best trail camera under 50

TOGUARD Trail Camera 14MP 1080P

Personally, I adore capturing the images of wildlife as vividly and as from different angles as possible. Thus, I have a preference for game cameras with high resolution and low glow infrared LEDs. The first on the list of best trail camera under $50 provided by Touguard fits my needs well.

best trail camera under 50 dollars
TOGUARD Trail Camera 14MP 1080P – trail camera under $50

Feature list:

  • Crystal clear 14MP images, along with full HD 1080p videos
  • Fast trigger speed at 0.5 seconds
  • 120°Wide Angle Lens to detect up to a 75ft/22m range, even at night
  • Protective IP56 case for the waterproof purpose


Safe to say this is among the best choices when you look for cheap trail cameras with fancy features. I have already used two Toguard cameras, one for my hunting spot and the other for home security. All work well. Thanks to 14MP and 1080P resolution, 0.5s trigger speed, and wide detection extent (42-pc LEDs & 120° Angle Lens), the quality of both photos and videos is excellent, even during the night hours. I give one more thumb up for the camera’s clear audio recordings.


Though this Toguard camera is unexpectedly feature-rich at less than 50 dollars, there are some points I wish to improve more. First, the features work almost as promised but the instruction is too complicated. If you are new with a trail camera, it will quickly turn you to annoyance. Second, I expect the exposure time to be possibly adjusted by users so that I can set up the time faster in some cases. Another issue is the tiny MicroSD card. It is tough to remove or put it in the camera, especially with cold fingers. I once lost the card with many valuable images and videos. What a pity!

Despite all the above, I still find this a nice touch cheap trail camera.

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Campark Trail Game Cameras T30

The next trail camera under $50 for your mind is Campark HD Waterproof Wildlife Deer Hunting Cams or Campark T30, for short. The thing I really like about this game camera is its 120 degrees 3 PIR sensor. Not only does this feature provides wider detection angle and faster trigger speed but it also helps lower the usage of battery while working. Great!

Campark T30 – cheap trail camera under $50

Feature list:

  • High resolution: 8MP images & 1080P videos
  • 0.3s trigger speed and even faster with 3 PIR sensors
  • 120 detection coverage which captures upto 65ft distance
  • 26pcs low-glow IR LEDs for clear and flash-free night vision
  • IP66 Waterproof design


Honestly, I did not expect such good-quality photos since the resolution is the only 8MP – a little lower than other trail cameras on the list. Then, it turns out both day and night shots are extremely well due to fast triggering speed, high sensor design, and low-glow IR LEDs. Moreover, Campark T30 is waterproof – I’ve tested, and it does work well anywhere outdoors and through any weather. Battery life is really good. You can even save more power with wise configurations. Believe me; it is a breeze to set up with a user-friendly navigation menu.


Now discussing a few things I do not like about Campark T30. Here again, the usage of a micro SD card instead of the standard makes it super hard to handle sometimes. And, remember to use the standard class 10 card or over since the slow-speed card might affect the camera’s functions. In addition, the batteries and SD card are not included in the package, so you have to pay some extra, but just a little bit more.

Generally, this trail camera is a steal for the price under 50 dollars. You can buy one or two packages as a sweet gift for your boyfriend or father.

Wildgame Innovations TX10i1-8 Terra Extreme Camera

I got a sight of this device, for the first time, when I sorted Amazon Game & Trail camera – It is marked as one of the best sellers. Now that I have already had it in hands, I know this trail camera is worth for good reasons. First is its neat size, making it easy to set up and hook on trees. Second is its great-quality images both in light or darkness, better in the daytime I might add.

Wildgame Innovations TX10i1 – check trail camera under $50

Feature list:

  • HD 10MP photos and 480p videos
  • 60ft illumination range
  • less-than-1-second triggered speed
  • 21 high-intensity infrared LEDs


As said, the quality of pictures taken by Wildgame Innovations TX10i1 is very clear, especially in the daytime. Not to mention, I haven’t come across any whiteouts since the LEDs are red at night so far. I presume that the whiteout picture only happens if something gets very close to the camera. Plus, the design is light, and all configurations are easy to set up. The battery life is pretty good as well.  


What I do not like about this trail camera is its impossibility to adjust the time between pictures. I mean you might get hundreds of trash pictures which cost your time to remove and also battery power. On the other hand, neither SD card nor battery is included, so you have to pay some extra.

Anyway, speaking of image quality, this trail camera under $50 is still a pocket-friendly price tag

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