best surgical safety glasses

Our surgical safety glasses feature a lightweight, full-rim design that provides the maximum amount of protection. This feature is important if your work involves any form of electrical use, as it’s designed with anti-static properties to prevent any shock to the eyes.

Our surgical safety glasses have an adjustable nose bridge and temples, plus 7/8 frame coverage that won’t obstruct your view. They also offer 99.9% UV protection to help protect you from harmful UV rays.

List of the best surgical safety glasses

Here is a list of the best surgical safety glasses you will love. Each pair has been thoroughly tested by our experts and they are all very high quality products.

1. Anti-Fog Coating

There’s nothing worse than donning a pair of safety goggles to have them immediately fog. Not only does this mean you can’t focus on your task, but you’ll also be tempted to take them off to clean them. 

Removing your safety goggles to clean them has two dangers: 

  1. You’ll expose your eyes to pathogens, spills, and splatters. 
  2. Cleaning your glasses with contaminated fingers or wipes could spread bacteria that could get into your eyes. 

Safety goggles with anti-fog coating are protected against fogging, especially with a little help from additional anti-fog drops. No matter what the climate or humidity level, your goggles won’t fog and block your vision. Bonus, they even hold up against stress sweat. 

2. Blue Light Blocking

You know your job involves patient care…and a lot of data entry. When you’re entering those reports, you’re exposed to blue light. Blue light is emitted by the sun and from devices like computers, tablets, and smartphones. 

Blue light can be damaging to your eyes, but it can also cause headaches and eye strain. Blue light-blocking lenses can help protect your eyes from blue light. 

3. Full, All-Around Protection

Won’t my regular glasses protect me? Sure, they’ll offer some protection, but your regular eyeglasses don’t offer the same type of protection that safety goggles do. Safety goggles offer protection on the sides of your eyes. Side shields protect your eyes where normal glasses have a large gap. 

Safety goggles also have top shields that protect your eyes where your eyeglasses gap near your eyebrows. 

4. Prescription Availability

No one likes to wear safety goggles over their corrective frames. Instead, opt for safety goggles that can be ordered with your corrective lens prescription. You’ll be able to see clearly and won’t be forced to stuff your fancy frames under your protective goggles. 

5. Stylish Options

Yes, style is important. The truth is, you’re just not going to wear something that makes you feel awkward. It’s distracting, and you’ll spend more time focusing on that awkwardness instead of your task. Plus, when we look better, we do better, according to studies. Good for you; you no longer have to pick between protection and style.

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