Best Shorts for Hiking and Swimming

Hiking and swimming are great activities for people of all ages, but finding the right shorts can be difficult. We’ve narrowed it down to our favorite hiking shorts, which can also double as swimwear. These best hiking shorts for men durable shorts are made of breathable fabric that dries quickly, so you’ll stay cool on hot summer days.

These hiking swimming shorts are perfect for any outdoor activity. They are both durable and comfortable, so you won’t have to worry about sacrificing comfort for quality. These shorts can be used for hiking, running or climbing, but will also look great at the beach or pool!

List of the best shorts for hiking and swimming

Hiking shorts are great for outdoor activities where you need to keep your legs covered. These functional, durable and lightweight hiking shorts can be worn for any outdoor summer activity. They are rugged and tough enough to withstand the elements of nature yet still comfortable and stylish. If you want more functionality from a pair of shorts then these are some of the best hiking and swimming shorts out there.

prAna Stretch Zion Short

These shorts are our pick for the best climbing shorts, and we’re not alone. Most everyone thinks these shorts are amazing.

How do I know?

Just look at the number of 5-star reviews these shorts get on any popular shopping site.

These shorts are great because they have everything you need in a pair of climbing (or general outdoor) shorts. They are breathable, comfortable, stylish (by climbing shorts’ standards), and durable.

They are also incredibly versatile. You can wear these to the crag, to work (as casual wear), and around town as an everyday pair of shorts. In addition to climbing and bouldering, they work perfectly for yoga, biking, camping, hiking, backpacking, even fly fishing.

prAna Mojo Short

Talk about a good deal. The prAna Mojo Shorts are the best climbing shorts you can get for the money. They are the cheapest option on the list but also the choice that provides the most bang for your buck.

They are ultra comfortable and made of a soft polyester that lends itself to climbing and any other outdoor activity. Wear them for climbing, bouldering, swimming, camping, hiking, etc.

The prAna Mojo Short is the most comfortable option on the list and feels more like a pair of gym or athletic shorts than climbing shorts. It is light, breathable, and smooth against your skin.

Yet, it is still durable and capable of withstanding the wear and tear of indoor and outdoor climbing, and, for that reason, climbers love them.

 Arc’teryx Palisade Short

These shorts are for the climbers looking for a pair that will outlast them. Many reviewers have owned the Palisade Short for over four years — putting them through the toughest conditions shorts can go through — without them wearing out one bit. They have even been described as “bomb-proof.”

prAna Stretch Zion Convertible Pant

I swear I don’t work for prAna, they just make the best climbing shorts and pants out there at the moment. Yes, this option is a pair of pants, but I’ve included them here because they’re convertible.

At any time, you can unzip the bottom half of the pant legs to create shorts which will look and function similarly to the prAna Stretch Zion Short.

These are a top option for anyone looking for a pair of pants that can double as shorts when summer comes (they’re especially great for days that start out cold and then warm up).

We loved the non-convertible version and this version is just as exceptional — durable, functional, and stylish.

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