Best Mattress For Combination Sleepers

Here you will discover the best mattress topper for combination sleepers and how to choose one for your comfort. A combination sleeper often shifts positions throughout the night and has two body parts that demand different levels of firmness. The shoulders and hips are often called the “pressure points”, so the mattress needs to be able to satisfy both areas at once while allowing a person to move around freely.

Mattresses are a valuable investment, and finding the right one is vital to a comfortable night’s sleep. However, most people don’t know how to find their best mattress for combination sleeping types. This guide about best organic mattress for combination sleepers offers you tips on what to consider when deciding which mattress will be ideal for your back pain and sleep position.

List Of The Best Organic Mattress For Combination Sleepers

We have made a list of the best organic mattress for combination sleepers. Before you buy, read our review and guide for the criteria that we considered when researching the best organic mattresses for combination sleepers.

Avocado Green Organic Hybrid Mattress


The Avocado Green hybrid mattress is the only mattress my wife and I agree on. She likes a soft mattress, and I prefer a firm one. This model somehow manages to be both without being too much of either. After nearly two years of sleeping on it, there’s zero sagging or other issues. WIRED mattress reviewer Jeffrey Van Camp has also tested and liked the Avocado.

If you prefer a soft feel, there’s a pillow-top option, or you can add a mattress topper, like the company’s luxurious (and sustainable) Alpaca fur mattress topper (see below). Avocado also sells a no-spring organic natural latex foam mattress and a vegan hybrid model that uses no wool, but we haven’t tested those models.

The Avocado is 11 inches thick and made from organic latex, organic wool, and organic cotton. It’s also not toxic. It contains no polyurethane, fire retardants, memory foam, or chemical adhesives, according to the company. Avocado owns its own sheep farms and latex farm, and co-owns an organic latex processing facility, all in India. The mattresses are assembled in California.

There’s a one-year trial, 25-year warranty, and free shipping available on all Avocado mattresses. Like other mattress-in-a-box options, the Avocado arrives compressed. The company is also a certified B Corporation that’s purchasing enough offsets to be able to say it operates as a carbon-negative business.

Awara Natural Hybrid Mattress

$1,099 AT AWARA

The Awara Mattress is also made from latex foam, organic wool, and individually wrapped springs. It wasn’t as comfortable as the Birch, but it is significantly more affordable. Awara’s mattress is supportive and bouncy, but the springs can be felt more readily than in other mattresses, while the edges are quite rigid. (A topper could help even things out—see below.)

One win for Awara, according to WIRED reviewer Louryn Strampe: Unwrapping the vacuum-sealed mattress once it arrived resulted in very little odor—significantly less than with other brands. There’s very little motion transfer, and the soft mattress fabric didn’t run too hot or too cold. For a hybrid mattress that’s easier on the budget, this is a solid pick

My Green Mattress Kiwi Children’s (Twin)


My whole pursuit of an environmentally friendly mattress started with my kids. I care a lot more about what they’re sleeping on than what I’m sleeping on. Still, as much as I love the Avocado Green mattress, it’s not cheap. For my kids, I bought the more affordable Kiwi Mattress by My Green Mattress. The Kiwi is very similar to the Avocado. It’s a hybrid mattress with pocketed springs and natural materials: certified organic cotton, wool, and latex.

One nice twist that makes the Kiwi appealing for kids is the two-sided option. It costs a little more upfront, but being able to flip it over extends its life, which is handy if your kids see think beds are actually trampolines in disguise.

Birch Natural Mattress (11-Inch)

$1,699 AT BIRCH

We still like Avocado more, but this is a good alternative for some side sleepers. WIRED reviewer Louryn Strampe says she sucks at sleeping. “I toss and turn all night. My blankets need to be arranged specifically. I can’t deal with light, and I require a sound machine to run in the background. I didn’t expect a mattress to change much, but this one from Birch pleasantly surprised me.” It’s an eco-friendly mattress made by Helix, the maker of our other favorite bed.

The Birch is made of natural latex and wool, with individually wrapped coils that lend a plush and bouncy experience without feeling too squishy. It’s great for stomach and side sleeping, and it’s comfortable enough that Strampe could actually sleep on her back. A small, visible indented outline formed where she and her partner each sleep, with a ridge between them, but after a year it was still bearable. If it’s warm in your room at night or you’re a hot sleeper, the Birch may not be for you.

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