Best Mask For Glasses Wearers

If you wear glasses, then you know sometimes they can fog up. That’s why we created the best mask for glasses wearers. Our innovative design not only protects your eyes from fog and scratches, but our memory foam face strap also won’t leave marks on your face. We’ve even included an extra microfiber pouch that stores your glasses for easy access. So ditch those old-school masks and use ours!

This best full face snorkel mask for glasses wearers is a good mask for glasses wearers because it doesn’t touch the bridge of your nose and it fits comfortably over glasses. The flexible frame makes this mask ideal for those who wear eyeglasses or have large heads or high cheekbones. An adjustable nasal bridge and chin strap allow secure placement.

List of the Best Full Face Snorkel Mask for Glasses Wearers

Are you looking for the best full face snorkel mask? Glasses wearers will be happy to know that there are a number of masks that are designed specifically to work well with your glasses. Many masks in the category allow you to wear your glasses while they’re in place while some don’t lend themselves well to these types of masks. Here is a list of the best full face snorkel masks for glasses users that we have reviewed here at Dive Gear Reviews.

1. HEAD Sea Vu Snorkeling Mask

Manufacturer: HEAD | Material: Silicone | Anti-Fog: Yes | Sizes: 3 | Price: 

When it comes to the overall best full-face snorkel mask for adults, the HEAD Sea Vu wins hands-down. This sleek snorkeling mask uses a dry-top valve to prevent flooding should it accidentally go underwater or get hit by a wave. The skirt is transparent gray silicone, which is comfortable to wear, better for your peripheral vision, and impervious to chlorine, saltwater, and age-associated cracking. Shatter-proof polycarbonate makes the lens durable and crystal-clear for the best possible visibility. Anti-fogging technology means heavy breathing won’t fog up the lens and obstruct your vision.

As if that wasn’t enough, HEAD is the only snorkel mask manufacturer to develop a CO2 build-up test. The Sea Vu is one of the only masks on the market to pass the test for regular and heavy breathing.

Reviewers Like

  • With the right fit, never worry about leaks
  • Absolutely no fogging, even with long-term use
  • Tested for CO2 build-up with regular and heavy breathing

Reviewers Dislike

  • Some reviewers found it difficult to get the sizing right
  • Wearing long hair up in a ponytail or bun may impact the seal

2. ZIPOUTE Snorkel Mask

Manufacturer: ZIPOUTE | Material: Silicone | Anti-Fog: Yes | Sizes: 3 | Price:

While most snorkeling masks, full-face or not, boast similar materials and construction, ZIPOUTE stands above the rest. They use medical-grade polyurethane, polycarbonate, and silicone. All of which is responsibly sourced and non-toxic. These top-of-the-line materials come together to bring you 180 degrees of crystal-clear, fog-free views, and an anti-leak system to prevent flooding. There’s even a drain valve on the side should you disturb the seal and allow water into the mask.

Reviewers Like

  • Integrated camera mount to record your adventures
  • Adjustable straps clip together but don’t catch on hair
  • Despite the medical-grade materials, many reported this one of the most comfortable masks around

Reviewers Dislike

  • Can get hot inside the mask
  • While the snorkel tube is detachable for storage, it is difficult to remove and re-attach

3. Greatever G2 Snorkel Mask

Manufacturer: Greatever | Material: Silicone | Anti-Fog: Yes | Sizes: 2 | Price: 

A quality full-face snorkel mask doesn’t have to break the bank. This wallet-friendly option comes from the well-respected aquatic gear manufacturer, Greatever. It has all the features you need in a snorkel mask. The dual-chamber design means no fog clouding your vision. The rounded lens made with high-definition PU resin means no distortion. Greatever’s innovative gravity-assisted dry top system means water won’t flood down the breathing valve should it accidentally go underwater. Plus, there are over 25 different colors to choose from!

4. Greatever for Kids Snorkel Mask

Manufacturer: Greatever | Material: Silicone | Anti-Fog: Yes | Sizes: 1 | Price: 

Greatever makes our list again with their incredibly budget-friendly children’s mask. Kids are constantly growing, so finding an inexpensive mask option that doesn’t sacrifice quality is necessary. Though there is only one size available (extra small), the straps are adjustable. The flexible silicone skirt ensures a secure seal to prevent any leakage. The mask comes with all the other great features of a Greatever, including anti-fog technology, a unique dry top system to prevent flooding, and an action camera mount so your kids can record their exploration!

Choose from a pastel pink or pastel blue color to suit your kiddo’s preference.

5. Greatever G1 Snorkel Mask

Manufacturer: Greatever | Material: Silicone | Anti-Fog: Yes | Sizes: 2 | Price: 

People with facial hair know first-hand that most full-face snorkel masks refuse to seal around their beards and mustaches. No mask on the market advertises compatibility with facial hair. However, there is one with multiple reviews from bearded patrons who found minimal leakage and the best experience: the Greatever G1. Yet another Greatever mask on our list, which just goes to show how great they are! According to one reviewer, the mask held a secure seal despite a few days of stubble growth. Another reports that, even with his “full” beard, there was only minimal leakage.

6. Wildhorn Seaview Snorkel Mask

Manufacturer: Wildhorn | Material: Silicone | Anti-Fog: Yes | Sizes: 2 | Price: 

Wildhorn boasts that the Seaview is the original name when it comes to 180-degree viewing. In addition to the features you’ve come to expect, like silicone skirting and anti-fogging technology, the Seaview incorporates a one-way chin valve. The valve allows any leakage to quickly drain away without you having to surface and remove the mask. Wildhorn also outfitted this mask with the innovative Flowtech advanced breathing system. It uses dual chambers and four separate intake valves to ensure proper air circulation and minimal CO2 build-up.

But the reason the Seaview made our list is thanks to it’s integrated GoPro mount. While other masks offer attachable mounting hardware that allows you to secure your GoPro, the Seaview’s GoPro hardware integrates into the mask itself. This design makes attaching it much easier and offering a more secure hold.

7. Ocean Reef Aria Snorkel Mask

Manufacturer: Ocean Reef | Material: Silicone | Anti-Fog: Yes | Sizes: 2 | Price: 

Glasses can be a pain to wear on the best of days, but they can be completely prohibitive when it comes to snorkeling. Contacts are always an option, but not everyone is comfortable wearing lenses on their eyes. The solution? The Ocean Reef Aria. On the surface, this mask looks like most of the ones on our list. It features 180-degree crystal-clear views, silicone skirting for a secure seal, anti-fogging polycarbonate lens, and a dry top snorkel valve to prevent flooding.

But the Aria has a secret. It’s compatible with Ocean Reef’s Optical Lens Support System (sold separately). This system is, essentially, a special glasses frame that you insert your own prescription lenses into. You can wear the frame like you would normal glasses, but when you’re ready to snorkel, you insert the glasses frame into the snorkel mask. Thanks to ribbing on the inside, the frame secures the mask, keeping your lenses in place completely hands-free and impervious to the effects of gravity! The best part is that if your prescription changes, you need only change out the lenses.

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