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Candles have always been a self-care go-to, and over the past two years, they’ve become even more intertwined with our daily just-for-me rituals. Candles are accessible, easy and cost-effective ways to transform your environment into something special.

And if you’re looking to veer into very special territory — including around the holidays when we’re craving nostalgia, peaceful vibes — flaring up that luxury candle nestled inside an Instagram-worthy decorative glass vessel will instantly elevate the moment.

Not to mention, luxury candles are a fail-safe holiday giftCandle gifts are especially great for all sophisticated women in your life (aka the ones who enjoy a signature perfume or beauty product), but we also know our fair share of men who adore a masculine, woodsy home fragrance, too.

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D.S. & Durga Portable Xmas Tree Candle

“I think people resonate with the rich narratives, names and expanded world that go with each of our fragrances,” says D.S. & Durga founder, David Moltz. And this limited-edition soy-vegetable wax candle that boasts 60 hours of burn time is no different, providing the quintessential combination of freshly hewn spruce, pine and cypress trees. It’s also grounded with subtle hints of far-off smoke.

D.S. & Durga Portable Xmas Tree $65BUY NOW

Cire Trudon Gabriel Christmas Edition Candle

Founded in 1643, the oldest and most storied candlemaker in the world, Cire Trudon, still handcrafts luxury candles in its original Trudon workshop in Normandy, France. This Christmas-inspired scent has an intoxicating blend of candied chestnuts, leather and fiery embers from the grandest hearths. Save this limited-edition classic for your coziest, most peaceful evenings.

Cire Trudon Gabriel Christmas Edition $135BUY NOW

Le Labo The Candle Discovery Set Candle

For the indecisive among us, go for a trio of Le Labo’s most popular candles in delightfully varied fragrances to complement any holiday occasion. Composed of 62 ingredients, Laurier 62 is unlike any other luxury candle, ever-evolving into different notes of amber, rosemary, eucalyptus and clove as it burns. Meanwhile, Calone 17 evokes Christmas by the sea with maritime notes mixed with geranium and amber for a stunning finish. And Verveine 32 presents an uplifting earthy scent of alpine trees.

Le Labo The Candle Discovery Set $80BUY NOW

Atelier Cologne Bois Montmartre Candle

Inspired by the architecture of French city Montmartre, a bohemian neighborhood known as the painter’s district, this Atelier Cologne candle is an art-lover’s dream. Notes of vetiver, petitgrain and pink pepper give the perfect, subtle hint of Christmas spirit.

Atelier Cologne Bois Montmartre $36-$62  $25-$43BUY NOW

Nest New York Hearth Candle

Decadent and richly comforting, this long-burning, clean candle introduces warmth to chilly winter nights with notes of intense oud wood and frankincense that call to mind a smoky, roaring fireplace filled with pine logs. It’s the perfect masculine candle to instantly transport you to a cozy log cabin nestled within a snow-capped mountain.

Nest New York Hearth $44BUY NOW

Diptyque Flocon Candle

Reminiscent of a fresh snowfall, Diptyque‘s annual limited-edition holiday candle is a soft scent of light, white musk and sweet, winter flower, mimosa. And the vessel, a signature glass jar flecked with touches of blue and real gold, is a true masterpiece to behold.

Diptyque Flocon $78BUY NOW

Nomad Noé Wild In Hollywood Candle

Finally, a luxury candle that celebrates all the optimism, fun and joy that come with the dawn of a new year. Designed to recall New Year’s Eve in Hollywood 1932  — during the pinnacle of the Prohibition — the sultry scent has hazy notes inspired by those you’d fine in an underground speakeasy, like whiskey, citrus, clove, leather, tobacco and warm amber. This New Years Eve, party like it’s 1932.

Nomad Noé Wild In Hollywood $65BUY NOW

Jo Malone London Pine & Eucalyptus Luxury Candle

This stunning handcrafted Jo Malone London candle is the epitome of both pure decadence and classic Christmas vibes. Soft notes of lively eucalyptus and festive pine radiate a deliciously potent aroma that not only awakens all five senses but also fills your home with the fragrance of a lush, larger-than-life holiday garland.

Jo Malone London Pine & EucalyptusLuxury Candle $74 Buy Now

Cire Trudon Bayonne Candle

Trudon’s limited-edition Christmas Collections candles are themed to an extravagant King’s Christmas at Versailles, symbolized by the black and gold arabesques reminiscent of Versailles ironwork and imposing gate. The Bayonne candle from the collection, named after the French city where cacao was imported, has warm cacao notes as well as punchy hints of pine, chili pepper and other rare spices.

Cire Trudon Bayonne $325BUY NOW

Esker Terracotta Plantable Candle

The holidays can be a stressful time for many, making daily self-care rituals more important than ever. And Esker, a clean beauty brand devoted to elevating simple body care routines into meditative, healing rituals, understands the need to relax and destress during the holidays. This is especially apparent with its new, hand-poured, soy-based candle. It’s composed of naturally calming ingredients lemon balm, white honey and coriander, all designed to restore and rejuvenate. Light this one next to your bath or bedside table for maximum relaxation.

Esker Terracotta Plantable Candle $85BUY NOW

Ellis Brooklyn Super Ego Candle

If you’re not into a traditional holiday luxury candle but still want a rich fragrance, try the dreamy Super Ego for a moody-meets-fruity scent that’s perfect for winter (and any time of the year, too). A heady base of saffron, black leather and oud paired with lighter notes of passion fruit, apple blossom and rose combine to offer just the right amount of juicy boldness.

Ellis Brooklyn Super Ego $60BUY NOW

Byredo Altar Candle

Reissued in 2020 by popular demand, Byrdeo’s Altar candle was inspired by the winter memories of Byredo founder, Ben Gorham, especially of his nights spent with family in Stockholm. Opulent and strong, this festive candle blankets your home in warm waves of clove buds and sweet floral ylang-ylang, brewed with Haitian vetiver for an elegant and earthy holiday scent.


Byredo Altar $85BUY NOW

Goop Edition 1 Church Candle

This magical and highly giftable candle is composed entirely of natural elements, designed to tap into the organic healing powers of plants, flowers and trees. Described by Goop as a “sexy sense of quiet” that evokes the sacred and majestic aroma of a medieval European chapel, the scent exudes fresh cypress, calming labdanum and lightly spiced frankincense with powerful clove-leaf oil.

Goop Edition 1 Church $72BUY NOW

Boy Smells Broken Rosary Candle

A reimagined take on a Christmas Eve mass and all of its accompaniments, this beeswax-soy candle marries cedarwood — a common material for rosary beads — with rose water and pumiced orrice — one of the world’s rarest ingredients that effuses a gin-like botanical sensation. It’s rounded out with a dash of spices that’s totally worth of worship.

Boy Smells Broken Rosary $39-$86BUY NOW

Otherland Silk Pajamas Candle

What’s more luxurious than rocking a pair of silk pajamas and lounging in a European ski chalet? Light this Otherland luxury candle and you’re instantly there (mentally). Encased in a totally gorgeous (and reusable) vessel that’s worthy of a standout spot on your tablescape or mantle, it offers an aroma of ginger, bergamot zest and spiced yuzu to kick your festive atmosphere up to the next level.

Otherland Silk Pajamas Candle $39-$86BUY NOW

Glasshouse Fragrances Night Before Christmas Candle

Go all-in with a candle harmonizing all the quintessential flavors of Christmas Eve — from fruity plum and blackcurrant grounded by provocative base notes of musk, oak moss and spice to florals and citrus. If the Nutcracker had a scent to accompany the classic ballet, this would be it.

Glasshouse Fragrances Night Before Christmas $55BUY NOW

Tom Ford Lost Cherry Candle

Known for his edgy, distinctive style, designer Tom Ford created a luxury candle with a sensual, provocative sensibility. Sweet and exotic black cherry melts into a deliciously boozy almond flavor before settling into floral Turkish rose and jasmine for a full-bodied aroma that evolves the longer it burns. And this is one we want to burn all night.

Tom Ford Lost Cherry $135BUY NOW

Frédéric Malle Notre Dame Candle

Former altar boy-turned-avant-garde perfumer Frédéric Malle recalls his memories of a church filled with cool stones and warm chestnut wood in this luxury candle that produces a formal, church-like atmosphere. Plus, its striking porcelain jar brimming with a gleaming shade of red is reason enough to spring for this one.

Frédéric Malle Notre Dame $95BUY NOW

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Mon Beau Sabin Candle

The French fragrance house created its beloved holiday candle years ago, but this year, the Mon Beau Sabin scent is housed in an emerald-green vessel to match you Christmas tree and laden with gold serigraphy and snow-covered pine needle details. If you like your holiday candles to smell like you’re strolling through a magnificent Christmas tree forest, look no further.

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Mon Beau Sabin $75BUY NOW

Rituals Orris Mimosa Candle

A heavy dose of family time calls for mimosas, right? Or at least a candle that smells like one, if boozy breakfasts aren’t your style. From Rituals Private Collection, this scent is fabulously built around the sweet mimosa flower with hints of leathers and woody accords. Meanwhile, orris lifts the scent into liquor territory. And the beautiful champagne-colored glass jar is a perfect addition to any decor.

Rituals Orris Mimosa $39BUY NOW

Tata Harper Into the Forest Candle

Clean beauty pioneer Tata Harper knows exactly the place on her Vermont farm — where she grows all of her organic skin-care ingredients — to find inspiration and recharge. Referring to her pine-tree filled corner on the farm as “forest therapy,” she bottled up its so-called healing powers into this coconut-soy wax blend to ease holiday stress. It has invigorating notes of Christmas trees from around the world — pine, cypress and balsam — dotted with black pepper and clove to remind us all to pause and take a mindful moment.

Tata Harper Into the Forest $78BUY NOW

Belle Fleur Scarlet Flower Candle

This radiant floral candle pays homage to the renowned opera, “Carmen,” featuring notes of purple rose and Cassia, smoky myrrh, oud and saffron and hints of almond and cinnamon. And because it’s not too holiday-specific, you’ll happily burn this intense candle all winter long.

Belle Fleur Scarlet Flower $85BUY NOW

Nette Chai Milk Candle

This is not your normal chai latte scent, but offers a vibrant burst of spices, sweetness and sophistication all rolled into one hand-poured coconut and soy wax blend luxury candle. Nette layers notes of zesty orange oil with spicy clove buds, tonka beans, cinnamon bark oil and peppery cardamom to put a punchy, indulgent holiday spin on a classic beverage.

Nette Chai Milk $82BUY NOW

Smokehaus Farm Juniper & White Tea Candle

Handmade with love from a homesteading family in Bucks County, PA, each Smokehaus candle is crafted from organic, all-natural ingredients straight from their herb garden or sourced from another nearby farm. The cool floral and pine blend of this one simply beams with Christmas cheer and beauty. And don’t be fooled by the cost—these labor-of-love candles are true luxury.

Smokehaus Farm Juniper & White Tea $15BUY NOW

Rituals Wild Fig Candle

With aromas so rich and complex, another candle from Rituals Private Collection had to make an appearance. An in-depth olfactory study of the marvelously sweet and earthy fig tree from the Far East, this option celebrates the tree’s unique qualities — from the warmth of the bark to the freshness of the leaves and milky sap of its fruit.

Rituals Wild Fig $39BUY NOW

Belle Fleur Figue Noir Candle

This candle just gets what the Christmas spirit is all about. It weaves different aromas of the fig tree groves found on the Turkish Aegean coast together — from the barky branches to the sweet fruit itself — to reveal a richly vibrant, complex and extra festive ambiance.

Belle Fleur Figue Noir $85BUY NOW

THIS PARISIAN PICKParis Scented Candle with Lid


Many of us already know and love (or covet) Diptyque candles—so why not add this Parisian scent to your home?  This is one that’s worthy of your nightstand, folks.2THIS HOTEL CANDLESignature Votive – Urban Sanctuary


Make your home feel like a hotel—the Four Seasons, to be exact—with this fruity, floral candle. Staycations never sounded so good.3THIS ELITE CHOICEThe Hamptons


I may not own a house in the Hamptons (yet), but this candle is putting me one step closer to that luxurious lifestyle. ADVERTISEMENT – CONTINUE READING BELOW4THIS CANDLE BY DRAKESweeter Tings Candle


ICYMI, Drake (yes, the rapper and former star of Degrassi) launched his own candle line. It’s basically a requirement to light up this beaut while cuddled up with your S.O. in front of the fire. 5THIS SENSUAL ONENo. 7 Seven Miles


With this minimalist stunner, you get notes of orange jasmine, silky musk, and white gardenia. It’s the type of candle that’ll have you coming back for more time and time again.6THESE CITY CANDLESLos Angeles Candle


Homesick makes candles that smell like different cities, states, countries—you name it. Snag your hometown or a place you’d love to visit one day and light that sucker up.ADVERTISEMENT – CONTINUE READING BELOW7THIS WINTRY SCENTBlack Cypress Candle


With notes of balsam fir, bayberry, and rock rose, this candle will have your home smelling like the holidays year-round—but it’s a definite must-have for winter.8THIS REFLECTIVE ONEPark Life Candle


I’m just sayin’… Get you a candle that looks as good as it smells. And given that this one is made in collaboration with fashion label GANNI, you know this nature-scented candle is chic as hell. 9THIS SEASIDE FANTASYSantorini Escapist Candle


The packaging on this candle is perfecto for anyone with a minimalist aesthetic. And the scent? Fantastic for anyone with a travel bug.ADVERTISEMENT – CONTINUE READING BELOW10THIS CITRUS OPTIONOdalisque Classic Scented Candle


Whenever I see something with a coat of arms, I automatically know it’s gonna be luxurious. Each one of Cire Trudon’s candles has a gold embossed one on the front. What’s more important is what’s inside: a vegetable-based wax and an organic cotton wick.11THIS LA TREASUREStems Floral Scented Candle


A giant high five to Shrine’s marketing team. Y’all know how to stage your products aesthetically. The coconut-apricot wax is hand poured in Los Angeles, creating this delicious, floral scent. 12THIS WORK OF ARTStar-Lina Candle – Otto – 900g


A candle’s jar is just as important as the scented wax. This one looks like something straight out of a museum, so definitely keep it on display in your living room.ADVERTISEMENT – CONTINUE READING BELOW13THIS FIERY OPTIONPalo Santo


What’s sleeker than a gold jar? This scent is amaze for those musky candle lovers. The coconut-apricot wax is met with scents of cassis nectar, Arabian rose, and Palo Santo. 14THIS HISTORIC ONEDublin Tea Rose, Oud & Patchouli Scented Luxury Candle


I think it’s pretty dope that Rathbornes is still using 15th century methods to create timeless candles. Over the years, the brand branched out to reed diffusers and body products, but its candles are still A-1. 15THIS MARBLE BEAUTYThe Luxury Candle


Hello, black marble candle of my dreams. Ain’t no way I’m throwing this away once the wick burns down—especially since Gilded candles are all refillable.ADVERTISEMENT – CONTINUE READING BELOW16THIS BEDROOM ESSENTIALScented Candle


Brooklinen has fancy, supersoft sheets, and its candles are just as nice. One whiff of Magic Hour and you’ll be transported to a sunlit rose garden. But, TBH, the other scents are equally delightful. Smell them all with a mini set of four.

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