Best Ear Warmers For Running

Are you looking for the best men’s ear warmers for running? Our list has been put together after hours of testing and researching. And, our top pick is the warm winter ear warmer headband by warm hands though during our testing, we found these to be some of the most durable and convenient ear warmers available today.

This best ear muffs for winter for running can be a lifesaver on chilly mornings or if you’ve just spent the night camping in the cold air. They’re great at providing comfort while also keeping your ears warm, meaning you can focus on enjoying your run rather than how uncomfortable you feel!

List of the Best Ear Muffs for Winter

The best ear muff for winter should keep your ears warm and not only from the cold. There are several types of ear muffs for winter, so you can choose one depending on your needs. Some of them have a soft or warm material on the inside and others are made from fur. You can try each of them and see which one is best suited for you.

180s Fleece Behind-the-Head Earmuffs


Nearly half of all five-star reviewers call these earmuffs “warm,” including one who claims they work in even “severe winter weather.” They continue, “It is a balmy -25 today and dropping thanks to the wind plus it’s snowing like mad along my part of Lake Erie, yet my ears were nice and warm.” Many appreciate that these don’t mess up hairdos, like one customer who rejoices, “This is a great product and keeps your ears very warm along with not messing up your super sexy hair.” Another reviewer purchased these for her husband “who has a big head,” lamenting “nothing ever fits him,” until these. “I dutifully looked through the answered questions to see if anyone else had the same problem and they did. The vendor responded that ‘Unless you have a head the size of a piñata, these will fit.’ I actually laughed out loud and added them to my card right then. Guess what — they did fit and his head is only slightly smaller than a piñata.” And as this reviewer concludes, “I couldn’t believe the relief from that biting, ear-stinging cold. They’re a godsend and, I’m told, very fashionable.”

Talonite Winter Earmuffs


Like the ones above, these affordable Talonite earmuffs are foldable, which means they stow away easily in a coat pocket. But reviewers say they still offer just enough warmth. One writes, “These will absolutely keep your ears warm. [Your ears will] heat up so quickly [that] you’ll think you have heaters on your ears.” A second reviewer, who travels a lot for their work in hospitals, says they like that these “fold up nicely but still keep their form.” They also appreciate the “perfect” behind-the-head design that doesn’t interfere with their hairdo. A third reviewer writes that this design makes sure the earmuffs “cover both ears well, without digging in, and don’t interfere with any hat that I put on.” This combination of features has made them indispensable for other reviewers. One writes, “These are a lifesaver for my ears. The comfort is top-notch … Gonna buy some more for Christmas gifts.”

Metog Unisex Foldable Earmuffs


Reviewers rave over the folding feature on these earmuffs. “They expand and contract so it’s always a perfect fit, they never fall off and they’re not too tight around my head either. My ears are entirely covered and they’re easy to fold to fit in my purse,” writes this reviewer. Many other reviewers also appreciate that you can fold them up and easily store in a purse, though some mention they’re “a little bulky when folded in your pocket,” as this reviewer puts it. Many also report on how plush the lining is, like one who notes, “The fuzzy inside lining feels really nice and soft. In my opinion, the fuzzy lining keeps my ears warmer than the old ear muffs I had, which were the more expensive 180s.” And this reviewer works one hour a day in a “freezer environment (negative 10 degrees Fahrenheit), concluding, “This product helps me tremendously.”

Brook + Bay Women’s Faux Fur Earmuffs


“I really love these; they’re super soft and cute. They totally cover your ears. No problem there!” one satisfied purchaser raves of these faux-fur earmuffs. They go on to add that, unlike other headbands, they’re “loose fitting enough” to not cause headaches. Another reviewer, who bought them to wear during an outdoor Civil War reenactment, writes that they “worked perfectly,” and kept their ears “nice and toasty,” adding that their husband was a fan as well: “I think my husband just wanted to be near me so that he could pet my furry ears.” A third, who wears them every morning to walk their dog, even goes so far as to deem them “one of the best purchases of my life.” An added bonus: They can fit on the back of your head, so they can keep your neck warm, too.

Ear Mitts Bandless Earmuffs For Men & Women


“These are the best for people who don’t like anything on there head,” raves one reviewer of these bandless earmuffs. Another happy shopper “can’t sing their praises enough,” writing, “They save me! They allow me to go on all my walks with no pain in my ears at all. They hug my head so no air slips through and makes my ears cold. Let me tell you, I buy thousands of dollars of items on Amazon and review about two percent of them due to my hectic schedule. I wore them out tonight on my walk and had to come in and make sure I wrote this review so that others like me with inner ear pain from the cold would not hesitate to get these and know you will love them.” Another admits that “these were a little weird at first” and “took a little getting used to,” but overall, “They’re small and simple and they work well for keeping ears warm.” Plus, as this reviewer adds, they’re so “lightweight you don’t even know you have them on.”

Atneato Unisex Ear Warmer Headband


Nearly 600 reviewers gave this warm, machine washable headband five stars, with most using it for running, cycling, and other outdoor sports. One jogger describes it as “very comfortable and warm,” and found that it prevents their headphones from slipping off. “I also use it to hold back my hair when I wash off my makeup or put on a facial mask,” they add. “It’s super nice to combine two functions into one item so I can pack ‘light’ when traveling.” Another reviewer, who purchased one for their daughter who plays travel soccer, reports that they “stayed on great and kept her ears warm in a 35-degree game.” It’s also warm enough to help a runner withstand Wisconsin winter, and the bright color options add extra visibility while running. Per another purchaser: “I use them when I run. I like the red for increased visibility — I want the cars to have to work to hit me.”

Surblue Cute Animal Earmuffs


Adult reviewers who are looking for fluffy animal earmuffs say they love this pair from Surblue since it can expand enough to accommodate both adult- and child-size heads. This was perfect for one reviewer, an adult looking for something genuinely cute. They say the Surblue earmuffs are very “soft and warm” and block out wind (and noise) very effectively. Plus, they get “tons of compliments” about the adorable design. Novelty earmuffs can be a bit unwieldy, but a second reviewer says that’s not an issue here since the earmuffs “fit very well” and “fold into themselves” for compact storage. More important, they write, the earmuffs won the approval of their mother. She “liked them so much the next day she ordered one” for herself. One final reviewer, a New Mexico–based farmer and rancher, needed something functional but not bland. “Even though I’m 73, who says I can’t have fun? I put [these] on in the morning when I go out to feed the mule and donkeys, and my ears stay just as toasty as they can be!” They conclude, “I love everything about this cute set of ears.”

Surblue Unisex Knit Cashmere Earmuffs with Fur


The main appeal of these behind-the-head earmuffs for many reviewers is that they’re adjustable. “First earmuffs I’ve owned that actually fit. Broke the last two pair I had trying to adjust them to fit and never did. That they are so soft and warm is icing on the cake,” raves one reviewer. Another agrees, saying that, “It also has a great grip, no matter what I do it doesn’t fall off, keeping my ears very warm. I can also wear over my headphones so that’s a plus.” People also love how soft they are because of the faux fur lining, like one who writes, “The fur lining snugs up around your ears and feels as cozy as a supersoft blanket. The cable knit outer shell adds elegance.” Because of the plush lining, one customer even calls them “a treat for my ears,” concluding, “These stay on my ears, I can wear them for extended periods of time and they stay put. Unlike a cap or ear band, both slide off or over and tangle my hair and give me ‘sleep hair.’ They keep my ears warm and keeps the cold air off of them.”

Tough Headwear Fleece Ear Warmers Headband


Many satisfied reviewers specifically wanted a fleece headband instead of typical ear muffs. As one explains, “the fleece is super soft which makes them comfortable to wear,” while another just likes that fact that there’s not much to it. “It’s a soft, single piece of fleece sewn together in the back, slightly stretchy for a comfortable fit without having to deal with Velcro, and it doesn’t leave lines on my face or in my makeup,” they write. Dozens actually call these earmuffs “perfect,” including one who writes, “The design is perfect covering my ears, and the headband is very flexible, fitting all sizes, and they take very little room in a pocket.” Another reckons they’re great for formal events: “In the past headbands like these used to be too tight and thick, but this one is perfect, not too thick, it feels really soft and awesome for what I wanted to do with this headband. I wear this in freezing cold weather under a fedora for walking outside etc. on nights where I have dressed up for a party or corporate event but want to stay warm if spending time outdoors. This product helps me to do just that.”

Trailheads Ponytail Headband


Lots of reviewers with long hair purchased this headband because of the ponytail holder. “The ponytail hole is a fabulous idea! My hair is slippery with hair bands and having this feature is the main reason I purchased this headband. My hairband stayed in place and my hair was kept out of my face,” raves one reviewer who wore this during a “savage race” in Dallas. Another appreciates that it’s “warm and soft, with just the right amount of stretch so it stays on but you don’t feel your skull is in a vise.” A third reviewer loves “this about as much as anyone can love something as mundane as a headband,” but thoroughly appreciates the added 3M detail, noting, “I also love being able to be seen. Long Island drivers are too busy with their cell phones and lattes to bother noticing pedestrians. It’s a game where they actively try to kill us. This gives me a fighting chance on the road.”

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