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Best gourmand perfumes fragrantica

Gourmand perfumes are sweet. Searching for the best gourmand perfume? Gourmand perfume provides an imaginative fragrance that was created to produce a strong effect that is used mostly by women. The perfume offers the slightest hint of flower flavor, fruit flavor and includes scents that have a taste like decadent chocolate & Bakewell tart. Gourmand perfumes are sexual, which makes the gourmand perfumes fragrances have a unique scent.

Gourmand perfumes have been around for a long time. The term originates from French, and literally translates to “eat me.” They usually include ingredients such as vanilla, chocolate or caramel. And now we are going to list the most delicious gourmand perfumes – here are 10 best gourmand perfumes for her & him you can start wearing!

2018 was one of the best years for perfume some great perfume releases and more importantly for those who love gourmand scents some great fragrances to try and 2019 is no different the year is shaping up to be another great one when it comes to purchasing fragrance.

Best gourmand perfumes 2020

Gourmand fragrances tend to smell almost edible, usually featuring notes such as vanilla, caramel, almonds and so on. When the note break down looks more like a recipe for some sort of food, you have yourself a classic gourmand. Who doesn’t want to smell delicious? If you’re a foodie like us, you will not be able to resist any of these fragrances we are about to mention. We have covered all the bases from designer to niche for the best of the best olfacory desserts you must get your hungry noses on.

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Angels’ Share, S$345(50ml), Kilian Paris from Tangs

1/12Credit: Tangs

This fragrance pays tribute to Kilian Hennessy’s heritage as the heir to the renowned French cognac family. It contains the essence of cognac and the scent opens with a blend of oak absolute, cinnamon essence, and Tonka bean absolute. After mingling with your body’s chemistry comes the fragrance’s long-lasting base notes of sandalwood, praline, and vanilla.SHOPLost Cherry Eau de Parfum, S$478 (50ml), Tom Ford Beauty from Sephora

2/12Credit: Sephora

The Lost Cherry EDP treads the line between sweet and sexy with its blend of cherry liquer, black cherry, and a touch of bitter almond. Its heart notes linger with sweet and tart notes of cherries before mellowing down to a blend of Turkish rose, jasmine sambac, roasted Tonka, and sandalwood.SHOPBaccarat Rounge 540 Eau de Parfum, S$400 (70ml), Maison Francis Kurkdjian from Tangs

3/12Credit: Tangs

This niche offering is for the chic sophisticates with a sweet tooth. Though no typically gourmand notes are listed, Baccarat Rouge is an intensely sweet woody fragrance that reeks of quality. Amberwood is the main player, giving a molten, “melted sugar” nuance, almost like burnt sugar. Cedar and fir resin creates a woody base that’s ultra sexy and refined. It’s one of the most refined gourmands around, for those who want to smell both delectable and expensive.SHOPBonbon Eau de Parfum, S$127 (50ml), Viktor & Rolf from Selfridges

4/12Credit: Selfridges

As the name suggests, Bonbon smells like… well, a bonbon. A caramelised peach bonbon to be exact. It smells of melted caramel mixed in a pot with ripe peaches and sweet margarin oranges. A sandalwood and amber base adds extra sweetness and a creamy nuance to the candied fragrance. Perfect for casual days of frivolous, girly fun!SHOPBlu Mediterraneo Mandorlo di Sicilia Eau De Toilette Spray, S$129 (75ml), Acqua di Parma from Zalora

5/12Credit: Acqua di Parma

Mandorlo di Sicilia is all about bitter almonds, in the best way possible. Inspired by Sicily, it opens with sweet freshness of bergamot, tropical frangipani and green almond. Coffee grains, white peach and star anise join the party before velvety bourbon vanilla and milky warm sandalwood closes the show. It’s similar to the spiced, almond extract used in baking. Realistic and intensely sweet, this is for those who want an unconventional sweetness.SHOPLira Eau de Parfum, S$442, Xerjoff from Harrods

6/12Credit: Harrods

The luxe niche brand of Xerjoff is known for their incredible, display worthy bottles and potent, well-blended concoctions. None is more delicious that Lira. Like an orange chocolate from the most expensive chocolatier, Lira opens with blood orange and bergamot before turning into a molten caramel and vanilla goodness. Lightly spiced with cinnamon and balanced with some musk, you will never experience a scent more deliciously decadent than this one.SHOPTom Ford Noir Pour Femme, S$355 (50ml), Tom Ford from Tangs

7/12Credit: Tangs

A sexy bottle for a sexy gourmand fragrance made for a risqué night out. Tom Ford’s Noir line uses the rich and full-bodied note of Kulfi, a popular Indian dessert made of milk, sugar and pistachios. It’s creamy and dense with a slight nutty savoury touch from the pistachios. A sexy base of amber and sandalwood plus white florals balance the sweetness for a dark and mysterious gourmand scent.SHOPSpiritueuse Double Vanille, S$379 , Guerlain from Saks Fifth Avenue

8/12Credit: Saks Fifth Avenue

This is a masterpiece for every gourmand lover out there, regardless of gender. Top notes of pink pepper, bergamot and incense are seamlessly blended with bulgarian rose, jasmine and a strong foundation of benzoin and vanilla. It’s lush and decadent in every sense of the word. A truly refined and boozy vanilla scent that is buttery smooth, strong but not overpowering. This one smells like a million bucks.SHOPAngel Muse Eau de Parfum Spray, S$118 (50ml), Thierry Mugler (Mugler) from Zalora

9/12Credit: Zalora

Probably the strongest perfume in the list, beware of overspraying this beautiful beast. Mugler did an update on their iconic Angel scent by adding a healthy heaping of hazelnut cream. Mugler mixes the creamy sweetness of hazelnut cream with the woody and masculine note of vetiver for a rich and intoxicating scent. Fans of Nutella spread will have their mouths watering when they spritz this one. It’s a head-turner that will have you smelling deliciously distinct in the crowd.Candy Eau de Parfum, S$200 (80ml), Prada

10/12Credit: Prada

Of course, we can’t have a gourmand list without the yummy Prada Candy making a flirty appearance. It is the sophisticated cotton candy with notes of caramel mixed with a sensual vanillic accord of benzoin, making it a lot more grown up. It’s powdery but unmistakably sweet, light and airy like cotton candy indeed.SHOPLa Vie Est Belle, S$150 (50ml), Lancome

11/12Credit: Lancome

Though it comes in a pretty pink juice, do not take this belle lightly. She is a loud one! Creamy caramel dripped over juicy blackcurrant and pear. A powdery iris helps balance the sweetness, preventing a possible toothache. Lovers of sweet scents cannot resist La Vie Est Belle’s girly femininity. The scent also lasts ages.SHOPBlack Opium, S$155.20 (50ml), Yves Saint Laurent from iShopChangi

12/12Credit: iShopChangi

Imagine a delicious cup of vanilla mocha, that’s what this juice is all about. Black Opium opens with a fruity pink pepper before a strong coffee note takes center-stage with vanilla in the background, creating a harmoniously sweet symphony. A must-have for coffee addicts with a sweet tooth.SHOP




Why Are We Still Describing Perfumes As Oriental?

The beauty world has an opportunity to evolve its approach to language and culture.


The fragrance world is beginning to watch its words. For years, the industry has categorised scents into tidy olfactory groupings, which are commonly used by brands, retailers, and journalists. “You have groups like floral, fresh, woody,” and then with some trepidation, “Oriental,” fragrance writer Jane Daly tells

If you’re wondering “What is an Oriental fragrance?” that’s just one of the term’s several issues. Not only is the word offensive, it simply doesn’t mean anything in 2021.

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Orient comes from a word meaning ‘East,’” says Tania Sanchez, coauthor of Perfumes: The A-Z Guide. “The question is, East of where? In this case, France, where the perfume genre was born. This vague, ever exoticised, mysterious Orient includes the Persian Iran of the carpets, the Taj Mahal of Shalimar, and what is sometimes called the Far East,” she says. “It’s far from France, at least. China and Iran have little in common except their East-ness from Europe.”

“Today,” Sanchez says, “perfume is a global product, made everywhere, sold everywhere. Why not use a global term?”

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This leaves the beauty community in an awkward position, as it searches for a clear replacement (and quick). Considering that the word Oriental is used as a catchall to describe fragrances with notes of sandalwood, patchouli, amber, incense, and the like, it’s not so easy to find a logical substitute. However, “spicy” and “resinous” are two starting points, Daly says.

“There seems no good reason to stick with a confusing, Eurocentric term, when we could use clear, descriptive language instead,” Sanchez says.

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Another strong argument for abandoning the descriptor for fragrances is the problematic visual aesthetic companies have built around it.

“European cultures have historically fetishised and sexualised Asian people and cultures, and perfume marketing has unfortunately often played into this harmful fantasy,” she says.

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Conversation on this topic is starting to spring up among perfume enthusiasts online, and in business as well. One organisation taking a stand is The Fragrance Foundation, the leader in education in the field.

Linda Levy, the group’s president, describes the term as “outdated and offensive,” adding that “other terminology should definitely be applied instead.”

Every brand, fragrance house, and retailer has the freedom to determine its own language. So the term Oriental is not formal or official, she says. With that, we smell change in the air.

This article originally appeared on Harper’s BAZAAR US.


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