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Baby showers are for newborns, but the best pregnancy gifts are there to spoil expecting moms (because, queens) and prepare them for the early stages of motherhood. Whether it’s a soothing belly oil for the newly bumpin’ or a très chic baby carrier, there are so many great ways to show up for the mamas-to-be in your life—even if the current state of the world means you’ll have to wait a minute to see her bump (or baby) in person.

We tapped real women who are currently expecting or are at home nesting postpartum for the thoughtful gifts they received (or wish they received). From ginger candies to alleviate first-trimester nausea to supportive clothing for the final (literal) stretch, these recs have the certified mama seal of approval. Ahead, shop the best pregnancy gifts new and expecting moms actually want you to give. 

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    Courtesy of brand1/21Bumpin’: The Modern Guide to Pregnancy by Leslie SchrockThis was the first book I read after finding out I was pregnant, and I really enjoyed it. It’s like a step-by-step guide to your pregnancy, one trimester at a time. It’s written in a very uplifting way—it was comforting to know what I needed to do or consider during each stage of the pregnancy. —Babba Rivera, founder and CEO of Ceremonia$11AmazonBuy Now
    Courtesy of brand2/21Black Maternity LeggingsThese leggings plus the crossover nursing bra were my go-to pregnancy set. I found that most pregnancy leggings were way too big around the belly, to the point where they wouldn’t stay up during a workout. These were the perfect fit, and they expanded nicely with the growing belly. Also, the nursing bra will come in handy once the baby arrives. —B.R. $88Girlfriend CollectiveBuy Now
    Courtesy of brand3/21Nourishing Stretch Mark CreamI used the Ever Eden stretch mark cream plus the brand’s Golden Belly Serum every morning and night during my pregnancy, and it became such a beautiful ritual between me and the baby. Also, for what it’s worth, I have no stretch marks now! —B.R. $45Ever EdenBuy Now

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    Courtesy of brand4/21Mama StoneThis was given to me at my baby shower by two mamas I’m super close to. They both used the stone on their babies and swear by it, but here’s why I fell in love with it: There are only five ingredients: sweet almond oil, avocado oil, apricot kernel oil, fractionated coconut oil, and cocoa butter. And it’s unscented, so it melts upon contact to your (or your baby’s) skin. You can even use it on newborns; my daughter Delfina has been using it since day one! It’s also safe to use while breastfeeding, and you don’t have to wipe it off. It’s the perfect gift and lasts so long! —Carly Cardellino, freelance writer and former beauty director at Cosmopolitan$45Kate McLeodBuy Now
    Courtesy of brand5/21Zeitgeist Baby Yin Yang CarrierThese carriers are not only insanely aesthetically pleasing; they’re also incredibly comfortable. The support it offers up on your shoulders and back is amazing, and it hugs your baby close in a supersoft, cozy fabric. I’ve had Delfina in hers since she was little and she still hangs out in it when we go on walks sometimes. This Yin Yang one is my new favorite, and I can’t wait to carry our future baby boy around in it! —C.C.$767ArtipoppeBuy Now
    Courtesy of brand6/21Labor, Delivery & Postpartum Recovery KitHonestly, no one can prepare you for what happens to your body postbirth, but this kit does its best to help you heal up fast. The upside-down “Peri” bottle saved me when I had Delfina. Every single time I’d use the restroom, I’d mix equal parts Dickinson’s pure witch hazel and warm water and spray the entire area—the bottle’s shape made it super easy to reach without me having to struggle. Everything else it contains (the socks, the ice maxi pads, the cooling pad liners, the nursing gown, and perineal healing foam) makes an uncomfortable (yet beautiful!) experience a lot more tolerable. —C.C.$100FridaBuy Now
    Courtesy of brand7/21Belly BestiesI have very sensitive, eczema-prone skin, and as soon as I got pregnant, every little scab or pimple immediately turned into a hyperpigmented spot (woo-hoo!). I knew I’d have to take extra care of the skin on my belly as I got bigger, so Hatch’s soothing Belly Oil and Belly Masks are a must to help minimize stretch marks and scarring. Sinking into my couch—masked up, belly out—watching The Great British Bake Off was the self-care routine I didn’t know I needed. —Shanna Shipin, commerce editor$110Hatch CollectionBuy Now Popular

    Courtesy of brand8/21Ugg Fuzzette SlippersOne of the first things you’re told not to do as a pregnant woman? Fall. Nonslip slippers were one of the most thoughtful gifts I received early in my pregnancy. If you know an expecting mom who walks around the house in socks and/or has hardwood floors, consider a pair of slippers with sturdy soles and tread on the bottom. —S.S. $90ZapposBuy Now
    Courtesy of brand9/21Gem Gem Ginger ChewsIf your budget is small or you just want to send the pregnant woman in your life a pick-me-up, ginger chews can go a long way in making her feel a bit more comfortable. My sister sent these to me early in my first trimester, and I’ve relied on them well into my second, placebo or not! —S.S. $8AmazonBuy Now
    Courtesy of brand10/21The Cindy BumpsuitJust as I was running out of clothes that fit and at a loss for what to buy for my final trimester of maternity dressing, my coworkers got together and sent me a game-changing Bumpsuit. Not only was it comfortable and a great fit, but I actually felt good about myself when wearing it and was able to layer it in so many ways up until my due date. After my C-section, I also found so much comfort in the brand’s support band. —Nicole Akhtarzad Eshaghpour, Who What Wear fashion editor$105BumpsuitBuy Now
    Courtesy of brand11/21Zeitgeist Baby Argus Oat CarrierI discovered the brand Artipoppe while I was still pregnant. I was trying to avoid jumping the gun on buying baby gear too early, but after a few minutes on its Instagram, I was obsessed with the cool-mom aesthetic of the baby carriers and had to own one. Now that I’ve had the chance to actually use it, I can’t recommend it enough. It’s super comfortable for both you and the baby and feels more like you’re wearing a cool purse than a baby carrier. I’d be lying if I didn’t say it’s given me more of a reason to want to take my son for walks. —N.A.E.$340ArtipoppeBuy Now

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    Courtesy of brand12/21The Play KitsNavigating the world of baby clothes, products, and toys can be extremely overwhelming, so when a friend gifted me a Lovevery play kit for my newborn, I was extremely grateful. They curate age-appropriate toys that are also educational and come with guides on how best to utilize each item, so even if you’re still winging the whole mom thing, you feel like you’re getting something right. —N.A.E.$36LoveveryBuy Now
    Courtesy of brand13/21The Complete StrollerThe Colugo Complete stroller is aptly named because it comes with everything you need. Its high-tech, thoughtful features take a few tries to memorize, but it easily becomes part of your routine once you’ve adapted. I love how sturdy it is, the way it folds into itself, and how the seat can face in either direction. It also shifts up and down for the baby to take naps. —Ryan Norville, founder of Oat Cinnamon$445ColugoBuy Now
    Courtesy of brand14/21Wearable Breast PumpThis one is definitely a splurge, but I was gifted the Elvie pump recently, and after using a traditional pump for a few months, I find this to be such an upgrade. It’s a hands-free cordless pump that you can stick into your bra and go about your day. I can pump milk on one breast while nursing on the other, and still have five ounces of milk to stash for later once feeding time is over. That may sound like a niche mom problem now, but trust me, it will make so much sense when baby is devouring all your milk! —R.N. 

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