Best lunch boxes for college students

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When we were kids, we wanted every school accessory to have our favorite cartoon characters or superheroes on it. Those juvenile status symbols motivated our willingness to go to school and study. But as we grew up, we realized that those things started to embarrass us rather than making us happy.

My mom never let me go to college without packing something for lunch. But finding cartoon characters on my college lunch boxes stopped me from taking them out of my bag. Having a great lunch prepared by your lovely mom won’t be hindered anymore by childish lunch boxes. 

Here are the 10 college lunch boxes you won’t be embarrassed to take to class:

1) Lunch Tote Bag from LeLaStudio

Take this beautiful insulated lunch tote to college. This fashionable, handmade lunch bag is for women to pack their lunch and carry it easily. It’s made of cotton, with a zipper and handle to carry.

Price: $24-$35 depending on the bag

2) Lunch Tote Bag From Artifact

Made from waxed canvas and Horween leather, this Artifact bag is a simple yet elegant tote to take to college. It can hold your lunch and fruits as well as a water bottle. Now, you won’t forget lunch every day.

Price: $55

3) Lunchbox from Monbento

Carry this classy lunch box from Monbento to school. The best thing about this lunchbox is it’s microwave safe, freezer safe and dishwasher safe. So, it saves the time of transferring food to dishes to reheat. It is 100% airtight, so it can hold soup and saucy foods. 

Price: Starting from $21

4) Vegan Lunch Bag from Paperchase

For vegan students, Paperchase has made this lunchbox with the statement “THE FUTURE IS VEGAN.” This lunch box comes with a turquoise cover with silver lining and a handle. It’s time for vegans to show off their food habits with this lunchbox. 

Price: $21.06

5) Bento Lunch Box Set from SaferMeal

Keep your foods from getting mixed up and becoming a mess with this lunchbox from Safermeal. This lunch box is simple yet durable – it’s also eco-friendly, BPA free and airtight. It is dishwasher safe, freezer safe and microwave safe.

Price: $19.95 

6) LunchBox from Frozzypack 

The lunchbox from Frozzypack keeps food fresh for seven hours. The lid contains a non-toxic gel that can be frozen to keep your food cool. Now you can carry your favorite fruits and salads to college. These come in vibrant colors with metallic boxes.

Price: N/A

7) I Am A To Go Box from Perpetual Kid

If you like Chinese food, carry it in these Chinese containers named I Am A To Go Box from Perpetual Kid. These are dishwasher and microwave safe and are perfect if you live in a dorm for carrying last night’s delicious leftovers.

Price: $9.49

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