Best Suv For Three Kids

The best family suv with 3rd row is the 2019 Toyota Highlander Hybrid AWD because it has a towing capacity of 5,000 pounds and a fuel economy of 25 miles per gallon. This best family suv can comfortably seat seven passengers, and it comes standard with leather seats and seating for three in the second row. Another plus is that this SUV offers plenty of room for cargo storage.

The best suv for three kids will be your family’s best friend, having that extra room you need when kids are involved. Along with having plenty of room for three across the rear seat, the Highlander provides plenty of storage space as well, including underfloor concealed trunk space and a large glove box.

List Of The Best Used Family SUV

Here is a list of the best used family SUV models available in 2022 compared. The best used suv to buy for family list includes both new and used vehicles that are reliable, safe, spacious and affordable. This includes both foreign and domestic brands as well as hybrid and electric options. If you’re looking for another family vehicle such as a minivan or SUV you’re sure to find a model on this list that will suit your needs!.

1. Skoda Karoq

Used price from: £15,950

  • Best used SUV for clever features that make your life easier
  • Recommended trim: SE L
  • Recommended engine: 1.5-litre Turbo-Petrol
  • Number of seats: 5
  • Boot space: 521-litres

If you’re looking for a great used SUV then you can’t go wrong with the Skoda Karoq, and you’ll find a wide selection of models up for sale. It’s a smart-looking car with a bold grille and chunky styling. The interior isn’t exactly exciting to look at, but it is intuitive to use and spacious. You can even remove all the rear seats entirely if you’re in need of extra space.

The only thing to avoid is the sluggish 1.0-litre petrol engine. The 1.5-litre turbocharged petrol has plenty of punch and will return decent fuel economy. Equipment in the Karoq is generous across the range. All models get an 8.0-inch touchscreen as standard with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, as well as dual zone climate control.

2. Volvo XC40

Used price from: £17,100

  • Best used SUV for funky styling
  • Recommended trim: Start
  • Recommended engine: 1.5 T2
  • Number of seats: 5
  • Boot space: 578-litres

The Volvo XC40 is a smart-looking SUV that oozes typical Swedish coolness. Unlike Volvo’s larger, more grown-up SUVs, it can be specified with bright interior finishes that add a dose of fun. While the interior has some cool design touches, it doesn’t live up to other Volvo models in terms of material quality. It’s still as safe and practical as you’d expect of a Volvo SUV despite its smaller size, and it’s remarkably comfortable.

The suspension soaks up bumps well and the cabin is quiet, while the petrol and diesel engine’s offer decent performance and are cheap to run. There are also plug-in hybrid and fully electric versions of the XC40 that may be worth considering if you’re after something more eco-friendly.

3. BMW X3

Used price from: £24,400

  • Best used SUV for interior build quality
  • Recommended trim: M Sport
  • Recommended engine: xDrive 20d
  • Number of seats: 5
  • Boot space: 450-litres

It’s hard to fault the BMW X3 as an all-round SUV. It’s great to drive, yet comfortable too and has a range of engines that offers everything from fuel-sipping economy to sports-car-thrashing performance. The interior feels as posh as you’d expect of a BMW, the infotainment is impressive and there’s plenty of space for people and stuff. Not all the things you expect of a BMW are positive, though. Like Android Auto? Well, you’ll have to get your X3 retrofitted with this option because it wasn’t available from new until recently.

If you do most of your driving around town, get one of the petrol models as they’re smooth, quiet and punchy. If you do more motorway journeys, you’ll want one of the diesels for they’re increased economy. The 20d is the entry level diesel engine and offers enough power and will return decent mpg. If you want sports car performance from your SUV, the range topping M40i has you covered. It has a 3.0-litre petrol engine with 360hp on tap. It will be thirsty though, and it will set you back a lot more than the models lower in the range.

4. Kia Niro

Used price from: £13,495

  • Best SUV for value for money
  • Recommended trim: 2
  • Recommended engine: 1.6 Hybrid
  • Number of seats: 5
  • Boot space: 382-litres

The Kia Niro is an excellent choice if you’re looking for an alternatively-fuelled SUV. It’s available as a regular hybrid, a plug-in hybrid or even as a fully-electric car — and is impressive in all forms. The cabin is spacious, plus it’s very easy and comfortable to drive. Boot space isn’t the greatest, but with all Kias covered by a transferable seven-year warranty, you have that peace of mind in the unlikely event something goes wrong with your used Niro.

Equipment is generous across the range as well. All models get a touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as standard, while cars higher up the range get an upgraded JBL speaker system. The interior may not be the most exciting to look at, but all the controls are logically laid out and it shouldn’t take you too long to get accustomed to it.

5. Nissan Qashqai

Used price from: £17,423


  • Best used SUV for all-round family motoring
  • Recommended trim: Acenta Premium
  • Recommended engine: 1.3 petrol
  • Number of seats: 5
  • Boot space: 504-litres

The Nissan Qashqai is one of the most common SUVs you’ll see on UK roads, and it’s easy to see why. This well-valued option is comfortable and great to drive, plus running costs are impressively low no matter your choice of engine. The Qashqai doesn’t feel particularly special inside, though, and there are more practical options on the market. It’s worth looking for a car with Nissan’s clever ProPilot driver assistance tech, though.

There are two engine options for the Qashqai, and both of them are petrol with mild-hybrid assistance. This means there’s a battery on board that boosts the engine’s efficiency. You’ll be better off with the higher output engine with the automatic gearbox, as it has plenty of oomph and the automatic gearbox takes the strain out of daily driving.

6. Ford Kuga

Used price from: £12,490

  • Best used SUV for being fun to drive
  • Recommended trim: ST-line X edition
  • Recommended engine: 2.5-litre petrol PHEV
  • Number of seats: 5
  • Boot space: 612-litres

The Ford Kuga is the used SUV to go for if you want something fun to drive. Its steering is direct and responsive, plus there’s not too much body lean to complain about — even if the ride can be a little bumpy on poor roads. There’s nothing to complain about in terms of engines, though – you can choose from petrol, diesel or petrol-electric hybrids. Inside, the Kuga has a smart design and space for four, but the interior quality is a little patchy and hybrid models’ batteries take a chunk out of boot space.

The Kuga represents good value for money when yo consider what you get, a big, practical family SUV with plenty of kit on board. All models get a decent touchscreen infotainment system, and overall the interior is well laid out and easy to use. It’s just a shame that it lacks the build quality of some alternatives.

7. Hyundai Kona Electric

Used price from: £24,995

  • Best used SUV for EV motoring on a tight budget
  • Recommended trim: Premium
  • Recommended engine: 150kW 64kWh
  • Number of seats: 5
  • Boot space: 332-litres

For an SUV that’s sure to turn some heads, take a look at the Hyundai Kona Electric. Its funky and outlandish styling is backed up with plenty of equipment and a fun driving experience, plus plenty of range to back it up — 189 miles or 279 miles depending on your battery choice. The silent nature of the electric motors means the Kona Electric is relaxing to drive, and on the whole it’s a very capable all-round package.

The interior doesn’t have the same panache as some other EVs on the market, but it’s nicely built and well equipped. Boot space is tight and, such is the popularity of the Kona Electric, used examples are a little rare and expensive at the moment. If you can grab one though, it’s well worth it if you’re looking to switch to electric.

8. Skoda Kodiaq

Used price from: £18,498

  • The best value used SUV to offer seven seats
  • Recommended trim: Sport Line
  • Recommended engine: 1.5 TSI
  • Number of seats: 5 or 7
  • Boot space: 835-litres (seven seater)

The Skoda Kodiaq just does everything right, and may well just be the perfect family SUV. It looks smart on the outside and is logical to use and well built on the inside. It also has loads of room for four adults, a big boot, and the option to have two extra seats. You get a great range of engines to choose from and the option to have grippy four-wheel drive and a slick automatic gearbox.

The 1.5-litre turbo petrol engine offers plenty of performance for most peoples needs, and it will return decent fuel economy as well. The Kodiaq would make an ideal companion on a family road trip as well thanks to its comfort and generous equipment. It’s just a shame it isn’t quite as comfy as a posh SUV and misses out on the tech you get in a VW.

9. Volvo XC90

Used price from: £29,090

  • Best used SUV for carrying seven people in style
  • Recommended trim: Plus
  • Recommended engine: B5D
  • Number of seats: 5 or 7
  • Boot space: Up to 451-litres

If you want a properly posh SUV, look no further than the Volvo XC90. This big Swede is one of the sleekest, yet smartest looking SUVs out there and it’s equally as functional too. There are shedloads of safety equipment, and the interior feels very plush. It will seat seven and, though the rear row is pretty cramped, the boot is big no matter how many are sat in the XC90.

The best engine to go for is the B5D, a diesel engine with a 48-volt mild-hybrid system to boost efficiency. It will return over 40mpg depending on your driving style and it performs well on the motorway. Some alternatives are more comfortable however, and some will have a bigger third row of seats.

10. Volkswagen T-Cross

Used price from: £16,998

  • Best used SUV for tackling tight city streets
  • Recommended trim: SE
  • Recommended engine: 1.0 TSI
  • Number of seats: 5
  • Boot space: 455-litres

Though the Volkswagen T-Cross is small on the outside, it’s pretty big inside. There’s loads of room throughout the interior for you and your passengers, plus boot space is exceptional for a car of its size. Equipment is good too, though there are some cheap-feeling materials used in the cabin and it’s a bit plain to look at.

If you live in a built up area and plan on just bumbling around the city, the 1.0-litre turbo petrol is all you’ll need. You might find it a bit lethargic on the motorway, where the 1.5-litre turbo-petrol feels more at home. The diesel engine is probably best avoided though as it’s not very quick or any more efficient than the petrols.

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