best face masks for glasses wearers

If you wear glasses, then you know how hard it is to protect your face while wearing a mask. You can’t comfortably wear a full face mask because the seal of the mask presses against your glasses, which slides and interrupts your vision. And the nasal pillow masks don’t work either—that stretchy material pinches tight around your nose and blocks airflow, leading to delirium or loss of consciousness in a matter of minutes. The Sano Masque Mask is designed with your eyewear in mind and allows you to get all the benefits of face masks without sacrificing your comfort or safety.

Best face masks for glasses wearers. The nose bridge of the mask is made from plastic which is easy to clean, and the soft nose piece on this mask will allow for comfort and reduce pressure on the nose caused by wear

List of the best face masks for glasses wearers

List of the best face masks for glasses wearers – Your guide to choosing a face mask that’s right for you. Face masks are a great way to protect your skin from debris and germs, but if your glasses are too close to your nose or eyes, they can get foggy or fogged up with condensation. There are still plenty of face masks on the market that will fit comfortably over your glasses.

1. enro Solid Face Mask

Ah, a roomy and comfortable face mask with a washable filter. This sleek mask has enough width from chin to nose for an almost tailored fit. Your glasses will sit nicely on the mask, and because of the higher cut, you can avoid foggy lenses. You can select your size based on the size chart recommendations and choose between 13 colors. The earloops are adjustable and soft for all day wear.

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2. graf Lantz Zenbu Organic Cotton Face Mask

The shape of this filtered mask is ideal for glasses wearers, plus it has over 6,300 five-star ratings. The extra nose bridge fabric sits higher on the face and is creased so it doesn’t shift around during wear. The pleats on the sides are great for breathability as they create more room between your face and the fabric. The top has an adjustable wire to fit to your nose for extra support.

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3. kimberly-clark Professional N95 Pouch Respirator

Executive Editor Dara Katz referred to this duck-like face mask as the “nerds of the tech gear world” in her review of the N95 mask. “Glasses fog is the enemy here, and this N95 is not only comfortable, but it also fits snugly around the top of your face so there’s no billowing for air, and therefore no fog to seep through.” It also has over 5,000 five-star ratings on Amazon.



4. lululemon Ultralu Double Strap Face Mask

Since glasses tend to lock all that air inside your mask, a sweat-wicking material is game-changing for comfortable wear. The fabric is positioned higher on the cheeks thanks to the shallow cut and the earloops are adjustable. This mask is meant for vigorous movement and is a great choice for workouts.

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5. base Camp Reusable Cloth Face Masks

This two-pack of masks relies on three layers of 100 percent cotton, making them skin friendly and breathable. They’re tailored to cradle your face without touching your lips, and they have a pocket in the layers for an optional filter for extra protection. The extra fabric at the top of the mask will allow your glasses to sit comfortably without gapping.

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