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Our colored contacts are the best colored contact lens brand due to their high design quality, comfort and durability.We offer a wide range of aesthetic lenses for your needs. Our colored contact lenses can be worn as party or costume lenses, everyday wear, cosplay or simply for fun! Our lenses come in various colors that guarantee true color results.

Be sure to follow the directions included with your new contacts, as these will vary from brand to brand. Don’t wear contacts for longer than prescribed, because it can damage your eyes and vision.

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Ever hit the refresh button too many times just so you get first dibs on the Glossy Ivory or Glossy Green? For all of us who’ve long been members of the highly coveted Glossy lenses waitlist, Eyecandy’s is here to give us a special treat with a fresh collection of natural colored eye contacts that will surely tickle our interest– the Eyecandy’s Desire lenses!

The Eyecandy’s Mist Grey are the most natural large grey colored eye contacts to grace the shelves yet. A perfect handy eye accessory to coordinate with your look, these colored eye contacts are equipped with a high moisture content of 42% to ensure not just a flattering look, but also a comfy, no-hassle wear all day.

  • Sharp and striking grey hues are what makes the ultimate mysterious look. For the Mist Grey colored contact lenses, pouring in the perfect shade of grey is just the first step. Translucent streaks help create the realistic silhouette as they allow your natural eye colors to play into the cloudy grey shades.
  • Available in non prescription only
  • Sold as a pair of 2 lenses
  • Made from Polymacon/2-HEMA with a water content of 42%
  • These natural-looking colored eye contacts have a large diameter to help enhance the eyes.

Sweeten up your look with these divine realistic-looking designs to amp up your confidence and style. If the Glossy series has kept you wanting for more, the Eyecandy’s Desire colored eye contacts are here to quench that craving and maybe (or definitely!) make you crave for more!

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