Here are the top 5 best perfumes that you can buy for under $30. These fragrances are inexpensive and will last all day long. Most of them even come with a scent that lasts through weeks on end.

If you are looking for the best affordable perfumes that smell great, we have a list of affordable perfumes. The following five perfumes all come in under $30 and smell awesome.

Here are 5 cheap perfumes that smell super good, and won’t break the bank. When it comes to perfume, it can be difficult to find a great scent that doesn’t break the bank. These cheap perfumes have been on a lot of people’s lists as they all offer an excellent value and they all smell wonderful!

Best cheap long lasting perfume philippines

Perfume is a bit of an investment, but you can score a great deal on scent at Sephora. We’ve rounded up our favorite inexpensive perfumes available on the Sephora website. These scents won’t break the bank and they smell just as good as much more expensive fragrances.

Quality and affordability don’t always have to be mutually exclusive. Our collection of perfume under $30 delivers both in style—so you can give yourself a quick spritz without breaking the bank.

There are many good perfumes under $30. Perfume is an art and each perfume has a different smell that works for everyone differently. Good smelling perfumes come in many price ranges, so it’s not a matter of how much you pay but what works best for you. If one perfume doesn’t fit your style then try another. Whether you’re looking for a cheap scent or something more expensive, here are some great budget-friendly options to try this summer

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Best perfumes under $30 dollars

While there’s nothing wrong with splurging on a signature scent, smelling sweet doesn’t need to cost a lot. And what’s better than a single bottle of perfume? Being able to buy multiple scents for the price of one. No matter if you like something clean-cut and fresh or fruity and sweet, there are lots of fragrances that’ll make you and your wallet happy. 

Flower Turquoise Eau de Parfum
1 of 8 Flower Turquoise Eau de Parfum

1 of 8 Flower Turquoise Eau de Parfum

Between its blue bottle and mix of watery florals, the latest perfume from Flower (Drew Barrymore’s beauty line) is inspired by the Mediterranean. A few spritzes of its blue lotus, honeydew blossom and figwood blend will have your dreaming of an exotic seaside escape.

2 of 8 Love & Toast Paper Flower Perfume

2 of 8 Love & Toast Paper Flower Perfume

This all-natural, botanical perfume is a floral explosion with notes of water lily, dewberry, rose and ylang ylang.

3 of 8 Demeter Gin & Tonic Cologne

3 of 8 Demeter Gin & Tonic Cologne

Don’t let the name fool you: You won’t smell like a walking mini bar. The crisp juniper scent has a citrus twist, making it perfect for a midday pick-me-up.

4 of 8 The Body Shop English Dawn Gardenia Eau De Toilette

4 of 8 The Body Shop English Dawn Gardenia Eau De Toilette

There’s nothing sweeter than blooming gardenias in the springtime. Now you can enjoy them year-round with this delicate perfume that’s infused with gardenia extract and layered with tuberose and sandalwood.

5 of 8 Love2Love Orange Blossom + White Musk Eau De Toilette

5 of 8 Love2Love Orange Blossom + White Musk Eau De Toilette

Invigorating notes of orange blossom are paired with white musk and peony in this girlie perfume. The only thing better than its sparkling aroma is its seriously affordable price tag.

6 of 8 Bath & Body Works Cocoshea Cucumber All-Over Mist

6 of 8 Bath & Body Works Cocoshea Cucumber All-Over Mist

For the busy mama whose always on the go, reach for a fragrance that also nourishes skin. This delicate cucumber formula is infused with cocoa and shea butter, so you can spray it all-over for a hydrating boost.

7 of 8 Philosophy Pure Grace Spray Fragrance

7 of 8 Philosophy Pure Grace Spray Fragrance

Sometimes less is more. This crisp spray smells like soap and water, giving you a squeaky clean, just got of the shower feeling.

8 of 8 Pacifica Island Vanilla Spray Perfume

8 of 8 Pacifica Island Vanilla Spray Perfume

There are people that like vanilla, and then there are people that love vanilla: This perfume is for the latter group. Its sweet, velvety juice has a slight touch of fruitiness to it, which makes applying it absolutely addicting.

20 Best Smelling Cheap Perfumes

There are many options for ladies’ fragrances out on the market today. However, many of those options are way out of the price range for a whole lot of people. While others simply don’t want to spend 100+ bucks just to smell good. The good news is that there are plenty of great options in perfumes that are under $40 here in 2021.

That’s right, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg for a great scent, you just need to know where to look. These perfumes consist of a variety of styles and types of fragrances, so that there should be a fantastic choice for just about any woman out there. Here’s my list of the best men’s fragrances for under $30.

Inexpensive Daily Wear

Ellen Tracy By Ellen Tracy For Women. Eau De Parfum Spray 3.4 Ounces– The original fragrance from Ellen Tracy, who has a whole host of inexpensive options. Bronze, is another nice one if you like cold powdery florals and lemonade.

Ellen Tracy for women is a gorgeous scent that is versatile and perfect for daily wear. It is a very clean woody/floral perfume with a warm musky undertone. It is elegant and vibrant with fruity notes of plum and peach giving it a very small dash of sweetness.

The crux of this perfume is its bouquet scent that is airy, sometimes powdery, and finishes with a clean soapiness.

Can pretty much be worn anywhere and really shines in the spring and summer months.

Fresh Lily and Citrus

Alfred Sung SHI Eau De Parfum Spray, Perfume for Women, 3.4 oz– Alfred Sung is another designer that makes really inexpensive perfumes, that usually punch above their price.

This one has a nice opening with a light orange note, that sits in a fairly watery aroma. The water lily note gives Shi a bit of an aquatic vibe, but it’s not oceanic or anything like that.

As it dries down it is more about the floral notes with frangipani and that water lily. The citrus fades somewhat, but you keep the aquatic element, and get a light musk. The floral notes are somewhat green. Shi is an outstanding pickup for under $20. 

Dynamic Nightlife Wear

Paris Hilton Can Can Eau De Parfum Spray 3.40 oz– Can Can is an upbeat and beautiful fragrance by Paris Hilton. Great for a night out. The nectarine note, leads the way with clementine, and other light citrus. All of that is soaked in a warm amber note.  It takes on a sugary sort of aroma when all paired with the musk and floral notes.

Can Can gives you that energy and attractiveness, when it gets cold out, and does so in its own unique way. Paris has many other great perfume options for cheap. Notes include: cassis, clementine flower, wild orchid, nectarine, musk, orange blossom, woods, amber. 

can can

Less Well-Known Flanker

Happy Heart By Clinique For Women. Parfum Spray 3.4 Ounces– Clinique’s Happy, is the more popular of the two, but Happy Heart may be better. It is a light floral with hints of citrus and the freshness of cool cucumber.

The dry down period, has a bit of a soapy feeling to it, but isn’t sharp or overbearing. Happy Heart gives you a solid performance with a sillage that is overall moderate. 

Avon Entry

Today for Her Eau De Parfum Spray– I thought that I’d add an Avon fragrance to the mix. Here’s my list of their best, if you want many other cheapie options.

Today may be the best of the bunch. It’s one for floral lovers, particularly if you enjoy tuberose and freesia. Though, I think its secondary notes are very interesting here, the orange blossom and cactus.

A nice little daytime wear, for the price, that has a lot of energy and a very attractive smell. Today for Her is definitely a great value buy, particularly for those who enjoy the scent of freesia or tuberose.

I really like the opening act with the orange blossom in full force. Though, the entire floral arrangement in here is a great experience. This is a very good daily wear, for those who want a floral perfume, that’s not overly ‘green’ or garden-like.

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Sweet and Girly Cheapie

Vera Wang Princess by Vera Wang for Women – 3.4 Ounce EDT Spray– Princess has been a popular fragrance for a long time now. It’s a very nice blend of sweeter notes like vanilla and chocolate, with fruits such as, apple and guava.

This gives it a nice back and forth, as a gourmand scent. Princess has a yummy sweet profile, but not insanely sugary, the guava and floral notes give it a clean heart without the hyper-candy aroma.

Vanilla and chocolate can make a perfume feel heavier, but this one remains pretty light and enjoyable to wear. The performance is also quite good.

The Newest Fancy

Jessica Simpson Fancy Forever Eau De Parfum Spray 3.4 oz– Jessica Simpson was putting out some gems in her line of perfumes. Though, the production seemed to go away for years now, before recently kicking back up.

Fancy Forever is one of these newer editions and it is right up there with her best fragrances. Forever is a sweet one with vanilla and tonka bean giving it a creaminess. You get added sweetness with litchi and apricot up top.

Actually, at times Fancy Forever will be powdery and it finishes with its musky base. Not overly complicated, but a delectable scent with nice performance.

Clean Summery Aquatic

Davidoff Cool Water Eau De Toilette Spray for Women, 3.4 Ounce–  Cool Water for Women gives you initial blast of citrus notes, mainly lemon, with its aquatic undertones.

Then, the floral ingredients come in and give Cool Water a different tone, along with sandalwood for its soapiness.

It’s overall vibe is very clean, breezy, and definitely evokes memories of life at the beach. Nice performance and extremely affordable. 

cool water cheap perfume

Clean Floral/Fruity

Enduring Glow by Jennifer Lopez 3 Piece Gift Set – Eau de parfum– Throw a dart at JLo’s line of fragrances and you’ll at least come up with something okay, for not a lot of money.

I’ll add Enduring Glow to the list, as it is a newer flanker, and not very well known yet. It’s a fruity floral perfume, that begs to be worn in the warmer weather. Also, it has a pretty close resemblance to the ever popular Chloe EDP,  without the rose note.

That opening is bright and zesty, with a sparkle provided by the pear note. Later, the peony comes in fairly strong, and Enduring Glow has more of a fresh soapy feel.

Confident, Mature, Floral

Jessica Mcclintock By Jessica Mcclintock For Women. Eau De Parfum Spray 3.4 Oz.-This inexpensive choice is a highly feminine fragrance that is sure to draw complements. This fragrance is usually a best seller among the cheaper ones and has been for a long time.

Jessica McClintock perfume is a very floral affair, so if you’re into lots of flowers in your fragrance, this is a good bet. It features rose, lily-of-the-valley, ylang-ylang, and jasmine.

The opening features some sharper notes, like black currant, and citrus. Then, it has a ‘green’ and floral middle, with a fresh musky dry down and hints of wood. Quite mature and clean.

Warm Sugary Candy

Pink Sugar by Aquólína for Women Eau De Toilette Spray 3.4 oz– A playful option, probably best worn by the younger set. It’s both sweet and fun with ingredients such as vanilla. This candy-like perfume has been a best seller for more than a decade and is a super gourmand that boasts fantastic performance.

This one is starts out with a cotton candy aroma, which is followed up by caramel and licorice. Yes, this one is sweet, but it has much more going on for it than it would appear. Warm and captivating.

Notes include: cotton candy, caramel, raspberry, bergamot, licorice, powder, fig leaves, orange, strawberry, and wood. 

pink sugar

Fresh and Fun 90s Wear

Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Girl Eau de Toilette Spray for Women, 3.4 Fluid Ounce– Highly popular designer in the 1990s, Tommy Hilfiger, hit a home run with his female fragrance Tommy Girl. It’s still got a a large following of wearers, after all of this time. A warm, dynamic, scent that gives off a youthful vibe.

This Tommy Hilfiger perfume is probably best geared toward high school girls through women in their twenties. Although, I doubt anyone would be mad at someone more mature wearing this fresh scent. Tommy Girl is super fresh with a lemon and grapefruit top and floral notes including honeysuckle and magnolia, developing as it dries down.

This one exudes the spirit of summertime and is safe enough to wear on the daily, at school or work. What’s great about it (beyond the aroma), is how affordable it is, and how well it performs. From the 1990s, but still as dynamic as ever.

tommy girl

Summertime Gourmand

Ed Hardy Villain By Christian Audigier 4.2 oz Eau De Parfum Spray for Women– The men’s version of Villain, isn’t all that great, but the women’s surprisingly is.  It starts out with a melon/citrus fruit sweetness, which is blended with crème brulee, for a fresh and deliciously inviting scent.

There are some floral hints from lotus, but Villain is mostly about that watermelon, and crème. Juicy and with an aquatic vibe, this one works great in the warm weather, and is super pleasant to be around. 

Best Cheap Kim Kardashian Perfume

Kim Kardashian Gold Eau De Parfum Spray, 3.4 oz– Kim Kardashian has her inexpensive lineup of scents and the newer (and a bit pricier) KKW brand.

Gold is probably my favorite from the older releases. It is a warm citrus and amber blend. The bergamot and grapefruit are stars, in the opening act. That bright and clean effect. Later, it will become a bit spicy with some added patchouli

Kardashian Gold has an almost unisex vibe to it, is well-blended, and it is a very attractive perfume. Really, a steal for the price.

Consistent Best-Seller

Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds, 3.3 Fluid Ounce– What can you say at the point, about White Diamonds? This Elizabeth Taylor fragrance is an absolute classic and a non-stop best seller for three decades.

It also just happens to be available at the under $30 price point for a full bottle. Flowers are the heart of the matter, but it starts out with a bright burst of aldehydes. As it dries down, you get a lovely sandalwood, with warm amber, and musk.

White Diamonds is still super potent (but not overbearing) and an all day performer. Whatever it is about this combination of ingredients, they certainly hit on a winner, when putting this together.

Classic Designer Bouquet

Oscar by Oscar De La Renta for Women – 3.4 fl oz EDT Spray-This one from designer Oscar De La Renta, has a bit of spice to it, but it is also a sophisticated floral perfume for mature women.

Gardenia, tuberose, and ylang-ylang are the main floral ingredients in this classic late 1970s ladies perfume. Has a powdery/soapy clean vibe but with beautiful floral notes and herbal undertones to keep things interesting.

Musky, Light Floral Perfume

Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker for Women, Eau de Parfum, 3.4-Ounce Spray Bottle– Another fantastic option for less than $30. Lovely starts with some citrus notes and an undercurrent of apple martini. It is brought together with lavender, orchid, and musk.

Lovely has a bit of patchouli and cedar, which adds a light layer of earthiness to the composition. This is a very easy wear and quite favors the scent of Narciso Rodriguez EDP.

Quite clean and musky with floral notes peaking through to create an attractive aroma. Can be soft, but very appealing, and one that will garner complements. Lovely by SJP Review

Energetic Fruit Blend

VIP Private Show by Britney Spears Eau de Parfum Spray 100ml–  VIP Private Show was released following  Private Show by Britney Spears. However, the two perfumes are very different from one another. VIP Private show is a very nice blend of fruit notes with an upbeat personality. 

The scent opens with apple, raspberry, and blood orange with some mango thrown in. It’s got that awesome fruity sucrose sweetness and that’s most of what is going to be noticed upfront. Amber, violet, and musk appear later but aren’t that heavy in here.

It can be fairly linear in its presentation, but this one lasts all day, and is utterly delicious to smell.

Smooth Tropical Liqueur

Guess by Marciano 3.4oz 100ml EDP Spray– Guess Marciano is a perfume that goes overlooked and underappreciated. It is a magnificent blend of popular sensibilities with unique ingredients to set it apart, like orange liqueur and star fruit.

It is like a fruity tropical drink with notes of grapefruit, the liqueur, and cuarcao. Then, that booziness is met with a spicy cardamom and a smooth familiar vanilla note.

Later, it is deepened by the inclusion of white floral notes. Beautiful and unique for a price of $20 or less. 

Best Bold and Spicy Scent

Rogue By Rihanna Eau de Parfum Spray, 4.2 Ounce– Like Kim Kardashian, Rihanna has her more expensive Fenty brand and also these Rihanna name branded scents.

I went with Rogue for this list, as I don’t think it gets enough attention, and it brings something different to the table versus the usual fare. This one indeed stands alone, is bold, and has an awesome spicy profile.

Plum, vanilla, and patchouli are all involved. The patchouli is somewhat strong here, but doesn’t overwhelm. Rogue becomes smoother as it dries down, with suede and a powdery finish. 

The patchouli with the sweeter notes, gives Rogue a somewhat warm sweet/spicy gourmand vibe, at times during the wear.  Notes include: lemon blossom, cyclamen, plum.



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