Best chinos for men over 40

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Chinos are probably the most comfy and versatile trousers a man can wear and they are a must have in your wardrobe. Men over 35-40 don’t look great in a pair of skinny jeans with holes in the knees (honestly, who does anyway?), so if you want to be fashionable and trendy, a great pair of chinos is the way to go.

You can buy chinos everywhere but it can be difficult to find the ones with perfect fit, so here is my list of my 5 favourite chinos. Personally I prefer the slim fit (not skinny!) style because it looks great all the time and it’s the most versatile. The regular/a bit baggy style is OK if you only wear chinos for a very casual look, but as those trousers are so great for a casual or classy look I go for the slim fit cut.

Here are my favourite chinos trousers for men over 40.


GAP is still one of my favourite shops for chinos. The fabric used is excellent, and they have a huge variety of style and colours. Lately Gap have added (like most of the brands) a bit of spandex in their chinos. They look really good but Spandex can make sizes a little bit bigger. My advice it to try different sizes and if one fits but feels a little bit tight, you shouldn’t worry because with the spandex the chinos will loosen a bit and look/feel better at the end of the day.


As a french man I grew up with a La Redoute catalogue at home. I remember my mum ordering our clothes from La Redoute twice a year (that was 35 years ago!). La Redoute is now available here in the UK, and I can access all the best of France at very affordable prices….but one thing to know is that delivery time can be a bit slow because most of their stuff is coming from France, so don’t expect next day delivery. So, what about the chinos! Well I recently ordered my first pair of chinos from La Redoute and I am really impressed. I think the value for money is outstanding and they look great. I bought them during their winter sales and only paid £16!

I purchased the Slim Fit in Navy, Grey and in dark Green too. But the Chinos have the same fabric as GAP with a bit of Spandex. I am a size 32, so the first ones I received were a size 33 (32-34). They feel OK but a bit on the plus size, so the next ones I ordered are 31 (30-32) and they fit perfectly! Great buy, and excellent fabric, probably my most comfy pair of chinos so far!


Over the years, Boden has become one of the nation’s favourite online stores. So naturally Boden is included in my list of the best chinos. The new collection for Spring is called: Lightweight Slim Chinos and they are made of blended cool cotton with a dash of stretch to give flexibility and comfort. They are available from £60 and as always you can expect the best quality and design from Boden. My favourite is the Cayenne Pepper Chinos! Great colour for Spring/Summer 2019.


If you are lucky enough to have an Arket store where you live (unfortunately we don’t have any here in Bristol), you can feel the Scandinavian vibe as soon as you enter. And that’s what is all about, a collection of minimalist/basic clothes that looks so stylish. So what about their chinos collection? They are available in medium weight organic cotton in slim fit style. As with every garment from Arket they feel so nice and premium!


It’s no secret that Amazon is betting big on the fashion industry, and they have created their own brands to compete with the biggest. Meraki is an Amazon exclusive brand and they offer a collection of high quality minimalist/basic outfits at very affordable prices.

That’s it for today, I hope I inspired you a little bit

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