Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

The motorcycle helmet headset in solaroidenergy is intended to be used on motorcycles and other vehicles where audio should be heard but not seen for safety reasons. This headset features a powerful FM transmitter, which allows you to hear your music through your helmet speakers

This best motorcycle headset for music combines the best of both worlds — the comfort and rugged design of a motorcycle helmet and the convenience and simplicity of a wireless headset. With its sleek, low profile design, the LDH-M1 Bluetooth Headset is sure to become your new favorite piece of head gear.

List of the Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset for Music

Are you looking for the best motorcycle helmet headset? It’s a good thing you came to us. We know what makes a great headset because we’ve tried out so many of them ourselves! Read on to find out which ones made our list of the best motorcycle Bluetooth headsets for music.

1. Cardo PackTalk Bold – Best Premium Headset

The Cardo PTB0001 PackTalk Bold is a premium Bluetooth headset that boasts various features. The headset allows you to play music, receive GPS navigation, and even connect up to 15 riders via intercom.

Cardo PackTalk Bold has an intercom range of 1,600m, which is ideal when riding in a group where riders get spaced out because of traffic.

One thing to like about this headset is its ease of use. You can use various voice commands for calls, music streaming, FM radio, intercom, checking battery status, and controlling the audio volume. The headset is compatible with Siri and Google voice activation.

For a better experience, you can connect the headset with different audio sources through the Android and iOS Cardo Connect App. However, this comes at a price.

2. FreedConn TCOM-SC

The FreedConn TCOM-SC is a waterproof Bluetooth headset that supports up to three riders via intercom in a range of up to 800m. The headset is ideal for mobile GPS navigation, music streaming, listening to the radio, and phone calls.

The wireless headset features advanced DSP technology that reduces noise and echo interruption to ensure smooth and clear voice quality, even when riding at high speeds.

The battery is 400mAh, with up to 5 hours of intercom usage and 10 hours of phone calls.

3. Lexin B4FM – Best Budget Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

The over-the-ear placement Lexin LX-B4FM is a perfect choice when you are on a limited budget under $100 but still want a Bluetooth headset that boasts unique features.

The headset has an intercom range of 2,000m and can support up to 10 riders, which goes into saying that you can still get premium features even on a device with a lower price point.

The wireless headset allows you to play and share the same song between two riders to enhance collaboration during the trip. Think here of you listening to the same song when riding with your spouse!

Besides intercom, the Lexin B4FM features GPS voice guidance, access to Siri Voice commands, FM radio, and an 800mAh battery that offers up to 15 hours of intercom talk or music.

4. Cardo PackTalk PTB00040

Cardo is a celebrated maker of high-quality accessories for riders, and you can’t go wrong with the PackTalk Black PTB00040 for streaming music, intercom, phone calls, and navigating using GPS instructions.

Connecting the headset with music sources through the iOS and Android Cardo Connect App is easy. This connection allows you greater control through multiple voice commands to shift between different functions like volume control and repeating a song.

Like Cardo PackTalk Bold, Cardo PackTalk PTB00040 is compatible with Google and Siri voice activation to enhance voice commands for various functions. 

5. Sena 10C Evo – Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset with Camera

Not many motorcycle Bluetooth headsets come with a camera for recording videos that capture the best moments of your ride.

The Sena 10C Evo Bluetooth headset comes with a handy camera that allows you to capture videos and even narrate the footage with little need for follow-up video or soundtrack editing.

The headset’s 4-way Bluetooth intercom has a range of 1,600m. Besides the intercom and video recording capabilities, the Sena 10C also allows music sharing.

The device’s audio and video recording capabilities make it ideal for moto vloggers. However, you’ll set back your wallet nearly $400, but the headset offers you value for the money.

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