good Four Kit includes the Mio essentials you need to feel great from top to toe, including their bestselling Natural Dry Body Brush.

This complete full-body routine exfoliates, hydrates and nourishes your skin with powerful plant-based actives and the unique Feel-Good Complex, helping you look and feel your very best all day, every day.

Buy now from Mio Skincare £40.00 )

8. The Organic Pharmacy Skin Brush

The Organic Pharmacy Skin Brush

Exfoliate and condition with this natural brush, which is a perfect tool for everyday dry brushing.

It sweeps away dead skin cells and improves the appearance of skin. The natural fibres gently soothe, while the long detachable handle makes for easier reach across the back.

Buy now from The Organic Pharmacy £7.95 )Best clip in hair extensions for 2020

9. Dr Barbara Sturm Body Brush

Dr Barbara Sturm Body Brush Soft

Dr Barbara Sturm products have a cult following of their own, the body brush is no exception. Stylish but still fully functional and ideal to add as part of your routine.

It’s a bit of a splurge, but a splurge worth it to get healthy, smooth and even looking skin.

10. ESPA Skin Stimulating Body Brush

ESPA Skin Stimulating Body Brush

Giving skin a daily brush helps to improve tone and boost cell renewal for smoother, softer, more radiant skin.

With natural bristles from Mexican cactus plants swiftly stimulating circulation, evening skin tone has never been so easy thanks to ESPA.

Customers have even given this body brush a five-star rating and have commented on how their skin has been left ‘soft and radiant’.

Buy now from ESPA £21.00 )

11. Aromatherapy Associates Polishing Body Brush

Aromatherapy Associates Polishing Body Brush

Detoxify the complexion and reveal brighter skin with the Aromatherapy Associates Polishing Body Brush, a daily skincare tool which is designed to reinvigorate the epidermis.

This multitasking brush can help to stimulate the renewal of skin cells, increase circulation and reduce harmful toxins. As a result, the complexion begins to take on an all-over healthy glow and a smoother tone. Made from soft, natural bristles, this brush also has a hand strap, so it is easier to grip when in use.

To get the best results from an Aromatherapy Associates Polishing Body Brush, use it prior to a bath or shower while the skin is still dry. With gentle strokes, brush upwards all over the body.

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