best industrial sewing machine in nigeria

The best industrial sewing machine in nigeria is so far the JUKI F-16 with a speed of up to 1,200 stitches per minute. The JUKI brand is not new to the market as it has been around since the first world war when they were manufacturing aircraft parts.

we have a great selection of industrial sewing machines from leading manufacturers. We supply, sell and rent industrial sewing machines for all applications such as general maintenance and repair, textile manufacturing, upholstery and making clothing.

List of the best industrial sewing machine in nigeria

In our list of the best industrial sewing machine in Nigeria, we have taken into account customer experience and performance. These are some of the finest machines on the market today, and they will be suitable for large-scale production of durable goods.

1. Brother FS155 Computerized Sewing Machine | N149,999

Fantastic value for money. This entry level Electronic Sewing Machine is jam-packed with 100 built-in stitches, and 55 character stitches. It also features a built-in needle threader, quick-set bobbin, and stop-start button. Fantastic features in a lightweight compact body.

100 Stitches and 55 Lettering
Automatic needle threader
LED sewing light

If you are looking for a sewing machine that is easy to use, lightweight and compact but packed with stitches and features, look no further than the FS155 electronic sewing machine. Needle threading is quick and easy with the built-in needle threader and in combination with the top loading bobbin, you will be sewing in no time.


  • Monochrome LCD Display
  • 100 Built in stitches
  • 55 Character stitches
  • 1 step automatic button hole
  • 8  Button hole
  • Needle threader
  • FAST Bobbin winding system
  • Stitch Length Electric

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2. Mini Sewing Machine | N6,490

This is an appliance for small sewing projects. It is equipped with the double threads, double speed, and with a light design.

Key Features:

  • Mini sewing machine offers double threads and perfect stitch control.
  • Better sight and more convenient in thread cutting.
  • Mini size, lightweight and with an exquisite workmanship .
  • This sewing machine is a basic sewing machine, with its easy-to-use feature, suitable for all sewing machine users.
  • Equipped with lighting lamp and thread cutter, easy to cut off threads.
  • Large spool can be used with rewinding device for easy replacement of bottom bobbin

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3. Industrial Straight Sewing Machine | N130,000

Emel EM 8500 Industrial Sewing Machine is a high precision, high definition and high speed lockstitch sewing machine.

Emel is a trusted brand sewing machine for beginners and professional alike. It is just ideal for you, with its ingenious design and quality components, EM8500 guarantees that you have a unique hassle-free sewing experience.

Sew all kinds of clothing with ease on the Emel sewing machine. This machine is used in all fabric sewing jobs be they silk, denim or even leather; makes sewing simple and more enjoyable when creating new and exquisite projects. It is very easy to operate for sewing cloth and lots more. With this Machine, your finishing is exceptional.×250&!4&btvi=1&fsb=1&xpc=n6CmMzzzx7&p=https%3A//

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4. Butterfly Sewing Machine | N75,300

Butterfly automatic and manual sowing machine is one of its kind in every perspective.  When it comes to sowing, it gives you the best service ever.  When it comes to perfect finishing, butterfly brand is the best.

It is very easy to use and maintain, and it’s one of the most sold sowing machines in the Nigerian market,  both online and offline.  Its quality standard makes it stand the test of time.

It is indeed, a must have for every fashion designer who wishes to make lovely and neatly admirable dresses.

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