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Perfume is a product that not only catches the attention of people around you, but also creates an impression. Whether you are going to work or just spending time with friends, it is important that you carry the right perfume. You need to find out how different scents react on your body and choose what to wear accordingly

Shopping for the perfect fragrance can already be a big undertaking. You have to think about what kind of mood or aura or vibe you want. Do you want to go with something that’s floral, spicy, fruity, musky? Is it going to be an everyday scent or something you wear for special occasions? There’s a lot to think about and consider. And that’s just testing the fragrances IRL—shopping online for perfume can be even more complicated. The biggest (and most obvious) downside is you can’t actually smell what you’re buying until it’s delivered to your home. Why hasn’t anyone perfected smell-o-vision technology yet?

Right now, though, it’s kind of our only option. So to figure out how to navigate shopping for a fragrance online when you can’t sniff before you buy, I asked perfumers and fragrance experts for their tips. Spoiler alert: There are some points you probably never thought of before!

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Parfum Illume


“When buying fragrance online, ask yourself, ‘What do I want to smell like? What feelings do I want to convey to others? What emotions do I want to feel? What do I want to accomplish or create in my life?'” suggests Leigh. “Smell and scent can support your desires. Do you want to accomplish a desired task? Then choose a fragrance that supports positive thoughts for you, one that gives you energy and supports your creative or mental goals.” You’ll probably want to ask yourself these questions if you’re shopping for a perfume IRL, too.

Communicate With the Seller


Chateau Krigler 12 Perfume


This depends on the communication lines of the retailer, but you should ask questions if you can. “One big factor now that could make you feel comfortable to purchase online is that you may communicate with the seller,” says Ben Krigler of the legendary Krigler perfume house. “Krigler, for instance, has an online chat live with advisors, but social media is also a good way to learn and to communicate.”

Understand What Notes Are


Many online descriptions of fragrances have details on its particular notes, so it can be helpful to know what scents will be stronger and which ones will be subtler. “The best example to compare fragrance notes to is wine and how there are many different layers,” explains Cat Chen, founder of Skylar. “Fragrance has top, middle, and bottom notes. The top notes refer to what you ‘taste’ or smell first—these dissipate more quickly. Middle notes linger a bit longer, and bottom notes are scents you notice last but last in the background the longest.”

Understand the Fragrance Families


It can also be helpful to keep in mind the various fragrance families, which are classifications. Leigh lists a few common ones, with examples of scents:

Florals: rose, jasmine, magnolia

Herby: lavender, dill, lemongrass

Woody: sandalwood, cedarwood

Citrus: orange, lemon, tangerine

Spices: cardamom, cinnamon, ginger

Fruity: pear, apple, peach

Think About Concentration Levels


Salt Air Eau de Toilette


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You might have heard of eau de toilette, eau de parfum, and cologne, but what do those phrases really mean? Chen says it comes down to concentration. “Eau de parfum is stronger than eau de toilette,” she explains. “Many of Skylar’s fragrances have the strength of eau d parfum, but we’re universally labeled as eau de toilette. Our fragrances range from 15% to 20% fragrance concentration or 5% to 15%.
 Cologne is typically for men and likely 2% to 5% fragrance concentration, so that it’s smaller/subtler than normal.
 There’s an overlap between these categories, and from a consumer perspective, people don’t necessarily think of it this technical. A lot of times, we see eau de parfum and eau de toilette for consumer-facing fragrances.”

Focus on Your Favorite Notes


While you can get as adventurous as you want, if you stick to what you like, chances are you won’t be disappointed. “I like to just focus on my favorite note(s) as a jumping-off point for exploration. When a fragrance has three or more notes I like in it, I know it’s going to be a winner!” says associate beauty editor Courtney Higgs.

Order Samples


Perfume Palette


If you don’t want to take the plunge and commit to a fragrance just yet, you can see if the retailer has samples you can order. “More and more websites offer the possibility to order samples,” Krigler says. “At Krigler, we started that back in 2010, and it has continued since then and expanded. This is the modern way today to continue the mail-in orders from the beginning of the 20th century.” Chen adds that Skylar also offers a sample pack for first-time users, which is helpful because sometimes the product description isn’t enough.

Keep in Mind That It’s Personal


Overall, it’s up to your personal preference when it comes to shopping for a fragrance. But it’s important to note that your body’s chemistry can be a big factor too. “The fragrances evolve with your chemistry, your pH,” Krigler explains. “It is not possible to plan how the fragrance will evolve on your body. This can be amazing on one person and different on another.”

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