best new backpacking gear of 2020

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So, whether you are about to attempt the Kokoda Trail or whether you just plan on wearing outdoor clothing around the city to increase your ‘rugged gentleman‘ street cred, these are the best outdoor brands to get into your life (and hiking pack) this year.


Since 1974, Marmot has been producing high-quality mountaineering and outdoor equipment. They have been the choice of equipment for the films ‘Eiger Sanction’ as well as the National Geographic documentary ‘Journey to the outer Limits’. Marmot was one of the first outdoor brands to use Gore-Tex fabric and have been innovating ever since.Shop Now


Since 1938 Colombia has been producing equipment for all types of outdoor activities. Tested in the rugged and tough conditions of the Pacific Northwest, they can handle anything you can throw at it, making Columbia one of the best outdoor brand on the market.Shop Now


Arc’teryx’s name refers to one of the earliest known birds, the Archaeopteryx and it embodies the company’s vision of creating innovations that are disruptive and ‘evolutionary’ in the outdoor brands and equipment industry. Arc’teryx is a brand you can count on even in the most extreme conditions.Shop Now

The North Face

The North Face is a name synonymous with high-quality outdoor brands and equipment and derived from the notorious north face of Mt Everest. They have produced equipment that has ascended the worlds highest peaks as well as catered for ‘Hypebeasts’ of the world, no matter your intended use, anything from The North Face is bound to keep you warm, dry and stylish.Shop Now

Outdoor Research

Literally founded as a result of frostbite, Outdoor Research produces gear to keep you warm and dry even in the most outlandish conditions. They are constantly testing their gear and innovating on all aspects to ensure they provide the highest quality product. They even provide a ‘Lifetime warranty’, now that is confidence in your product you won’t get from all outdoor brands.Shop Now

Mountain Hardware

Mountain Hardware is an outdoor brand that focuses on producing high quality, high-performance equipment for outdoor enthusiasts and athletes alike. They sponsor several athletes that have climbed all of the world’s 8000m+ peaks, who have tried and tested the gear to ensure it will cater to anyone’s needs.Shop Now


Patagonia is now a brand synonymous with the outdoors and adventure. The outdoor brand’s gear is made to extremely high standards and they have committed to sourcing all their materials from sustainable and ethical sources. To further bolster their ‘activist’ status Patagonia gives 1% of its annual profit to charity organisations that focus on conservation and sustainability. Patagonia is the brand for you if you’re looking for high quality gear that looks good whilst saving the environment.Shop Now

Black Diamond

A close relative to Patagonia, Black Diamond was founded by the same man, Yvon Chouinard, a mountaineering legend. Black Diamond focuses on climbing, skiing and mountain sports equipment with a focus on making the best gear possible. From rain jackets to carabiners, they draw on decades of knowledge of the mountains and snow to ensure their gear performs to the highest standards.Shop Now


Danner is an American boot manufacturer that specialises in both handcrafted leather boots as well as specialist hiking, hunting, law-enforcement and military boots. Safe to say these boots are about as tough as it gets, whether your about be deployed in a war or needs some boots for Aspen Apré Ski, Danner has a pair to suit your needs.Shop Now


Most famously known for their ‘Kånken’ backpack, Fjällräven also produces a range of other outdoor equipment. Designed and made in Sweden, the outdoor brand’s gear is designed to handle the cold of a Swedish winter and the heat of their summer aka just about anything you can possibly think of. Their gear is all made sustainably and they support various wildlife charities.Shop Now


One of the top outdoor brands since the very first jolly swagman put his billy on to boil (pretty much), Kathmandu is much loved across Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. It is solid, reliable and has some pretty decent muted prints to complete your look (all while keeping you warm or cool, of course).Shop Now


Originating in New Zealand, MacPac is known for their camping and travel equipment. Their backpacks, in particular, stand heads above other outdoor brands and have been used by backpackers as well as ascenders of Everest. Whatever you throw at your MacPac gear, they are sure to cope with it.Shop Now


Forsake build high quality waterproof, leather shoes for hiking, travel, and casual use. Built to give you freedom wherever you go, their boots are inspired by the mountains and fit for every journey; hence their inclusion on our outdoor brands list.

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