best television for ps4 pro

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best television for ps4 pro

Best TVs for PS4 Pro 2021/12

Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro is still a basic element in many gamer households, because the successor is still difficult to get. The console, which first appeared on the market in November 2013, can no longer keep up with its successor in terms of technology, but it still promises an incredible amount of gaming fun thanks to the PlayStation Store and countless titles that have made gaming history. Moreover, a lot of titles are still released for the PS4 Pro, which is why it is still up-to-date. We have compiled the best TVs for you on which you can still play very well with the PS4 Pro!

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The best choice for you PS4 Pro: Hisense U7G

When it comes to the PS4 Pro, the Hisense U7G is the best choice for you. Even though the Sony console does not need all of the high end features the Hisense can offer, it is still an excellent choice overall for your living room, since it’s a good allrounder.

The VA panel delivers a good contrast which make your PS4 Pro games shine in a new light and with features like a convincing motion handling and other great gaming features like a VRR, an ALLM and a low input lag, the TV is ready for the PS4 Pro as well as the successor, when it is available on the market. The only disadvantage is the narrow viewing angle, which is why you should stick to solo adventures on this TV.

4K / UHD120 Hz2x HDMI 2.155″$ 599.99*65″$ 799.99*75″$ 1,249.99*

The OLED alternative: LG A1 OLED

The budget TV by Hisense: Hisense U6G

The best PS4 Pro TVs in comparison

TV Model yearPanelResolutionHDMIHDRRatingGamingSDR Picture QualityEquipmentSizes
The best choice for you PS4 Pro:
RECOMMENDEDHisense U7G2021VA4K/UHD2x HDMI 2.1 (4K@120fps)ARCeARCHDR10HLGHDR10+Dolby Vision55″$ 599.99*65″$ 799.99*75″$ 1,249.99*
Alternative:LG A1 OLED2021OLED4K/UHDARCeARCHDR10HLGDolby Vision IQDolby Vision48″$ 795.99*55″$ 1,096.99*65″$ 1,396.99*77″$ 2,396.99*
Alternative:Hisense U6G2021VA4K/UHDARCHDR10HLGHDR10+Dolby Vision50″🔥 $ 399.99*55″🔥 $ 469.99*65″🔥 $ 648.95*75″🔥 $ 899.99*

Other noteworthy TVs for the PS4 Pro

Sony X80J

Sony also offers great TVs for the PS4 Pro and one of them is the Sony X80J, which is also quite affordable. Even though the ADS panel does not provide such a good contrast ratio, it is still sufficient for the Sony console and great for multiplayer games since the viewing angle is very wide. Sony can also score with great upscaling here which is perfect for the PS4 Pro.

Since the TV is not suitable for the PlayStation 5, its features are sufficient for the older generation. With a low input lag, games run smoothly and the TV even has an analog connection for even older consoles like a Nintendo 64 . Therefore the Sony X80J is perfect for any retro gamers out there.

4K / UHD60 HzNo HDMI 2.143″$ 445.00*50″$ 598.00*65″$ 745.00*75″$ 995.00* Table of contents

  • The best choice for you PS4 Pro Hisense U7G
  • The best PS4 Pro TVs in comparison
  • Other noteworthy TVs for the PS4 Pro
  • Sony’s Playstation 4 Pro
  • Frequently asked questions about TVs for the PS4 Pro Does the PS4 Pro need an HDMI 2.1 port? Are there still new games for the PS4 Pro?

 Sony’s Playstation 4 Pro

The PlayStation 4 first appeared in 2013 and was quickly followed by other versions of the same generation. The PS4 Pro is ultimately the final product of Sony’s 4th console generation, which brought even more performance when it was first launched in 2016. Together with the built-in Blu-Ray drive, the console was often the first choice in living rooms at home, as it perfectly combines both hobbies: Gaming and watching movies.

In 2020, the console was replaced by the PlayStation 5, but many gamers are still waiting for the successor because it is completely out of stock on the market – even one year after its release. Therefore, the PlayStation 4 Pro is still available in many gamer households, even though it does not necessarily require a new TV. After all, even older TVs or current ones that do not offer the suitable features for the PlayStation 5 are perfectly suitable for the console. An HDMI port is important, which can also be 2.0. Furthermore, a low response time and a low input lag are advantageous so that games run smoothly and react quickly.

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