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Very few watch manufacturers in the world can rival the number of models that Seiko has produced over the years. The Japanese watchmaker is all about diversity, producing time tellers for just about every price point; from five-figure boutique models to getting change back from a $100 note.

Seiko also has an illustrious heritage to draw upon, one that goes all the way back to Tokyo circa 1881, when an entrepreneur by the name of Kintaro Hattori opened up his own watch repair shop at the tender age of 22.

The ethos that Hattori started out with all those years ago is still instilled into all Seiko designs that go to market today: total perfection within every creation.

Seiko watches are renowned for their forward-thinking technologies that stay within the boundaries of stylish – highlighted by their signature 1960s classic the Grand Seiko, or the cal.0614, the world’s first six-digit liquid-crystal display piece.

These designs have helped put Seiko time tellers on a pedestal reserved usually for high-end Swiss watchmakers. The difference is that Seiko isn’t scared to put a budget watch on the market, and subsequently, releasing watches in this price range hasn’t affected their appeal. Why? Simply because they’re so well made.

If you’re thinking about purchasing one (and quite frankly why wouldn’t you?) there are literally thousands of different models to choose from. With such a huge choice, naturally, comes a much harder decision as to which Seiko watches or watches to buy. So, being the lovely people we are here at DMARGE, we’ve put together this list of some of the best, coolest and downright awesome Seiko watches to buy right now.

Seiko Watches FAQ

Is Seiko a good brand?

Seiko is a well-respected watchmaker from Japan. They are known for quality movements and great design.

Is Seiko a luxury brand?

Seiko itself would not be classified as a luxury brand, however, Grand Seiko is their luxury offering.

Are Seiko watches made in China?

No. They are made in Japan and Malaysia, with sister brand ‘Wired’ Seikos cased in China.

Seiko Prospex 1968 Professional 300m Divers Re-creation

When Seiko launched the Prospex in 1965, it became Japan’s first diver’s and was used by the Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition team from 1966 to 1969. 55 years later, Seiko has launched some anniversary models, which includes this 1968 Re-creation model.

While this model reproduces the look of its ancestral sibling – the 1968 6159-7000 “Hi-Beat” Diver – it has been given thoroughly modern equipment that represents the very latest in Seiko’s watch technologies. Like its predecessor, this new model makes use of a 10-beat high-precision automatic caliber (8L55) which produces 36,000 beats per hour, making it slightly more accurate than conventional “low beat” movements.

This Prospex also benefits from a monobloc casing, giving the ability to be submerged up to 1000ft for saturation diving and owing to its affinity with the water, is given a gorgeous blue dial with matching silicone strap. You better be quick to snap one up though, as it’s limited to just 1,100 pieces worldwide.Shop Now

Seiko Prospex SPB153J ‘Captain Willard’

Another rejuvenation of classic Seiko watch comes in the form of this SPB153J Prospex, which is effectively a reincarnation of the ‘Captain Willard’ Seiko 6105. While a version with a black dial and bezel may be more faithful to its ancestor, it’s this green dialled beauty that you should really be looking out for.

Housing Seiko’s 6R35 calibre complete with 70-hour power reserve beneath its 42.7mm case, this Prospex offers wearers 200-metres of water-resistance thanks to a screw-down crown and a stainless steel construction.

An affordable Seiko diver that looks like a vintage model? Sign us up.Shop Now

Seiko Presage Automatic

For unadulterated simplicity and elegance, look no further than this white dial Seiko Presage. The Presage collection takes inspiration from the Japanese ideal of creating beauty from simplicity, and that is shown here, with the Japanese Asanoha design being implemented for the dial. This hemp leaf style pattern symbolises strong growth in Japan, and the gradation of the pattern causes light to reflect at various angles.

The smaller 39mm dial makes this Presage suitable for wearing both casually with a t-shirt and jeans, or with more formal outfits such as a suit or blazer. It’s powered by Seiko’s 6R35 movement, giving you 70-hours of reserve power and a 100-metre water-resistance rating means you can comfortably wear it in the pool.Shop Now

Seiko Prospex “Save The Ocean”

Who doesn’t love a collaboration timepiece? For this Prospex model, Seiko partnered with ocean explorer Fabien Cousteau to produce a watch that brought to the fore the need to both help and explore our oceans. Rocking the ‘King Turtle’ 45mm case with a deep ocean blue dial and images of mantarays, this 200-metre water-resistant watch is both seriously cool and seriously needed.Shop Now

Seiko Astron 5x Dual-Time Sport Titanium

Seiko’s Astron series was truly pioneering, being the first to be powered by solar energy and thus never needing to have its battery changed (a huge selling point for many watch wearers).

It also lays claim to being the first watch series to have the ability to connect to a GPS network so that you can easily adjust the time based on whatever time zone you find yourself in at the press of a button.

The latest Astron timepieces – of which there are four: three with silver cases and one in black – to be launched come in a new titanium casing and make use of Seiko’s most advanced 5X53 GPS Solar caliber, taking around three seconds to change the time from one time zone to another. It can also instantaneously change the main dial time to home time from local time, if you’re arriving home, for example, while also changing the time displayed on the sub-dial at 6 o’clock from home time to local time, to show the time in the country you’ve just left.
The casing of the new Astron pays homage to the original model launched in 1969, including wide lugs, curved case and a thin bezel, while the pushers used to adjust the time now sit slightly more flush with right side of the bezel, giving the watch a much cleaner profile. If you’re a frequent flyer, the Seiko Astron is the perfect timekeeping accompaniment.
Our model of choice has to be the green dial edition, which is limited to 2,000 pieces worldwide.Shop Now

Seiko Prospex “Arnie Edition” Analogue Solar

If you fancy yourself a bit of a tough guy, this “Arnie Edition” Seiko Prospex is named as such because the notorious muscleman wore its predecessor in both Predator and Commando. This burlier than burly watch is powered by Seiko’s H851 solar quartz movement, which displays analogue time, as well as powering a small digital screen that can show the time in digital, a second time zone, chronograph functions, an alarm and the date.

To back up its Arnie credentials, this watch is big, rocking a 48mm case and a comfortable 50mm lug to lug. But while bigger doesn’t always mean better, in this instance, it works and it wears remarkably well on the wrist.Shop Now

Seiko Presage 2020 Limited Edition

The Presage line of Seiko watches has always taken on a more dress watch-like aesthetic, although are informal enough to be worn daily. This 2020 Limited Edition model, available in three colours, is a faithful reproduction of Seiko’s Crown Chronograph. The first Japanese wristwatch with a stopwatch function, the Crown Chronograph was used during the 1964 Tokyo Olympics.

While not actually a chronograph due to the lack of sub-dials, this Presage homage takes on a remarkably similar form, thanks to minute details such as the Arabic numerals on the bezel and minute markers around the edge of the dial. The Seiko 6R35 calibre provides a lengthy power reserve of 70 hours, a considerable increase over the 38 hours achieved by the 1964 model upon which this is based.Shop Now

Seiko Five

Seiko’s series of ‘5’ watches are perhaps its best known and most popular. Offering solid build quality and a hardy and reliable automatic movement in the 4R36, it’s one of the best value watch propositions around. It’s available in a wide range of colours too, with five series: Sports, Sense, Suits, Street and Specialist, each of which is designed to reflect the personality of the wearer.Shop Now

Seiko Prospex “Mini Alpinist” 38mm

Seiko has used the iconic Alpinist SARB017 watch as inspiration for a trio of new 38mm watches, earning them the moniker “Mini Alpinist”. However, the only real design element carried over to these new models is the cathedral hands. Elsewhere it’s a new watch, from the smaller size and the removal of the rotating inner bezel.
The new designs are gorgeous, and we’re particularly enamoured with the green-dial version, which exhibits a stunning sunray finish that also looks granulated and textured.
It’s Seiko at its finest.

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