Best chinos for big thighs

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The Best Chinos For Guys With Muscular Legs

Next to jeans, chinos are the most common type of pants most guys own.

And for good reason too. They are incredibly versatile. You can easily dress them up or down. Pair them casually with some sneakers and a t-shirt or dress them up with a sports jacket and a pair of loafers (and anywhere in between).

The problem is most guys have no idea how to wear them well.

Instead, I see stuff like this:


A fit like this is not sending signals of confidence, machismo, self assuredness etc. It’s a sloppy look, plain and simple.

When it comes to the fit of your chinos you absolutely want them to be slim and fitted.

Like this:

Khakis vs Chinos

A question I get from a lot of readers: What’s the difference between khakis and chinos?

Both styles of pants are very similar but there are some distinct differences.

First, although both are made from cotton, khakis are generally more substantial/heavier and come in a rougher twill weave. Khakis may be either flat front or pleated. They will also tend to have visible seams. Khakis will always come in some range of that sandy brown color they are known for.

Chinos, on the other hand, tend to be cut slimmer and usually have hidden seams giving them a more polished, refined appearance. Chinos will also come in a wide variety of different colors including olive green, navy, grey, white, burgundy etc.

Which option should you choose?


My preference is chinos. I like the wide range of colors they come in and I find they tend to have a more flattering cut for my body.

What are the best chinos for guys with muscular legs?

For several years now I’ve been wearing and recommending J.Crew’s 770 stretch chinos for guys who have larger/muscular thighs. These have easily been the best fitting chinos for me. I own several pair which have required zero alteration (meaning I can wear them straight off the rack).

Here’s what a couple of them look like:

I’ve been very happy with these.

Recently, one of my favorite companies – Olympvs – came out with their own version of an athletic fit chino. These are in the same cut as their fantastic athletic fit denim jeans.

Of course, I had to give these bad boys a shot. Fortunately, they were kind enough to send me a couple pairs to review. Here’s what they look like on yours truly:

As you can see the fit on these is perfect for my more muscular legs. A nice, fitted aesthetic without going over the top.

Because the last thing you want are a pair of chinos that look like they are pasted on.

I’m wearing a pair of 32×32 (which fit true to size). I’m 6’0″ and 180-185lbs with a 31-32″ waist.

Olympvs offers them in three standard colors – navy, grey, and khaki. What you see me wearing are the grey and navy options.

These chinos are incredibly comfortable and easy to move around in thanks to their hyper-stretch fabric. In fact, you could easily run hill sprints or do a squat workout in these chinos they are that comfortable.

And don’t worry. You won’t blow out the crotch on these chinos anytime soon. They have been reinforced on the inside of the crotch to defend against this.

The other feature I love about these chinos is the wash/color itself. The navy you see there is almost like a dark denim in its look which is awesome. The grey is also the perfect shade. I actually found them to be a bit lighter than what you see in their photos online.

How to style Olympvs Athletic Fit Chinos

These chinos are the perfect blend of casual and formal. You can easily pair them with a nice button up shirt (perhaps an athletic fit button up shirt from Olympvs) and some dressier looking Chelsea boots or keep it super casual with a t-shirt and some sneakers.

In the examples above you can see I’ve even paired mine with a navy sports jacket (from Banana Republic) and a polo shirt (from Lacoste) to give them a more smart casual, sporty vibe.

One thing I should mention is that the rise (i.e. length of the fly/crotch) on these chinos is lower (about the same length as my J.Crew 770s). As a result, I wouldn’t recommend trying to tuck in a button up shirt with these chinos. It will likely not stay tucked in for too long. Instead, if you’re going to pair it with a button up shirt leave it untucked.

Like this:

Final Word

In you’re in the market for a pair of high quality, athletic fit chinos then I recommend grabbing a pair of Olympvs’ Athletic Fit Chinos.

I was thoroughly impressed with the fit, feel, and look of these chinos. Definitely a step up in quality over my J.Crew 770s. I anticipate these becoming a staple in my wardrobe for years to come.

Grab your pair today!

Until next time,

Here’s to looking sharp!

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