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To be onsite and efficient while on the job site, it is much easier and economical to bring your own lunch. You know who made it, you can adhere to a diet if you must, and there is no chance of spending more than you have budgeted for your midday meal. Plus, it has the added bonus of being available when you are.

What you use to carry your food is important. You don’t want your sandwiches soggy, or your soup to spill. You want the cold items to still be cold hours after you made them. We have put together 10 wonderful cooler reviews for your next lunchtime on the job.


Best OverallKlein Tools 55600 Work Cooler17-quart capacityCan seat up to 300 poundsWide lid openingCHECK PRICE
Best ValueCarhartt Deluxe Insulated Lunch Cooler Bag100% SyntheticDual compartmentTop handle and shoulder strapCHECK PRICE
Premium ChoiceMilwaukee Sided Jobsite Cooler5 pocketsLarge interiorCold up to 24 hoursCHECK PRICE
Igloo Quart Playmate Cooler8-quart interiorClassic shapeDiamond-plate designCHECK PRICE
ENGEL Cooler/Dry BoxEVA gasketWaterproofDustproofCHECK PRICE



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For your dining pleasure on the job site, the Klein Tools 55600 Work Cooler is a hard box to beat. This 17-quart behemoth can keep your food cool for up to 30 hours and can double as a seat, supporting up to 300 pounds. The lid can open up to 180°, functioning as a shelf for your phone, utensils, or whatever you want.

The hinges are stainless steel and will never rust, and the shoulder strap can hold the lid in place and convert easily to a carrying handle. It even has a lock hasp that can fit a Master Lock or equivalent, for added security. And the recessed lid can support a 1-liter bottle standing straight up.

The only complaint is with the strap holder. The box itself is hardened plastic, the interior insulator is foam, but the strap holder is metal, and under strain it can snap, damaging the entire unit. Once broken, it cannot be replaced. And when it does break, the subsequent fall causes significant damage to the housing.Pros

  • 17-quart capacity
  • Can seat up to  300 pounds
  • Wide lid opening
  • No-rust hinges
  • Lock hasp
  • Cools up to 30 hours


  • Weak strap holder


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Completely synthetic, the Carhartt Deluxe Dual Compartment Insulated Lunch Cooler Bag can handle your lunch, and then some. Its primary compartment can hold a six-pack and keep it cool and is more than large enough for your lunch. And the second compartment is fantastic for additional storage.

It is made of heavy-duty fabric, treated with a Rain Defender coating for a water repellent exterior. It even has a front zipper pocket for small items such as utensils. With top handle, shoulder strap, and weighing in at just under one-half pound, this carries the Carhartt legacy with pride.

It does have the weakness of a small internal capacity. It can’t hold as much as some people might prefer. It is soft-sided, so it can be susceptible to crush issues. Beyond that, it is a decent soft cooler and our pick for best lunch coolers & boxes for construction workers for the money.Pros

  • 100% Synthetic
  • Dual compartment
  • Top handle and shoulder strap
  • Lightweight
  • Triple-needle stitching


  • Too soft


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From Milwaukee Electric Tool, the Milwaukee 48-22-8250 Sided Jobsite Cooler is not only branded with their logo, but also with their quality. This tough nylon cooler is durable enough to handle tough job site conditions while keeping your items ice-cold for up to 24 hours.

Its five pockets give you plenty of storage and versatility, and its construction helps it to prevent leaking into and out of its housing. Not just a lunch bag, you can carry a few tools on the sides, which makes taking your lunch to other parts of the job site that much easier.

The seams on this model seemed a bit weak, and the walls could use thicker insulation. Most users have seen it begin to deteriorate after just a month’s use. The design itself is nice, with plenty of room inside and the pockets are useful. It just isn’t as heavy-duty as advertised.Pros

  • 5 pockets
  • Large interior
  • Cold up to 24 hours
  • Tough nylon


  • Weak seams
  • Thin insulation


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An old staple in the cooler game, the Igloo Playmate Cooler is a testament to Igloo’s long dynasty of cooler ingenuity and simplicity. It still has the patented tent shape, still has the same release button to open the lid, and is still the number one selling cooler in its class.

This new model has a diamond plate exterior and is constructed of impact-resistant plastic. It has a new rugged look that says it is ready to hit the job site.

Its 14.8-quart interior is more than enough space to hold anything you want for your lunch.

As is common, the locking mechanism eventually fails. It is a simple button on a spring and can be tough to hunt a replacement down. And these days, it seems Igloo’s customer service is leaving a lot to be desired.Pros

  • 8-quart interior
  • Classic shape
  • Diamond-plate design


  • Locking mechanism faulty
  • Poor customer service


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The ENGEL Cooler/Dry Box can keep your food and drinks nice and cold, and then convert into a very functional dry box. And by dry, we mean a total moisture barrier, capable of keeping water and dust from affecting anything within. Great if storing electronics, emergency kits, or even cameras.

Its airtight ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) gasket and insulated housing keep ice very cold, and all surfaces are non-absorbent, making them easy to clean. It features a recessed carry handle and an integrated shoulder strap. And if that wasn’t enough, all hardware is rustproof stainless steel.

While the initial design is sturdy and looks solid, this is just a thin shell over a Styrofoam wall set. The cooling ability is directly related to the quality of the foam, and most users found it wasn’t that great. Ice melts in about 10 hours, which isn’t great to find after a long shift.Pros

  • EVA gasket
  • Waterproof
  • Dustproof
  • Recessed handle


  • Does not keep ice frozen
  • Cheap foam inside shell


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For the large capacity lunch needs, like if you are taking it for you and two friends, then the OlarHike 40-Can Large Cooler Bag is the way to feed you and your friends. It can hold 30-liters by volume, with a load capacity of over 50 pounds. That, and it can keep all of it cool for up to 12 hours.

Its collapsible soft design makes it a snap to store, and it can hold 12 lunch bags for the kids, the office, or a field trip, without crushing any of them within. Its carry straps have Anti-Snap technology, giving it the durability you want when carrying food for multiple people.

Because it is a soft-sided cooler, it isn’t as impressive of an insulator as its hard-sided counterparts. And over time, its leak-proof feature seems to diminish. In high-humidity situations, while it advertises that the ice might melt but drinks will stay cool, many folks found that wasn’t the case.Pros

  • Huge capacity
  • Heavy load weight
  • Collapsible design
  • Anti-snap technology


  • Doesn’t insulate well
  • Not leakproof


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This versatile tote that is the perfect design for food deliveries, the CleverMade Collapsible Cooler Bag is lightweight but can hold up to 50 pounds inside. It is composed of mostly polyester, has patented SnapHinges on both sides of the bag for additional support, and is one of the more versatile totes.

It can collapse when not being used down to no more than 3 inches, and only weighs 2 pounds. With its huge capacity and sturdy handle, picnics, trips to the beach, and outdoor trips to the park will all be a joy.

It has a reasonably small warranty, at 90-days. It is not at all leakproof, and the zippers break easily. The biggest complaint is the overall quality. Because of the blended fabrics that make up the exterior, there are integrity issues with its fabric that cannot be fixed or ignored.Pros

  • Large capacity
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy handle


  • Leaks
  • Cheap material
  • Cheap zippers


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The Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze Zipperless Cooler has a radiant heat barrier that reflects heat, where most coolers absorb it. This allows the cooler to work less and keep food cooler. Its “flip-open” zipperless lid gives you quick access to your contents within and includes a removable SmartShelf.

Its exterior is covered in Rhino-Tech, making it water and stain-resistant, easily wiped clean, and is abrasion- and puncture-resistant. It has an Ultra Safe Leakproof Liner, and an insulated front pocket for additional storage. Add to that its Back Saver shoulder strap, and you are ready to get to work.

While it is advertised that it can hold ice for up to two full days, this is not the case. It has been found to allow ice to melt over no more than 6 or 7 hours. And the plastic liner is very cheap, easily broken with minimal force. For a rough and ready cooler, this one lacks that heavy-duty appeal.

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