Best Personal Cleansing Wipes

The body cleansing wipes for adults are made to clean your face, hands and body with no water required! Just one wipe holds enough moisture to cleanse your face, while still leaving it feeling soft. The hypoallergenic and tear-free formula is soothing for the most sensitive skin

The best bath wipes for elderly are the perfect solution for a quick cleaning on the go. These wipes are alcohol-free and pH balanced to make sure they’re safe and gentle enough for your most delicate areas.

List of the best bath wipes for elderly

The best bath wipes for elderly people have a must-have feature which is not common in other wipes: they are large and thick. The best bath wipes for elderly people can be safely used on wet or dry skin, comfortable to use, provide a pleasant feeling, moisturize skin and have no residue left on the body.


Surviveware® BiodegradableBathing Wipes for the Elderly

The Surviveware biodegradable and hypoallergenic bathing wipes for the elderly are safe and convenient to use.

  • These wipes are ideal for sensitive skin and intimate areas as they are unscented and natural.
  • They are fully biodegradable and can be flushed.
  • The wipes have a large design for easy cleaning.
  • The packaging is upgraded to make the wipes last much longer.


Nurture Valley® Ultra-ThickElderly Person’s Bathing Wipes

The Nurture Valley wipes for seniors are ideal for sensitive skins as they contain no harsh substances.

  • These are extra large and extra thick cleansing wipes for seniors.
  • They are latex, lanolin-free, and alcohol-free, ideal for sensitive skins.
  • The wipes come in in a set of twelve packs, each with 120 extra-large wipes.
  • The packaging is easy to use and keeps the wipes fresher for longer.


Medline® FitRightBathing Wipes for the Elderly

Large size adult wipes from Medline that come in scented or non-scented options.

  • These are sensitive skin and personal cleansing wipes for adults and seniors.
  • They are unscented and very gentle on the skin.
  • Aloe vera is added to soothe and moisturize your skin.
  • The wipes are Ph balanced and hypoallergenic for elderly persons.
  • They are large and very thick.


Healthy Spirit® DisposableElderly Person’s Bathing Wipes

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The Healthy Spirit disposable wipes for the elderly are gentle and extra-large size.

  • Here we have disposable full washcloths designed specifically for washing yourself.
  • They are extra thick and oversized, convenient for adults and seniors, and all over body cleansing.
  • The dispenser pack keeps them moist and is very easy to access.
  • Aloe is added to soothing your skin.


TenderProtect® AdultBathing Wipes for the Elderly

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The TenderProtect wipes are soft and gentle with hypoallergenic materials for seniors.

  • Soft and gentle bathing wipes for the elderly and perfect for fragile and sensitive skin.
  • The wipes are large and durable for use by adults and seniors.
  • They are hypoallergenic and alcohol-free, which means that you can easily use them on dry and sensitive skin types as well as more fragile seniors.
  • Lanolin and aloe are added for maximum comfort and moisture.
  • The flip lid is easy and convenient to use by the senior person and caretakers at homes and institutions.


Dude Products® FlushableElderly Person’s Bathing Wipes

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The Dudes Wipes are flushable and have added Vitamin E and Aloe for your Skin.

  • Here you get three packs of 48 wipes each, which is the perfect size, even for traveling.
  • They are unscented and enriched with vitamin E and aloe for moisture and comfort, thus ideal for dry and sensitive skin types.
  • The wipes are septic and sewer tank safe and biodegradable, so you can flush them without worrying about your tank or the environment.
  • They are larger than average wipes and designed for adults and seniors.


Charmin® FreshmatesElderly Person’s Bathing Wipes

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The Charmin Freshmates are flushable wet wipes ideal for bathing elderly persons.

  • These are a 40 sheet pack set of 12 packs of bathing wipes.
  • They are flushable and durable, so extremely convenient.
  • The pack is resealable and easy to use by both seniors and caretakers alike.
  • Ideal for your bathroom or traveling, as the design is compact and easily portable.


Pure Active® UltimateSenior’s Bathing Wipes

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  • The Pure Active Bathing wipes are safe and easy to use for seniors.
  • They are a multipurpose design and come in the ’50s per pack.
  • The wipes are hygienic and non-irritating for seniors’ skin.
  • Unscented and ideal for trips where you cannot bathe.


Handybath® IncontinenceBathing Wipes

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  • From a handy bath, we have incontinence wipes also ideal for bathing.
  • They are extra-large in size and enriched with Chamomile and aloe.
  • The wipes have refreshing and gentle ingredients for seniors.
  • Also ideal for post-surgery cleansing.


JJ care® No RinseSenior’s Bathing Wipes

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  • The JJ care Wipes are no-rinse bathing wipes for seniors.
  • They are gentle and mild on your skin with no harsh ingredients.
  • The wipes are large and comfortable for elderly use.
  • Each pack contains 80 wipes.

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