Best office cologne 2020

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Best office cologne 2020

For a cologne that’ll leave a lasting impression (in the best way possible), pick from one of these 10 best colognes for men.

They’re practically guaranteed to drive women wild. We know, because they told us.

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1. The mysterious scent

For the woman you want to keep guessing—the one who’s always on-trend, try YSL L’Homme.

It’s woody and sexy with a hint of ginger,” says Jocelyn L. “Super luxurious and modern, with a bit of mystery.”

[2 oz., $72;]  Courtesy image2 / 10

2. The bargain buy

Not in the mood to drop a hundo (or more) on a new fragrance?

There are plenty of low-cost options. One favorite? “Mahogany Woods by Bath & Body Works,” says Ari G.

It may not be a posh brand or anything, but wow, does it smell good.

The decidedly masculine scent has hints of mahogany, bourbon vanilla, and golden amber. It’s a warmer smell, so it’s best suited for cooler weather.”

[3.4 ozs., $114,]EBAY $288.98SPONSORED CONTENTOptimize Your Health With Our Winter Wellness Cheat Sheetby Sky WellnessCourtesy Image3 / 10

3. The worth-it splurge

Now, if you are willing to spend money on a grown-up scent, we’ve got good news:

Not one, not two, but three women we spoke to sung the praises of Creed Aventus.

“It makes me feel like I’m the reigning king of the world,” said one man who swears by it. ​

The brand’s best-selling scent is fruity with just enough spice to make a lasting impression.

You’ll smell blackcurrant, pineapple, musk, and vanilla.

[1.7 oz., $325;]  EBAY $299.00BLOOMINGDALE’S $335.00NEIMAN MARCUS $335.00Courtesy Image4 / 10

4. The cologne no one else is wearing

If you want a scent you can guarantee she’s never smelled before (i.e. it’s what her ex used to wear), but will be dying to whiff again and again, go with a boutique brand.

“Eight years ago, my husband and I discovered Killian,” says Carol G.

Our favorite is Straight to Heaven. It has a spicy, woodsy scent—what I suspect heaven smells like.

Our family dentist even tells me my husband is the best-smelling man she’s ever smelled.”

[50ml., $295;]Courtesy Image5 / 10

5. The everyday essential

“If you want a cologne that’s a great everyday go-to, try Sauvage by Christian Dior, suggests Chelsea T.

It smells like making love in the woods with a man you want to get lost with.

It’s clean and confident.”

[3.4 oz., $95;]  NORDSTROM $59.00BLOOMINGDALE’S $104.00EBAY $116.71Courtesy image6 / 10

6. The sophisticated scent

Want to smell like James Bond in a bar full of basic dudes?

Givenchy Intense is so good,” says Brenda D. “Black pepper is offset leather and patchouli.

It’s strong and sexy, but also very elegant. It smells like we need to go home early.”

[3.3 oz., $150;]   EBAY $94.92Courtesy Image7 / 10

7. The low-maintenance option

Not a fan of cologne at all? No worries.

Just make sure you grab a body wash with a scent strong enough to last all day.

My fiance doesn’t wear cologne but I love the smell of his Irish Spring body wash,” says Mia G. “Who doesn’t love a clean man?”

[2-pack, $8;]Courtesy Image8 / 10

8. The luxe choice

For the man who docks his yacht in Portofino (or just wants to smell like one), opt for Creed Millesime Imperial,” says Grace G.

It’s not cheap, but that’s the point.

The citrus and musk scent will instantly transport you and her to the Mediterranean, no passport required.”

[4oz., $241;]  Courtesy Image9 / 10

9. The smoky, sophisticated scent

If the smell of cigars on a hot Miami night or the fresh leather seats on a sports car turn her on, she’ll love Bvlgari BLV Pour Homme, says Yun Y.

[1.7 oz., $69;]Courtesy Image10 / 10

10. The fresh fragrance

Not a big fan of anything too experimental? Stick to something fresh and timeless.

“I’m a sucker for Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male,” says Adrianna L. A clean mix of herbs and a sexy vanilla base make this cologne a memorable one.

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