Best Handheld Microphone for Interviews

This best handheld mic for interviews in solaroidenergy with a variety of options to choose from. At the top of our list, a dynamic microphone is considered by many to be the best option. It’s a little more expensive than a condenser mic, but it does not require phantom power and does not pick up background noises as easily. For example, if you’re recording audio indoors or outdoors and want to capture as much nuance and detail as possible, then this could be the right choice for you.

If you are looking for a handheld microphone with adjustable features, great sound, and superior recording capabilities, the Shure PG48-BK is a solid choice! The PG series mics have been popular for many years because of their durable design and excellent performance.

List of the best wireless microphone for interviews

We review the best wireless microphone for interviews in a list that covers all of the, we interview some of our biggest fans who share their experiences with microphone. Also, we monitor what our customers have to say about these wireless microphones for their interviews so that we can write this helpful wireless microphone reviews.

1. Shure BLX2/PG58

Feel like a star with the Shure BLX2/PG58 wireless microphone. This microphone delivers crystal clear audio wirelessly, no matter where you perform. Professionals can rely on this microphone; Shure has specifically designed it for live performance and studio recording.

It features a tailored sound response and a built-in spherical filter, so whether you’re rocking out or giving speeches, this microphone will work for you. The filter will also keep background noise at bay, making it a great choice if you’re performing outside on a cold and windy day.

Its rugged, heavy-duty construction makes it perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Don’t worry about accidentally dropping this microphone – it’ll still work like magic, thanks to its shock-mount system. And despite the rugged design, it still looks sleek and stylish and will fit comfortably in your hand.

2. Sennheiser Pro Audio

The Sennheiser Pro Audio is a portable microphone you can take just about anywhere thanks to its all-in-one wireless system. This microphone is best for journalists; the high flexibility makes it perfect for interviews, mobile journalism, and documentary use.

This Sennheiser model prides itself on a fast setup time, so if you’re out in the field and need to get a snap interview done, this microphone will see you through without a hitch.

This dynamic microphone offers a range of up to 330 feet (or 100 meters) and ensures powerful wireless transmission. In addition, it features a lengthy operation time of eight hours to meet all your interviewing needs. So if you have a long day of interviews ahead of you, it won’t let you down.

The construction and sound quality of this microphone are excellent. Sennheiser really has made a model to rely on.

3. Audio-Technica System 10 ATW-1102

Another awesome option is this system set-up from Audio-Technica. It is sold as a full system at a reasonable price, which offers high digital fidelity to provide a user friendly 24 bit/48KHz operating set-up.

It functions within a completely separate range than TV and DTV interfaces so it can maintain a signal that is free of any interference

It has an instantaneous channel selection feature, all receivers and transmitters display an easy to read unique identity. They utilize Time Diversity and Space Diversity to maximize signal integrity and can configure multiple pathways simultaneously.

4. Shure PGXD24/SM58-X8

We began todays reviews with an exemplary wireless microphone model from Shure – their legendary SM58, this is a full system version as opposed to the just the microphone itself.

The handheld system features one of their most current cutting edge 24 bit/48KHz receivers with a clean RF signal, it capably receives transmissions within an 80-meter field range and provides 5 channels per frequency band to choose from.

The wireless S58 microphone is perfectly tailored for vocals and known for its bright mid-range frequency response and bass roll-off. It functions in a unidirectional manner with its cardioid magnetic field.

It is expertly crafted, very durable and incorporates a built-in ‘pop’ filter as previously divulged in our first review.

5. Shure BLX288/PG5

Now for a sneak peak at the next step up in Shures extensive wireless range. It is a dual-channel handheld wireless BLX288 system with an integrated PG58 Mic cartridge. It sells with not one, but two wireless SM58 premium quality vocal microphones. They are newer models which have been updated to a more industrial design with rugged metallic finished grilles.

They come with an XLR and quarter-inch jack outputs, making them more versatile. It is precision engineered and is solidly built to deliver professional quality, world-renowned sound.

They have an excellent operating range of 91 meters and broadcast on a 24 MHz bandwidth. It benefits from one-touch QuickScan frequency selection, which locates and allocates optimally available channels to prevent interference. It features two color audio status indicators which serve as a good visual during live performances and the batteries last for around 14 hours.

6. Sony ECMAW4

If a traditional handheld wireless system just isn’t what you’re looking for you may be swayed by this Sony clip-on communication set.

It is an affordably priced discreet clip-on mic and receiver it is ideal for field use with a camera. It can provide interference-free high quality, interactive two-way communication. I can be used up to 150 feet away from the camcorder.

It provides a pristine line for clear vocals direct and noise canceling. It comes with a range of attachment options including an armband and over ear hangers for the earphone parts, all cables and a hand carry a purse for storage.

It operates on a modern Bluetooth bandwidth and has several channels to choose between.

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