Best Suv For High Mileage Drivers

Living a busy lifestyle does not mean you cannot also appreciate good and reliable products. If you need an SUV that can be used for long periods of time, the best choice is to go for the Toyota Land Cruiser. This is the best suv for high mileage commute because it can work for years without experiencing any trouble or breakdown. It is built with good driving ability and excellent ruggedness which can endure high impact on bad roads.

If you’re looking for the best large suv for mileage but don’t have a lot of money to spend, a used vehicle is your best bet. You can find cars, trucks and SUVs at a fraction of their original value. An older car that still looks great is perfect for the person who wants to get around town or drive long distances on vacation. Buying a used car doesn’t have to be scary, it just takes some extra research before going out on test drives and judging how reliable that particular make and model are.

List Of The Best Car For Driving Lots Of Miles

The best car for driving lots of miles is not necessarily the most fuel-efficient, it’s the one that’s most suited to your needs and lifestyle. Finding the right model for you can help make traveling more enjoyable even if it means spending a bit more money upfront.

Toyota Land Cruiser

Next on our list is arguably one of the most reliable SUVs anyone has ever produced. It’s both a roomy family car and a rugged off-roader, and it’s been like that for the past 60 years. According to a study conducted by, the portion of Toyota Land Cruisers that manage to exceed the epic 300,000-mile mark is 1.5%. And 300,000 miles is just a checkpoint for many Land Cruisers, as some like this one hit 484,000 miles.

Ford F-150

What can be said about the F-150 that most consumers don’t know? The car lives up to its sublime reputation every year. Apart from being the best selling vehicle in the U.S for numerous years, the car provides a great off-road capability, space in the cabin, and heavy hauling capacity. It’s smooth on the road and one of the best trucks to take off-road.

The only problem that F-150 owners have to worry about is keeping the car safe. Being one of the best vehicles on the road attracts attention from the wrong crowd. The car is one of the most stolen cars in the U.S. but also one of the most reliable.

Mercedes Benz 300SDL

Buying a car from Mercedes Benz is one of the best choices that consumers can make. The cars provide a luxurious cabin, an appealing exterior, and a powerful engine. The best part about buying a Mercedes Benz is that it doesn’t have to be new for consumers to expect reliability.

When the New York Times sought to find out which vehicles provide durability, the media publisher discovered that some owners of a 1986 Mercedes Benz 300SDL drove the car for more than 400,000 miles. The common thread that the New York Times discovered was that owners who maintained the vehicles themselves prolonged the car’s life.

Lexus RX350

While searching for the most reliable vehicles on the road, consumers should first have a look at vehicles from Japan. Apart from Toyota and Honda manufacturing durable vehicles, Lexus has raised the bar by providing vehicles that infuse durability with luxury.

Toyota’s luxury division never fails to impress with its dashing exterior and elegant interior that has the market in a frenzy, but the RX350 has become greater than ever before.

The 2013 model is refreshed with styling changes that include Lexus’ signature spindle-shaped front grille. The V6 engine will ensure you get performance while the interior provides ultimate comfort.

Toyota Sequoia

The name might not roll off the tongue, but the Sequoia should be the consumer’s first port of call if seeking a 5-door SUV that will ensure you can drive for long distances. Production for the Sequoia commenced in 2000, and the manufacturer has no intention of slowing down the assembly line.

The car is in direct competition with the Ford Expedition, Nissan Armada, and Chevrolet Tahoe. The car slots in between the mid-size Toyota 4Runner and the premium Toyota Land Cruiser. The Sequoia is currently the largest SUV produced under the Toyota brand and one of the most reliable Toyota vehicles.

Subaru Legacy

Although Subaru is known for producing speed demons such as the WRX, it also caters to consumers who are conscious about buying reliable vehicles. Consumers who are pedantic about owning a car that provides owner satisfaction, good fuel economy, and dependability can visit a Subaru dealership and scrutinize the Legacy.

The Legacy is based on the Outback and a high-rated sedan. Considering that the car has been in production for almost 30 years, consumers should have a peace of mind knowing that the Legacy is a worthwhile purchase. The car has dashing looks and a comfortable interior.

Ford Escape Hybrid

The Escape has been in production since 2001, but Ford introduced the Hybrid version in 2005. With the rise in demand from consumers to purchase environment-friendly cars, automobile manufacturers had to re-strategize. When Ford introduced the Escape Hybrid, the manufacturer wasn’t known for electric powertrains.

The Escape Hybrid’s durability was proven with success as the New York City taxi fleets. The first eighteen Escape Hybrids garnered more than 175,000 miles within the first year and half of traversing over New York Roads, according to Cheat Sheet. Numerous Escape Hybrids have crossed over the 400,000-mile mark.

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